Ties Between Judge Merchan’s “Child” and Adam Schiff Represent Major Conflict in Hush Money Trial


by Julie Kelly

At the end of 2019, Representative Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, was leading the first impeachment effort against President Donald Trump.

After months of making accusations and conducting Congressional inquiries related to Trump’s July 2019 call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky—a conversation Democrats described as a “quid pro quo” attempting to trade military aid for an investigation into the Biden family’s corrupt business deals—Schiff and six other Democrats delivered articles of impeachment to the Senate in January 2020.

That same month, Schiff’s campaign committee paid a new Chicago-based consulting firm $600,000 for digital media buys presumably to spread the word via email, text, and social media/online advertisements that the California congressman planned to oust Trump.

The firm, Authentic Campaigns, is headed by Loren Merchan, the 34-year-old daughter of the New York judge now overseeing the so-called hush money case against Trump. Judge Juan Merchan just set an April 15 trial date for Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s multi-count indictment accusing Trump of falsifying business records related to a payout made to former porn star Stormy Daniels over an alleged sexual encounter. (Trump repeatedly denies the allegation.)

Contrary to hand-wringing assertions that the former president and his allies are unfairly “attacking” Judge Merchan’s “child,” Loren Merchan’s lucrative contracts with some of Trump’s most prolific enemies are fair game.

Her ties to Schiff are especially troubling given Schiff’s role in refurbishing the reputation of one of Bragg’s star witnesses: disbarred lawyer and convicted perjurer Michael Cohen.

The Fixer, The Child, and Shifty Schiff

According to Federal Election Commission reports, Schiff’s campaign committee paid Authentic Campaigns more than $3.7 million for digital media acquisitions between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2020. In addition to the media buys, Schiff paid Authentic Campaigns $215,000 for “digital consulting fees.”

During the same time period that Merchan’s firm raked in nearly $4 million, Schiff turned Cohen, Trump’s lawyer who paid Daniels $130,000 allegedly to keep quiet before the 2016 election, against his former client.

Merchan’s work for Trump’s biggest antagonist on Capitol Hill helped her earn a coveted “rising star” award from Campaign & Elections magazine in 2020. As president and partner of Authentic Campaigns, the editors swooned, Merchan “is setting new benchmarks” in the digital media space by “doing ground-breaking, historical work for clients like Jon Tester, Kamala Harris, Adam Schiff, and others.”

But that client list represented Trump’s basis for asking Judge Merchan to step down from the case. (Trump’s attorneys also cited Merchan’s attempts to pressure former Trump Organization CEO Allen Weisselberg into accepting a plea deal on tax fraud charges. Weisselberg took the plea offer; Merchan then sentenced the 75-year-old veteran with no criminal record to serve five months at Rikers Island, one of the most dangerous prisons in the country.)

“Your Honor should recuse himself from this case,” Todd Blanche and Susan Necheles, Trump’s defense attorneys, wrote in May 2023. “Your Honor’s daughter’s close connection to President Trump’s political adversaries and her work at, and financial interest in, a firm which is deeply engrained with Democratic politics raises real and legitimate concerns about this Court’s impartiality. The financial well-being of Your Honor’s daughter depends at least in part on the success of Authentic. And Authentic’s business model is one that requires it to attack President Trump and support individuals and causes in direct competition with President Trump.”

Merchan, who has presided over numerous Trump-related cases and will oversee the May trial of longtime Trump confidant Steve Bannon in New York for alleged fraud, denied Trump’s request in August 2023.

Denouncing Trump’s “speculative and hypothetical scenarios” as to how the judge and his daughter would profit off the court proceedings against Trump, Merchan attached to his order a three-page analysis by the New York Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics to bolster his decision not to recuse.

The committee concluded that the case does not “directly or indirectly” involve Merchan’s daughter. Further, the committee opined, Loren Merchan’s business is “not a [party] or likely [witness] in the matter.”

While perhaps the assessment is technically true, the suggestion that Merchan’s business is unrelated to the proceedings before her father’s court is provably false. Schiff’s testimonial on the Authentic Campaign website bragged how the company “helped me build a digital program that exceeded all my expectations.” Schiff further noted that the firm “allowed me to connect with supporters across California and the country.”

Did that involve using Michael Cohen, who is expected to testify on behalf of the prosecution in Judge Merchan’s courtroom next month, as part of the company’s digital campaign to raise money for Schiff? After all, the $4 million figure paid to Merchan’s firm in 2019 and 2020 represents almost 40 percent of the total disbursements paid out by Schiff’s committee that cycle—no small amount. Did Loren Merchan advise Schiff on any matter related to Cohen?

It is relevant because Schiff was in cahoots with Cohen throughout 2019. Schiff traveled to New York at least four times to meet with Cohen to discuss his February 2019 public testimony before Congress; Schiff later insisted Cohen’s appearance had “bolstered his credibility.”

Twice that year, Schiff’s committee privately interviewed Cohen under the ruse of investigating Trump-Russia election collusion. But committee members also questioned Cohen about the alleged hush money scheme. At one point during the House Intelligence Committee’s deposition, investigators asked Cohen if Trump was speaking in “code” about the alleged hush money payment to Daniels.

Schiff released transcripts of both depositions in May 2019.  “The public also deserves the chance to judge Cohen’s credibility for themselves, including by examining some of the evidence he provided to the Committee.

That same month, Schiff’s committee paid Merchan’s firm $57,500 for consulting and more digital media buys.

Judge Merchan, Not Trump, is Responsible for the Unwanted Scrutiny

Further, Schiff remains a client of Loren Merchan while opining about the case now before Judge Merchan. “If justice demanded that Michael Cohen go to jail for a scheme directed by someone else, justice also requires that the person responsible for directing the scheme must answer for their offenses against the law—and that person is Donald Trump,” Schiff said in a statement released in March 2023.

