Those climate change fires in Australia were started by about 200 people




Authorities in Australia have arrested close to 200 people for deliberately starting the bushfires that have devastated the country, yet the media and celebrities continue to blame “climate change” for the disaster.

The fires have caused at least 18 deaths, destroyed thousands of homes, millions of hectares of land and killed hundreds of millions of animals.

A total of 183 people have been arrested by police in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania for lighting bushfires over the last few months, figures obtained by news agency AAP show.

In New South Wales, 24 people were arrested for arson, risking prison sentences of up to 25 years.

In Queensland, police concluded that 103 of the fires had been deliberately lit, with 98 people, 67 of them juveniles, having been identified as the culprits.

“The link between arsonists and the deadly fires that devastate Australia every summer is well known and well documented, with the rate of deliberately lit fires escalating rapidly during the school holiday period,” reports Breitbart’s Simon Kent.

Around 85 per cent of bushfires are caused by humans either deliberately or accidentally starting them, according to Dr Paul Read, co-director of the National Centre for Research in Bushfire and Arson.

“About 85 per cent are related to human activity, 13 per cent confirmed arson and 37 per cent suspected arson,” he said. “The remainder are usually due to reckless fire lighting or even just children playing with fire.”

Read also highlighted the link between school holidays and kids starting fires, commenting, “School holidays are a prime time for fire bugs, but especially over summer.” The kids have got time to get out there and light, and the most dangerous adults choose hot days.”

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No its not Climate Change/Global Warming its Arson plain old arson quit trying to blame Trump for these fires in the land down under you screwballs its a bunch of Juvenile Pyromaniacs and fire bugs setting them

It would be very interesting to know how many of the arsonists started the fires to draw attention to their climate change religion.

Not saying all these fires are acts of jihadis, but these two got caught trying to wage jihad with fires.

Iran has just suggested American Muslims do the same.

Fadi and Abraham Zreika sparked a grass fire at Bright Park, Guildford, on December 22.

In November, ISIS encouraged followers to “ignite fires” as a means of “waging jihad”, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute.

Police allege the two men ran away when their fireworks sparked several small grassfires that spread rapidly in sudden winds.

The men faced court today on multiple charges such as negligent handling of explosives, refusing to disclose identity and custody of a knife in a public place.

August 13, 2020 – Trump lifts Obama-era regulations on methane, a potent climate-warming gas

The Environmental Protection Agency’s new rule, which has been in progress for over a year, would eliminate federal requirements for oil and gas companies to monitor and repair methane leaks from pipelines, storage facilities and wells.

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler announced the rollback to the 2016 rule at an event in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, home to the country’s booming natural gas reservoirs and a key battleground state for the November presidential election.

Wheeler, Trump’s EPA appointee, is a former coal company lobbyist. He famously opined that EPA shouldn’t impose regulations on industry that can’t be demonstrated as beneficial through double-blind studies—a patently nonsensical assertion.

“EPA has been working hard to fulfill President Trump’s promise to cut burdensome and ineffective regulations for our domestic energy industry,” Wheeler said. “Regulatory burdens put into place by the Obama-Biden Administration fell heavily on small and medium-sized energy businesses.”

Environmental groups and lawmakers swiftly condemned the administration’s ruling and the Natural Resources Defense Council said Thursday that it will put up a legal fight.

“The Trump EPA is giving the oil and gas industry a green light to keep leaking enormous amounts of climate pollution into the air,” said David Doniger, head of climate policy at the NRDC. “We will see EPA in court.”

The methane pollution reversal is latest move by the administration to weaken a slew of environmental regulations, a longtime effort that has not been hindered by the coronavirus pandemic.

In July, the administration finalized a rollback to the country’s landmark environmental law, the National Environmental Policy Act, in order to speed approval for federal projects like pipelines, highways and power plants. The administration has weakened more than 100 environmental rules and regulations since 2016.

Scientists say that rising levels of methane, a greenhouse gas that is 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide, is a main driver of climate change. Methane accounts for 10% of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. Globally, 60% of methane emissions are from human activity.

“As with Covid-19, the Trump administration is ignoring science to gut oil and gas methane pollution safeguards,” said Lauren Pagel, policy director at Earthworks, which tracks methane leaks at oil and gas sites. “But as with Americans dying from the Covid crisis, optical gas imaging shows the oil and gas methane pollution that is fueling the climate crisis.”

The sustained increase in methane, combined with other greenhouse gases, could heat up the atmosphere by 3 to 4 degrees Celsius by the end of the century, well above the Paris climate accord goal to keep global warming below 2 degrees.

“The Trump administration’s rush to wreck even modest methane regulations is a transparent political move, a favor for some of his biggest political backers,” said Charlie Cray, a researcher at Greenpeace U.S.A., an environmental non-profit.