‘Trump Will Receive A Fair And Impartial Trial,’ Says Judge As Construction Crew Builds Gallows Outside Courtroom


by The Babylon Bee

NEW YORK — Judge Juan Manuel Merchan was reassuring the public that former President Trump would receive a fair trial when he was interrupted by the sound of construction crews assembling giant gallows outside the courthouse.

“I feel like there may be just a hint of bias here,” said local citizen Dan Gould as he watched the crew prepare for a public hanging. “Maybe I’m wrong, but already having a noose with Trump’s name on it doesn’t seem totally impartial.”

Judge Merchan, wearing a robe with a hood suspiciously reminiscent of a hangman, dismissed the objections, insisting that the gallows were merely a decorative touch to shake up the courthouse ambiance. “Oh, don’t mind those,” chuckled Judge Merchan. “Those gallows, the stocks, and the big sign saying ‘Trump Goes Here’ are just for looks. This is a completely legitimate, fair trial we are conducting.”

According to courtroom sources, Trump’s legal team objected to the construction, but to no avail. “Your honor, you literally just had a hangman measure my client’s neck to see what size noose he needed,” said lead lawyer Ronald Arbuckle. “The prosecution has only called a single witness. Also, we don’t hang people in this country. Doesn’t this violate at least a few dozen laws?”

At publishing time, Trump’s legal team objected once again as the court wheeled in a massive scale to weigh Trump against a duck to see if he was a witch.


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This trial is a farce. No one knows what the actual crime they are persecuting Trump.

DA Bragg’s Attorneys Make Fatal Error When Revealing Underlying Crime in ‘Hush Money’ Case – Trump Attorneys Must Move to Dismiss Now

A gallows for three the Judge Soros and Bragg and maybe two more nooses for Gates and Schwabe

And have we ever seen results from any of their worthless investigations?
Have they passed a law to remove big pharmas protections from the bio-weapon for vaxx injuries galore, no they allow the cdc to be funded when they recommend more boosters.

Oral arguments today at the Supreme Court regarding Presidential immunity did not go well for the government. As it is now, it is likely to be 5-4 possibly 6-3. Amy Coney Barrett seems to perhaps be a swing vote. Nonetheless, a victory for President Trump.

You’re living in an alternative reality. The argument presented by Trump’s attorneys today leads to a totally absurd conclusion. There’s no way in hell the SCOTUS is going to put their stamp of approval on such bullshit.

In the Appeals Court they were forced to acknowledge that their argument means a president could order an opponent to be shot without facing criminal prosecution, unless first impeached and convicted.

Today they argued that a president could use the military to stage a coup—again, without facing criminal prosecution, unless first impeached and convicted.

This is pure lunacy. This is the United States of America, not Putin’s Russia.

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden IS using the government to stage a coup. You conceded that Obama should not face trial for ordering a US citizen killed without trial. As usual, you want Democrats to be unfettered by the law and to be able to use it as a weapon against their opponents.

Maybe Biden should just call in Seal Team Six. Sauer claims the courts couldn’t touch him for it, unless he were first impeached and convicted.

Sotomayor nailed Sauer’s pathetic butt to the barn door

How so?

By making him acknowledge the absurd implications of the sort of presidential immunity he’s pitching.

Be more specific, Comrade Moron. You’re being deliberately vague.

Arguing vague idiot points of suppose he had flying monkeys stuff its a farce, What if he would fart next to a queen? What exactly are they arguing?

Trump did not murder an American Citizen with a drone. Seems there was immunity for that.

Reductio ad absurdum is an entirely valid form of logical argument.

Do you think Biden should be able to order Trump’s assassination without fear of subsequent criminal prosecution?

I don’t. Do you?

Someone in congress wants to jail Trump and take away his SS protection. Im sure if something should happen the cameras would “malfunction.”
Maybe we should ask JFK his opinion.
It isnt logical at all with the 25th amendment in place for crazy bastards.

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

Actually, that was a yes-or-no question.

What Sauer is trying to avoid is putting the sort of presidential immunity Trump wants into very clear real world terms—because what the Supreme Court decides will invariably have real world consequences.

Carville already publicly suggested it. President Trump isn’t the one we should worry about.

A right-wing false flag operation is far more likely if they decide he’s a detriment as a convicted felon but useful as a martyr.

Why would the feds and states have gone to so much trouble with the uncertainty of arraignments and trials if they weren’t determined to stay without the bounds of the criminal justice system?

