Trump Lawyers Evoke Barr’s Election Fraud Memo in Defense Strategy


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It’s supposed to be a rigged closed loop operation, like Schiff’s and Pelosi’s impeachments. They hadn’t reckoned on, apparently, there still being some remnants of due process remaining out in the real world. They probably need to have a meeting with their judges and tell them to cast aside all pretense of due process and just make their ideological judgements (like Engo-moron is doing). A conviction that can withstand appeal isn’t the goal; just a conviction for propaganda purposes is.

There is no case relating to January 6 for smith. We know the peaceful protests were morphed into a riot by LEO intentionally causing harm to the protestors by using flash bang grenades and rubber bullets.
They fired on the peaceful protesters from a position where they were not or would be threatened.
The entire narrative around January 6 is a lie.

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BREAKING: Lawless Obama Judge Chatkin Denies Trump Request to Subpoena Jan 6 Committee Material That WENT MISSING – Chutkan Will Not Allow Access to These Lost Documents!

This is what tyranny looks like.

On Monday night lawless Obama Judge Tanya Chutkan refused the Trump defense team’s efforts to subpoena members of the House January 6 Committee for testimony.

Why? Why would she possibly do this?

Obviously, the far left judge does not want the truth to be revealed about January 6 and she will not allow the Trump team to prove their case. This is a completely lawless court.

Thompson has defended his panel’s archival process. He said this summer that the committee wasn’t required to keep all of the records it amassed during the months long investigation, in response to accusations from Rep. Barry Loudermilk, currently overseeing a House Republican probe into the committee’s work, that certain records were missing.

If this is true, that is the committee was not required to keep all of the records, then it can be inferred if documents that may have existed that are now missing and/or not retained, it shows the committee would have had intention to not allow exonerating material from their investigation to be available to the American People. From that one can deduce complicity on the part of the committee to not reveal the truth of the January 6.

It is incumbent upon Speaker Johnson to form a new committee to investigate without prejudice into the events prior to, the day of January 6 and the events occurring in the aftermath that leave many doubts into the current narrative promoted by the Maoist left.

Just like Schiff. It’s the leftist model.

Innocent people don’t do this. Only guilty people do. These rats know what happened because they were in on it. It seems strange how every step of the way they attempt to deny access to or destroy evidence that proves fraud. When they don’t get away with it and investigators get their hands on the physical evidence, like what happened in Arizona, the fraud comes out big time. People are catching on to their scam. At this point anyone denying massive fraud took place is either a liar or exceptionally naive.