Training little climate marxists, two thousand at a time…


by Joanne Nova

Trust us, Kids, We’re Climate ‘Educators’

Tony Thomas has uncovered a plot in Tasmania to turn our schools into leftist activist assembly lines (more than they already are). Luckily it appears to be so boring, no one is watching. (OK, that’s hardly luck, just a fact of life. Beating   people up with propaganda is, by definition, and especially after 30 years, not that exciting.) But Curious Climate Schools is still harming children and teachers too, and wasting the taxes of bus drivers, builders and bakers.

In the end, publicly funded academics are shamelessly exploiting eight year olds. They work on their youthful anxiety and naivete (and their dreadful science education) to create political lobby groups which will help academics get more funding. Vote for Big Government! Vote for Climate Change Grants! Write letters to the M.P. you are too young to vote for! It is disgustingly self serving, though all the Doctors of Climate Trauma would be mortified to hear that. They are saving the world, after all. They are the saints who collect salaries. The prophets on academic pay scales.

It’s just Big Government advertising itself, but disguised as “education”:University of Tasmania, logo. Government cronies.

The program might be called Curious Climate Schools, but the one emotion no one seems to feel about establishment climate lectures is curious. Video views to watch scientists answering children’s questions on climate change, with no comments allowed, are sometimes as high as… five. (But that last linked video’s only been on Youtube for a year. Maybe next year will be bigger?) Their channel has 197 videos and only 25 subscribers. Gems like “How can we get people to care about climate change” have amassed all of nine views.  Looks like they don’t have the answer.

Over the years Tony Thomas has investigated the worst of the crony worst, but this program was so bad it caught him off guard:

nothing I’ve previously seen can match the onslaught on those from seven upwards by the University of Tasmania (UTas), which helped it gain World No 1 ranking for climate activism.

The brainwashing is evident in Tassie kids’ questions like “How long do we have until the earth becomes uninhabitable?” and “How long before climate change will destroy the earth?”

Its agenda, as I see it, is to turn nervous kids into activists, climate-strikers and future Teal and Greens voters. About 40 per cent of classes’ top ten questions have assumed the need for greater climate “action” for “climate social justice”. Teachers are told to encourage kids to join “different groups working to make the climate safer”. I assume they include the likes of Greenpeace, Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil.

When a child asks ” “How do we stop pollution of [by] factories?”” an environmental law professor says “…the only way we could stop their pollution is to actually shut them down. ” It’s Marxism 101.

The damage to children’s mental health is appalling, as a study of their questions showed:

…and thanks to greenist “educators”, kids were fixated (27 per cent) on imaginary “existential” climate threats. Study author Dr Chloe Lucas wrote, “Some 5 per cent of questions implied a doomed planet or doomed humanity—e.g., ‘How long will we be able to survive on our planet if we do nothing to try to slow down/reverse climate change’?’’

The page “What can I do” effectively coaches babies to be political activists, telling them to contact politicians, brands, and businesses, and make climate action plans:

Talk about climate change! This helps to make climate change discussions and actions a normal part of life, and helps shift the ‘social norm’ so that climate change issues become more prominent in our society.

Find your tribe and use your voices! Get together with friends and other students who care about climate action. You could join a group like the Australian Youth Climate Coalition. Collective events such as the school strikes for climate raise awareness

… could you and your schoolmates become Climate Warriors together?

In the search box I asked the most basic of questions: “what percentage of CO2 is made by mankind” and got a page about how to become an activist, a post called “feelings about climate change” and an advert for the UN COP meeting of 18 months ago. Bravo, educators.

Ultimately propaganda and lies are hard to sell

No matter how hard they try, their videos can’t “go viral” because there are no surprises, there’s no rebellion, no risk, no conflict and so there’s no drama and no jokes. There is only the permitted line. If they weren’t pushing a container load of lies — levitating on bluster, they could create drama and interest by interviewing skeptics or even allowing comments. Obviously, they can’t do that.

When you’re selling pagan witchcraft and promising to control the storms as if it were a science, the last thing you can do is let an actual scientist who can talk about their predictions on the show.

They might point out that data is the only thing that matters in science, and the many ways they got it wrong.

My list of failures continues:  the hot spot is still missing, the climate models can’t predict the climate on a local, regional, or continental scale, they don’t know  why global warming slowed for years, They can’t explain the pause, the cause or the long term historic climate movements either. Measurements of satellites, clouds, 3,000 ocean buoys6,000 boreholes, a thousand tide gauges, and 28 million weather balloons  can’t find the warming that the models predict. In the oceans, the warming isn’t statistically significantsea-levels started rising too early, aren’t rising fast enough, aren’t accelerating, nor are warming anywhere near as much as they predicted. Antarctica was supposed to be warming faster than almost anywhere but they were totally wrong. The vast Southern Ocean is cooling not warming. And the only part of Antarctica that’s warming sits on top of a volcano chain they prefer not to tell you about.

No wonder expert climate modelers don’t want their own pensions bet on climate models.

The academics fool themselves with lies

Just for starters, in order to believe that solar panels stop floods, and EV’s reduce droughts, somehow academics must pretend that the climate hasn’t had worse floods, droughts, fires, hotter weather, and bigger blizzards and ice ages since time began. History be damned!’

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Climate Brat Greta was just one reason parents need to Home Educate their child and not send them to those Indoctrination Centers we once called Schools

She didnt go to school she just was set up by her freaky parents to protest there.
Oh she was home schooled to memorize her lines.

Why don’t they teach the kiddies about the revelations in the East Anglia email dumps and all the subsequent examples of failed predictions and manipulation of data?

Teach them about the Enviromental mess left behind by the old Soviet Union and that Africa and Asia dump their Plastic Waste into the Oceans where it becomes hazard with Seabirds and Matine Life

I noticed one of those Climate Thing was Climate Feelings like feeling a sense of impending doom for Humanity if we don’t return to living a Primitive Way and making those seasonal Sacrifice’s to the Sun God