According to an analysis by the New York Post, Schiff’s Senate campaign committee—he is running to replace the late Dianne Feinstein—has paid Authentic Campaigns more than $10 million. The Post also reported that Schiff cited the Bragg indictment in emails looking for campaign donations, raising questions as to whether Authentic Campaigns was involved in those solicitations.

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Judge Merchan needs relived of their job and retired to a mental institution or sent to prison with all those involved

So now it becomes obvious why they had to unconditionally gag President Trump. The judge needs to be removed from this hoax trial.

Odd… because they are Trump’s children, Trump Jr., Eric, Ivanka and even Barron become, in the left’s eyes, valid political targets. Yet Merchant’s daughter, who actively campaigns and raises money against Trump, isn’t? If she doesn’t want harsh criticism, maybe she shouldn’t get into the business of political lies.

It was necessary to unconstitutionally gag President Trump because now this trial set for 15/04/2024 is tainted. The judge has a conflict of interest. He should be removed forthwith.

And Justice Clarence Thomas is supposed to be impeached simply because his wife voiced her own opinions.

Thomas’s wife was an influential advocate of Trump’s “Stop the Steal” campaign, with direct access to Mark Meadows.

Go pound sand, Pinhead

Deliberate provocation intended to derail the trial. Trump doesn’t give a damn if he ends up provoking violence.

Violence? How? He is seeking a fair trial not in front of a judge who might not be moot to take income from his baby girl should he rule in Trumps favor and Democrats blacklist her firm in retaliation.

Last edited 21 days ago by kitt

Some of his followers are crazy and dangerous. Everyone knows that. Trump uses it as a tool of intimidation. That’s what the gag order is about. He’s deliberately defying it in an effort to delay or derail the trial. Everybody knows that by now. It’s what he does.

Can you give reference to these crazy dangerous people on the loose?
How many attacks have they done?
I heard Trump today no word said about the daughter. I streamed it right after I voted, huge crowd with overflow. A snowstorm outside. 6 to 12″ predicted.
You really need to provide proof with your accusations you are not MSM. You cant just toss BS and expect anyone to just nod like liberal bobbleheads.
I do see you cant refute my point about Daddy Judgy.

Last edited 21 days ago by kitt

Greg, like all leftists, merely think no one but they have a right to free speech or a “fair” (one where they commit crimes but serve no penalty) trial. Everyone else deserves leftist lawfare.

How many threats have been made against election officials because of Trump’s bullshit claims and accusations? Against trial clerks, and judges, and prosecuting attorneys? Against people’s family members? You can’t figure out what he’s doing? Or maybe you can, but rationalize it, or even approve of it?

Last edited 21 days ago by Greg

Dont know, do they have a running tab on that on mslsd?
Like covid, how many of those threats were carried out? well…
Not bullshit
No signature verifications done on ballots, that election should not have been certified.
Pesky Fulton county f-ups again.
More evidence of the 2020 coup.

NGOs one for Bimagrants
comment image

Last edited 21 days ago by kitt

I don’t know, how many? One? Five? How many have REALLY been made? How many are propaganda? How many have been swatted, like the left enjoys doing? I think your constant droning about “threats” is bullshit. The real, threats and then the actual violence carried out comes from the left and, to make it worse, the leftist DoJ does not investigate or prosecute it.

Al Sharpton is the one who provokes violence, Pinhead

You sure didn’t worry about that when Schumer called for the leftist terrorists to attack Supreme Court Justices’ homes, did you? Trump neither calls for or incites any violence, he merely points out the FACTS. If this makes leftist ideological judges that serve the Democrat party instead of justice nervous, then they bring it upon themselves.

What violence? He hasn’t called out leftist terrorists to attack judges like Schumer did. Merchant should be kicked off this case and disbarred. HE is a threat to Democracy.

He is a threat to our Republic
comment image

All he could do is repeat his tv he could find zero violence.

Democrats/BLM/Antifa provoke the violence you Moron

Jesse Watters ran a devastating segment last night on radical Judge Juan Merchan who silenced President Donald Trump from talking about his family’s financial ties to the current junk case he is presiding over against Donald Trump in New York City. Judge Merchan should be removed for his conflicts. This is peak corruption and cannot stand.

As Jesse Watters outlined succinctly in his monologue, “Trump is banned from talking about the judge’s family. Why? Because the judge’s family was paid by the Biden campaign. The judge’s family is currently being paid by Adam Schiff over $10 million.”

“The judge is threatening to put Trump in jail for pointing out that his liberal family is getting rich off this trial and richer if he’s convicted.” “The judge’s daughter isn’t seven. She’s 34. He’s not attacking her. He’s just saying what she does for a living. How’s that an attack? He just wants a new judge. One whose family isn’t funded by Democrats.” WATCH:

Judge Orders Trump To Stop Noticing That The People Trying To Put Him In Jail Are Democrats | Babylon Bee

comment image

NEW YORK, NY — In a devastating blow for the defense, State Judge Juan Merchan has ordered Donald Trump to immediately cease noticing that the only people trying to put him in jail are Democrats.

“Quiet you!” Judge Merchan told Trump in court. “Stop mentioning that everyone in the legal system who is trying to imprison you just so happens to be a member of the Democrat party. It is completely irrelevant.”

“All instances of Trump noticing this fact will be met with serious legal consequences, which will be administered by Democrats.”

They can’t stop everyone from telling the truth.

And they will not. There are more of us than there are of them, legally.

Last edited 19 days ago by TrumpWon