I think Carville has lost it. Advancing age might have something to do with it.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

I’ve been wrong about a lot of things in my life. When I am, I have no problem admitting it. My ego doesn’t depend on maintaining imaginary infallibility.

With all this admin has done to keep others off the ballot..really has he lost it? Or is he just preaching to the choir?
Someone like you armed and off their rocker with TDS.

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

Why would a right wing op be more likely when it’s the left that executes them every time?

Last edited 1 month ago by Just Plain Bill

Because if Trump ends up in a federal courtroom he’s going to take the right’s credibility down with him.

Why would a right wing op be more likely when it’s the left that executes them every time?

That not only doesn’t answer my question, but it doesn’t make any sense. Thus far all we have seen in the courtroom is the left’s total disregard for due process and the Constitution.

Why would the feds and states have gone to so much trouble with the uncertainty of arraignments and trials if they weren’t determined to stay within the bounds of the criminal justice system?

Have you noticed that they only do this is safe, leftist controlled districts? They lost that control in Florida with that bogus documents case (once again, accusing Trump of what Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden did) and the case is falling apart.

In NYC, there is no “uncertainty”. They thought there was none in Atlanta, but Fani’s corruption queered that deal. If they actually thought there was evidence of crimes, they would move the trials where an impartial jury could actually be found.

Brother Bob, Comrade Greggie doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to the law. The Democrat’s representative at the USSC today let the cat out of the bag and told us what the entire purpose of this case is.

From NBC:

9h ago / 11:28 AM CDT

Dreeben acknowledged that “no perfect system” exists, but that the Government is “trying to design a system that preserves the effective functioning of the presidency and the accountability of a former president under the rule of law.”

As if the “Government” never had the opportunity, until now, to go after a president who claimed immunity (Harry Truman) or who violated the Constitution.
Ummm, let me see; FDR, Clinton, Obama.

I’ve been wrong about a lot of things in my life. When I am, I have no problem admitting it. My ego doesn’t depend on maintaining imaginary infallibility.

Keep repeating that. It might be helpful.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

You have never gotten anything right buttwheat.

And what, specifically, immunity has Trump asked for?

Be more specific, Comrade Moron. You’re being deliberately vague.

Fuck off, troll.


Accurate, actually.

You know who was triggered a DEI hire in the SS
Herczeg showed up at the terminal and began acting erratically, grabbing another senior agent’s personal phone and deleting applications on it, according to two sources familiar with the matter. The other agent, a shift leader, was able to recover his phone and then acted as if nothing had happened.

But Herczeg’s bizarre behavior didn’t stop. She then began mumbling to herself, hid behind curtains, and started throwing items, including menstrual pads, at an agent, telling him that he would need them later to save another agent and telling her peers that they were “going to burn in hell and needed to listen to God,” a source told RealClearPolitics.
Herczeg also screamed at the special agent in charge (SAIC), rattling off the names of female officers on the vice president’s detail and claiming they would show up and help her and allow her to continue working. At that point, other agents on the scene believed Herczeg was suffering from a mental lapse, and the superior officer, SAIC, approached her to tell her she was relieved from the assignment.
“That’s when she snapped entirely,” one source recounted.
Herczeg then chest-bumped and shoved her superior, then tackled him and punched him. The agents involved in restraining Herczeg were especially concerned because she still had her gun in the holster. They wrestled her to the ground, took the gun from her, cuffed her, and then removed her from the terminal.

The agent was immediately “removed from their assignment,” a Secret Service spokesman told RCP in a statement. The Washington Examiner first reported the incident.

But she did not steal luggage so maybe they can reassign her.

What is it Greg always says… “They should have vetted her”?

Fuck off, troll.

Projecting again, slimeball?

Can’t you act like a grownup?

So Comrade Greggie tells me to “Fuck off, troll”
and you think his actions are adult?

No surprise you come to the defense of your buttbuddy.

Stick your nose in Greggie’s rear, not my ten year dispute with that commie bastard.

We know you cant

I’ve been wrong about a lot of things in my life. When I am, I have no problem admitting it. My ego doesn’t depend on maintaining imaginary infallibility.

Obama had a US citizen murdered.

I’ve been wrong about a lot of things in my life. When I am, I have no problem admitting it. My ego doesn’t depend on maintaining imaginary infallibility.

