Trump’s “Embrace” of Mail-In Voting and Ballot Harvesting is No “Endorsement”


by Capt. Seth Keshel

A recent e-mail to supporters suggests President Trump is preparing to “endorse” mail-in balloting and ballot harvesting, where legal, for the 2024 Presidential campaign.

The radical Democrats have used ballot harvesting to cancel out your vote and walk away with elections that they never should have won. But I’m doing something huge to fight back.  Our presidential campaign will launch our own Ballot Harvesting Fund in the states where the Left has been cheating the system. Please make a contribution to our brand new Ballot Harvesting Fund to harvest ballots in the states where we can, and beat the Democrats at their own game – for 1,500% impact.

In the election integrity world, there are generally two schools of thought about how to proceed after three consecutive fraudulent federal elections.  One, the most ideologically rigid, is to rip out all election cheats and shortcuts, to include ballot harvesting and no-excuse mail-in voting, root and branch.  The second is to try and beat the Democrats at their own game.  I’ve heard support for the latter from the likes of Charlie Kirk, Scott Presler, and other conservative personalities who acknowledge massive Democrat cheating, but think we can get an edge on them if we learn to excel at their own tactics.
I consider the scenario like one you may find at a casino.  The casino creates the games and the rules.  They do so knowing, over time, that they will win massively because odds over the long-run will always deliver in their favor thanks to the binding laws of mathematics and statistics.  In the short run, however, individual players can win big, and if they are smart, get the hell out.  Stay too long, and you will most certainly lose it all, and then some.  If you don’t believe me, look at the casinos themselves.  They didn’t build them to give away money, and they don’t stay in business because of luck.
If the casino gets clobbered for too long, it will either remove the game in favor of games with better house odds, or it will alter the rules ever so slightly, just like we see with corners being cut in elections.  Your blackjack that used to pay 3 to 2 now only pays 6 to 5, or that same blackjack no longer bringing an automatic payout, are little changes that scoot the odds slightly in favor of the house.  Your best bet for winning is to get in, catch some luck, and get out as soon as the wind changes direction.
Donald Trump snuck into Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin 2016 and got out before the casino boss showed up with his henchmen to tie him into a basement chair, break his ribs, and take back the 46 electoral votes he snatched up to win the election against the chosen ruler, Hillary Clinton.  He had to go back into those casinos in 2020 and snatch the electoral votes again, but this time, they spotted him on camera, changed dealers, stacked the deck, and declared victory while they whisked him away.
You can beat the Democrats at their own game exactly ONE TIME before they rig the deck against you.  That one time was in 2016.
Through sophisticated technology, accurate data, deliberately filthy dirty rolls, mail-in balloting, and early voting, completed by the secret sauce of amping up mail-in election turnout, ballot harvesting, Democrats have given themselves a much larger edge than they had before.

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Here comes Greg to claim that the Republicans can’t do this because we oppose it in principle.
Truth is, if a policy is LEGAL all sides should avail themselves of it whether they were for it or against it before it became law.