Trump Challenges Biden to a Debate, Joe’s Response Is Ridiculous


By Nick Arama

Former President Donald Trump challenged President Joe Biden to debate while he was speaking with Dan Bongino on his show on Monday.

Trump pointed out how Biden turned down doing a Super Bowl interview, which would be a great potential aid for Biden’s struggling campaign. But he can’t do it because he can’t talk. Trump said, “He can’t do anything.” Indeed, Trump questioned if Biden would even be his challenger, ultimately, and he offered to take Biden’s spot at the Super Bowl interview.

Then, reporters cornered Biden at the Chinatown Mall in Las Vegas, where he stopped for a boba tea — he got a pineapple coconut twist. He had difficulty hearing the price of the drinks he was buying and had to ask again about it. When he came out of the store, reporters let him know about Trump’s challenge, and his answer was ridiculous.

At first, Biden didn’t answer; he just laughed, probably trying to figure out what to say. Then he said, “If I were him, I’d want to debate me too. He’s got nothing else to do.”

I don’t think he quite got the irony and hilarity of what he said.

“I’d want to debate me too” sounds like he’s confirming that Trump is right, that he can’t debate because he isn’t capable at this point.

Then, the hilarity of him claiming Trump has nothing else to do when Biden spends almost 40 percent of his time on vacation, and having ice cream is his typical pastime. His public schedule is often incredibly empty, and so lacking in any real work. It’s a little busier right now, not with work, but “campaigning” like this — getting boba tea.

Of course, the damning part is what he didn’t do there — he didn’t accept. And, of course, I doubt that his handlers will ever allow that to happen. If he’s too far gone to even do a softball Super Bowl interview, they surely aren’t going to try to pit him up against Trump, who would rip him to shreds. We’re probably not going to see a debate when they might normally have it in a few more months because Joe’s brain is going to be even worse, and it’s bad enough already. Biden infamously told a whopper during the debate they had in 2020, stating his son, Hunter, didn’t receive any money from China. He lost his mind over Trump in an angry rant in South Carolina, and he also called Trump the sitting president. So, one has to imagine a debate would not end well for Joe. He didn’t debate any of his Democratic challengers this year.

After Biden made that comment to the reporters, this was how he struggled back to the White House — with the blank eyes and the troubled gait.

The Biden handlers will let him participate in a debate sometime between 12 and never.


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joey could not handle a debate. He can’t even read from a teleprompter. How can any expect him to speak extemporaneously?
He would wander off topic to beau’s death on a battlefield somewhere and the fire in his house that almost got his corvette and cat.

America and Americans are done with joey.

Last edited 20 days ago by TrumpWon

Biden wont debate for the same reason Gore wont debate his Climate Change hoax the don’t want to be proven a total Liar and Con man

You’re still worrying about Al Gore?

As we see, even here when faced with questions, leftists are generally gutless and cowardly.

Not at all Pinhead i a am just pointing out that Gore is a Con Artists who wrote a silly poem that Eco-Freaks like to recite while Celebrating Earth Day which is Celebrated on the Birthday of Lenin and was founded by the late Ira Einhorn who murdered his live-in Girlfriend

It would be a lose/lose for Trump to debate Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden. While, no doubt, just like the times before, Trump would wipe the floor with his stupid, lying, bewildered, incompetent ass, in the end it would look like cruelty to dumb animals. It would be like someone whipping a tied up dog. The left loses the implications of Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden being too weak and stupid to debate; they just feel sorry for his weakness and incompetence. They forget that this stumbling, bumbling piece of shit is in charge of the country… or supposed to be.