I’ve been wrong about a lot of things in my life. When I am, I have no problem admitting it. My ego doesn’t depend on maintaining imaginary infallibility.

He probably should because his chances of winning a fair election are nil.

I’ve been wrong about a lot of things in my life. When I am, I have no problem admitting it. My ego doesn’t depend on maintaining imaginary infallibility.

04/26/24 – Trump’s Supreme Court immunity arguments make me wish Americans were immune to con artists

An attorney for former president and current criminal defendant Donald Trump stood in front of the nine U.S. Supreme Court justices Thursday begging – like a dog, as Trump would say – for his client to have absolute presidential immunity.

The desire for immunity stems from the fact that Trump has nearly twice as many criminal indictments as the American flag has stars. And the need for the Supreme Court to even consider whether a president can effectively be above the law stems from the fact that a large swath of Americans have let themselves get brainwashed by a con artist – I’m talking about Trump, in case that isn’t clear – who leaves a trail of criminality in his wake.

No president has ever had to argue for absolute presidential immunity because no president has ever found himself so eyeball-deep in indictments and court cases.

The system, for every president this country has ever had, including Richard Nixon, has worked just fine. Yet we’re to believe that Trump, for some mysterious reason, is being so persecuted that the high court must step in to protect him?

Trump’s desire for absolute immunity is wildly self-serving

That one of the justices didn’t just stand up during Thursday’s oral arguments and say “OK, this is absurd. Y’all need to stop it!” is disappointing. That Americans had to listen to Trump’s lawyer actually argue that a president ordering the military to assassinate a political rival “could well be an official act” deserving immunity is … well, it’s just kooky.

That kookiness was unfolding while Trump himself sat in the defendant’s chair in a Manhattan courtroom listening to a guy named David Pecker, former publisher of the sleazy National Enquirer, testify about burying stories that might have harmed Trump’s chances in the 2016 presidential election.

Regarding a “catch-and-kill” arrangement that would hide allegations of an affair between Trump and Playboy model Karen McDougal, Pecker said: “We didn’t want the story to embarrass Mr. Trump, or embarrass or hurt the campaign.”

I feel embarrassed for all of us. 

As if that weren’t enough to make our brains hurt, a federal judge on Thursday upheld the verdict and the $83 million award against Trump in writer E. Jean Carroll’s defamation case, denying the former president’s motion for a new trial.

Where’s MAGA?Why aren’t the MAGA faithful protesting Trump’s trial/pity party?

The ex-president who cried ‘ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY!’

As a general rule, people asking for “absolute immunity” are going to be the ones facing the most legal trouble. That’s certain in Trump’s case. And when good, normal people look at the totality of Trump-related legal developments that happened IN JUST ONE DAY, it’s reasonable for them to ask: How the heck did we get here?

The answer is simple: We wound up in this position, with serious justices on the Supreme Court pondering whether it’s legal for a president to do a coup or two, because not enough Americans are immune to a con artist like Donald Trump.

It’s the same reason transparently grifty email scams still work.

It’s the same reason Trump hauls in barrels of cash by sending out transparently grifty emails asking for money.

It’s the same reason people get catfished online by workers from overseas crime syndicates and wind up losing their life savings. 

GOP becomes Trump’s piggy bank: With one letter, Trump turned the Republican Party into an extortion racket

Trump is suddenly facing consequences and, well, he doesn’t like that

Trump slithered and slunked his way through life, stiffing contractorsleveraging bankruptcy laws and evading consequences every step of the way.

He became president and, in the end, left office as the first president in American history to deny the results of a free and fair election. He juiced his supporters up with lies and watched as they attacked the U.S. Capitol to halt the peaceful transfer of power.

And now, as the aforementioned consequences loom larger than ever, he wants absolute immunity for all the things he denies he did, from a court that consists of three justices he put in place, so he can return to the office he defiled by sidestepping charges that should disqualify him from running for office in the first place.

Make sense? Of course it doesn’t…

You are sounding mighty whiny, crybaby-ish, sore-loser-ish and mostly pathetic. You stupid leftists never consider the dangerous precedents you set as you try to trample the Constitution. You fear Trump and his success so much that you want him jailed for crimes he didn’t even commit as President failing to realize that this puts EVERY President, former and future, under the same restraints. You’ve said you wouldn’t want your idol, Obama, arrested for murdering a US citizen nor Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden for his myriad of crimes committed but that is EXACTLY where you are headed. You can’t rely on a politicized DoJ forever.

