Trump Gag Order Is Biden’s America in a Nutshell


by David Strom

The Trump trial in New York perfectly encapsulates Joe Biden’s America.

An invented crime. Prosecuted by a political operative of Joe Biden’s choosing. In front of a judge whose family is profiting off of it. In front of a jury picked in a city that famously hates Trump.

And, to top it off, a gag order meant to shut the president up. The judge has stolen the president’s First Amendment right (as if rights mean anything to this crowd) on pain of incarceration.

Everything about this trial screams corruption of the highest order. The prosecutor worked for the Democratic National Committee as a political consultant, which would be the biggest story of the decade if Trump were doing this to Biden or Hillary Clinton.

But in Biden’s America, the rule of law is done. Gone. Dead. And if you speak about it, at least if you are Donald Trump, you can go to jail.

It used to be that we would get frustrated at the hypocrisy of our political opponents, but now I long for the days when Democrats were just hypocrites. They, and the entire Establishment, are budding tyrants testing the limits of what they can get away with. These days, they look to Xi Jinping as a political consultant.

I would say Putin, but no media figure has been tossed out a window here yet, so that would be an exaggeration.

The legal system is the hammer that the Democrats use, but they can’t jail everyone who dissents.

They can, and they are determined to, put a gag order on every one of us through censorship. The censorship apparatus is in place, often used, and being expanded every day.

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This trial is a farce. The prosecution has yet to prove anything remotely related to a crime.

Trump Company Comptroller Testifies He Alone Determined to Classify Cohen Payment as “Legal Expense” Never Had Conversation with President Trump About It

In a normally functioning democracy (constitutional republic), the testimony today by Trump corporate comptroller Jeff McConney would end the ridiculous “hush money” case. McConney testified he alone was the one who instructed the accounting department to classify payments to Michael Cohen as “legal expenses.”

What the expenses were called in a private company is no one’s concern. They even had to bump up the payments to Cohen so he could pay taxes, so there isn’t even a tax evasion element involved. It’s all bullshit and, like all the other cases, everyone involved knows it. They want a conviction so, regardless of Trump getting the ridiculous verdict overturned, they can call him a convicted felon. The DNC should be on the hook for this as a campaign contribution.

Democrats have given up disguising their fascist tendencies. Things are moving to fast against them and they are losing control. Their fascism is now fully unmasked. Their desire for a totalitarian system is undeniable. It’s going to get progressively worse until it is stopped.

You can’t deal with the truth, so you won’t listen to it.

You still peddling this shit? Get a life.