Trial by Media: The Impossible Task of Finding Fair Jurors for Trump


by Jeff Childers

The BBC reported on the glacial progress of the Trump trial yesterday in a story headlined, “Trump trial: Dozens of jurors rejected as they say they cannot be impartial.” More accurately, sixty of 96 potential jurors pulled the ripcord in Manhattan yesterday, saying they could not be impartial in Trump’s trial. Sadly, the sixty who bailed were the honest and sane ones. ‘Honest’ because no one can be impartial in this case. ‘Sane’ because who in their right mind wants to become a target for malicious media or angry Antifa goon squads if the state doesn’t prove its case?

In a marvelous example of what all sixty were probably thinking, reporters overheard one prospective juror saying as she left court, “I just couldn’t do it.”

The 36 leftovers who swore they could be unbiased began answering questions from the lawyers during voire dire. One man said he listened to NPR in the shower. Another said his girlfriend worked at a bank, “but I have no idea what she does.” A third, when asked what she does in her spare time, responded that she sings, watches TV, goes shopping and goes “to the club.”

She also said she gets all her news from TikTok and Al Jazeera.  Then she was later struck from the jury pool anyway, after changing her mind about her ability to be fair and impartial (she decided she can’t).

Those are the leftovers. Absent a miracle, the selected jurors are likely to be crazy, or at least wildly reckless, because they are willing to walk into the political buzz saw this case will surely become. You can bet the selected jurors’ names will leak. And whoever remains is likely to be a liar. It is unbelievable they can be unbiased about a defendant the media has transformed into the most polarizing figure since the very first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln.

If Lincoln had not been killed by an actor, but had survived the Civil War, could the 16th President possibly have gotten a fair jury of unbiased citizens? What about in South Carolina? Lincoln suspended habeas corpus. Just imagine how easy it would have been for revenge-minded district attorneys in Southern states to come up with all sorts of creative crimes.

In many ways, Trump’s jury situation is remarkably similar to what Lincoln would have faced. Maybe this is yet another reason why we’ve never prosecuted presidents before. We can’t give them a fair jury.

Anyway, the BBC reported that at the current pace, jury selection could take two weeks. Those are two critical campaign weeks for Trump, now lost, since the judge ordered the President to attend trial every single day or be jailed. Trump asked for two exceptions: to be briefly excused for his son Barron’s high school graduation, and to be excused for his Presidential immunity arguments at the Supreme Court, which are both scheduled within the next few weeks.

Judge Juan Merchan denied both requests. The Judge didn’t say let’s wait to see how the trial is going or whether it might be a good day for a break anyway. So that’s how this is going to be.

It will be a little while before the interesting stuff happens.

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We already are aware. that most all the M.S. Media are Bottom Feeders and Democrat Voters and Supporters we put up with their gutter level Treatment of Trump for four whole years

I don’t think anyone thinks this trial is anything other than exactly what it is intended to be: lawfare to save Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s worthless, corrupt, incompetent, treasonous, pedophile ass. The Democrats have gone full, 100% fascist.