The democrats are going full scorched earth with respect to the law of this country.

What are their options?

Its over lil guy
comment image

Well, they match Democrat operatives’ signatures and that’s all that matters. To Democrats.

It’s a b.s. anonymous graphic from Kari Lake’s Twitter page:


Kari Lake has been a Republican, an Independent, a Democrat, and then a Republican again. She was a Catholic, identified as a Buddhist, and now claims to be an evangelistic Christian. She supported a national abortion ban, then opposed it, but now she advocates it again, calling abortion “the ultimate sin”.

Whichever way the wind blows… At the moment it’s blowing against her. She’s running 4 points behind in her 2024 Senate bid.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

Why are there 9000 uncounted ballot for the AG race in AZ?

Wow you must really identify with her except its which way the propaganda on the boobtube blows.
Breaking the law is what they do, that is why governors veto Election security laws in swing states.

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

He has been told to say those things by puppet masters of the left.

There are two choices for November, those who love America, Trump supporters and those who hate America, democrats.

Another Lie! Joe Biden Tells Howard Stern He Saved 6 People From Drowning When He Was a Lifeguard (AUDIO)

Biden’s Surprise Live Interview with Howard Stern Goes Sideways After He Claims He “Got Arrested Standing on a Porch with a Black Family” During Civil Rights Movement (AUDIO)

I thought he got arrested with Nelson Mandela.

How the hell did he climb the porch steps?

To tell if idiot Biden is still alive, they don’t put a mirror under his nose… they just check if he’s lied in the last minute.

REPORT: White House Aides Prohibit Biden From Walking Solo, Devise Special ‘Routine’ to Stop Him from Falling Over

Trump has also flip-flopped multiple times. He was Republican 1987-1999; Reform Party 1999-2001; a Democrat 2001-2009; Republican 2009-2011; Independent 2011-2012; and Republican again 2012-present.

Then he became the best President this nation has seen in 40 years

You’ve been conned by a conman from Queens.

“…I think I would take issue, Mr. Chief Justice, with the idea of taking away immunity. There is no immunity that is in the Constitution unless the Court creates it today. There certainly is no textual immunity…”

Bingo! Trump’s lawyers are attempting to create blanket immunity by pitching it to the Supreme Court. Such immunity does not exist anywhere in the constitutional text; there’s nothing in the Constitution that confers it on a president.

Interestingly, Roe v. Wade was struck down by the Court based on the argument that a woman’s right to choice lacked textual support. The textualists want to have their cake and eat it too.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

Ridiculous argument. The Court did not buy it. Try again buttwheat.

Why do members of Congress have immunity from their actions in the course of their duties. And Supreme Court justices as well. That is not in the Constitution either.

You argument fall flat on its face.

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

How is it ridiculous? Simply saying things doesn’t make them true, Sunny Jim.

The Court is going to rule 6-3 or 5-4 in the affirmative for Trump.

We’ll see. I don’t think they’ll destroy their own credibility just to save Donald—not to mention putting all future presidents above the reach of the law. They’d go down in history as the Court that destroyed American democracy.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

American democracy does not exist. America is a Republic. The Court is protecting separation of powers and the presidency. You are an idiot.

Communist China is a republic. Without a genuine democratic component you might as well be living in China.

Right-wing authoritarians love their phony either/or bullshit. It’s a dangerous over-simplification.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

It has worked til now, when the Democrats are scared of what they have done, they want to end it.If Joe were leading by a large margin they wouldnt be chasing this.
comment image

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

Communist China is a republic

So? Why don’t you live there?

Do you think Biden should be impeached for violating federal immigration laws and violating a USSC ruling?

Last edited 1 month ago by retire05

Why don’t you ask your Republican Clown Court why they aren’t proceeding with their impeachment process? Roll out that “evidence” and get on with the show!

Why don’t you ask your Republican Clown Court why they aren’t proceeding with their impeachment process? 

Chuck (the Schmuck) Schumer who has made it clear that if the Constitution is inconvenient to Democrats, just ignore it.

Your false idol, Obama, has his neck on the block, too, scooter.

No president is above the law.

No president is above the law.

Does that mean that you think Obama should be charged with facilitating the drone hit on an American citizen on foreign soil?

Sure. Go ahead. You can run that simultaneously with Biden’s impeachment.

I’m curious who the next congressional republicans to jump ship will be.

Sure. Go ahead. You can run that simultaneously with Biden’s impeachment.

If you get the decision from the USSC you want, Biden, and Obama, will be wearing orange jump suits as soon as another Republic is elected president.

Like with the LOCK HER UP! b.s. that he pitched back in 2016?

He’s the guy facing the possibility of a tailored orange jumpsuit.

Hillary broke the law. Comey said so. She also committed perjury before the Senate, on video. She SHOULD be in jail, along with Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden.

The funny thing is, Trump would be the only one to skate by. He is the only one who committed no crimes!

If Obama was tried on this case by a serious prosecutor, he would go to prison for life. He would probably take some innocent technicians with him (or manage to throw them under the bus). You better be careful what you wish for.

Members of Congress ARE NOT immune from criminal prosecution.

Article I, Section 6, Clause 1:

The Senators and Representatives shall receive a Compensation for their Services, to be ascertained by Law, and paid out of the Treasury of the United States. They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.”

So, let’s commence with the prosecution of murderer Obama.

1 day agoGen Z. Half of Americans — including 42% of Democrats — say they’d support mass deportations of undocumented immigrants, according to a new Axios Vibes survey by The Harris Poll. And 30% of Democrats — as well as 46% of Republicans — now say they’d end birthright citizenship

We are so done with this shit.

Aren’t Gen Z Americans the ones behind the campus anti-Israel protests?

Just the one pointing to the survey wishful thinker. Your pets will go home after the election starting Jan 20.

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

My theory? Many of the people claiming to support Trump in the polls are doing so in protest of the general situation—but they won’t trust their futures to him when they get to the ballot box. He’s too obviously crooked and crazy.

Ok, sounds like wishful thinking.
Crooked, seems the only one that got into politics and lost in wealth. I think deep down you know most of this lawfare is bullshit. The hyperbole about Trump becoming some sort of dictator and sending out seal teams to kill political rivals is wild imagination.
Why is Soros with Huma trying to spark a civil war? They are not dating they are conspiring, Huma being Hillarys channel, Biden being Obamas channel to bring this country to civil war.
Im not the huge fan of Trump you think I am, I trust no one, on the other hand there are those that have proven they cant be trusted at all.

Everyone that remembers how good the nation was doing under Trump, compared to the miserable failures and disasters under Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden will vote for Trump.

Your theory is based entirely on utter desperation.

Leftists are behind it.

He never got traction until the country really did not want Hildabeast.

What does that have to do with Democrats cheating in elections?

Everybody knows that it’s Trump and his cronies who tried to steal the election. Unless the Supreme Court screws the country over, he’s going to be tried in a Federal Court for attempting to defraud the United States. He’ll try to disclaim all responsibility and shift blame to those around him: Maybe they knew he’d lost the election, but he didn’t. At which point they’ll all turn on him.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

Comrade, you are sooooo full of shit.

All they’ve got to do is get him in a federal courtroom and roll out the testimony and evidence before an impartial jury.

He’d say it’s all rigged before, during, and after, turn up the threats of chaos. The closer he gets to that point the crazier he’ll get. It’s totally predictable.

That’s right. Only, there won’t be an impartial jury. By design, the trial is held in another heavily Democrat region instead of moving the venue to a more neutral region. WHAT evidence? Trump telling the crowd to “peacefully go and make your voices heard”? You know as well as I do this is all lawfare bullshit with no purpose but to take Trump out of the campaign and prop up that worthless, incompetent, corrupt, treasonous pedophile, Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden.

How can Trump threaten chaos when it is always provided by the left?

Easy there you have been listening to those on tv that want Trump assassinated or put in a death camp with soccer parents trying to protect their daughters from the mentally ill.
There is no way to reach your mind all cluttered with their debauchery, death and insanity.

If he did, why isn’t he charged with a crime related to it? Why do you have to invent such mealy-mouthed insinuations of saying things? You know that is nothing but desperate bullshit. He, along with millions and millions of other voters SAW the fraud go down in real time and your only defense has been to refuse to look at the evidence. Again, accusing Trump of defrauding anyone is simply accusing Trump of what the Democrats have done.

Well, commie bastard, you didn’t have to search long to find a disparaging article by one of your lying, in the tank for the DNC publications.

Do you think Biden should be impeached for violating federal immigration laws and violating a USSC ruling?