This Year in Creative Fiction — ‘The Bidenomics Success Story’


by Stephen Kruiser

Those who haven’t wisely blocked the surreal creeper dream that was the 2020 election will remember that the Joe Biden who was sold to the electorate didn’t exist. If one believes in the multiverse, there wasn’t a calm, rational, unifying Biden in any alt-universe.

Frequent readers of mine know that I often refer to the media spin for Biden in 2020 as the largest ongoing creative fiction writing exercise in history. Well, it’s time to fire up the storytelling machine again. This is from a VIP column I wrote a couple of weeks ago:

The presidential election year is finally upon us, and Biden’s approval ratings are somewhere in the Mariana Trench, so the MSM hacks have their marching orders. Get ready for almost a full year of reading about a Joe Biden who bears no resemblance whatsoever to the guy who walks around in circles after speeches because he no longer understands what “Exit” signs mean.

There will be a couple of areas of focus for the Democrats’ flying monkeys in the mainstream media. The first will be to convince us that Biden is the most vital octogenarian since Jack LaLanne was hitting the gym in his unitard back in the early aughts. We won’t see any evidence of this on camera, of course. Instead, we will be treated to stories from Biden staffers who go on and on about how engaged and active he is. If I worked in an office, I would start a pool about how many stories there will be between now and November wherein some younger staffer swears that they “just can’t keep up” with the guy.

The humanitarian and national security crises on the southern border are the two-headed monster for Biden that even his media lackeys can’t spin, so expect them to go with a very wishful “out of sight, out of mind” approach on that. Spoiler alert: Trump will keep hammering them on it and ignoring the issue won’t work for them.

The second main area of spin concentration will be the economy, which they have already had a lot of practice on. Devoted Biden minions like Paul Krugman of The New York Times have written volumes explaining to us folks in the hinterlands that Joe Biden’s economy — specifically inflation — isn’t as bad as our bank accounts and monthly budgets say it is.

My good friend Stephen Green shared some sobering economic news yesterday:

Here we go again with Bidenflation?

Despite the Fed jacking up interest rates faster than at any time since the inflation-crushing Reagan-Volcker hikes of 1981 — and sucking liquidity out of the economy via quantitative tightening (QT) — inflation remains stubbornly above the Fed’s 2% target… and it could come roaring back thanks to growing cracks in the foundation of Bidenomics.

“It’s a slow-moving train wreck,” Bear Traps Report founder Larry McDonald told Fox Business on Tuesday about the country’s commercial real estate markets. As Longtime Sharp VodkaPundit Readers™ already know, the combination of higher interest rates, free-range vagrant drug addicts, and work-from-home policies have eviscerated downtowns in America’s bluest big cities.

If the Secret Service used longer code names, “Slow Moving Trainwreck” would be Joe Biden’s.

Biden’s handlers are certainly aware of how it can all go awry. Stephen explains some of the doomsday scenarios (with a scintilla of kinda/sorta but probably not good news). Make sure you have a stiff drink prepared before you read his conclusion.

Because bad Biden economic news always uses the buddy system, Catherine wrote a story yesterday that really fogs up the rose-colored glasses:

Let’s go, Brandon! A recent estimate puts the price increase since Joe Biden took office at 17.6%. Don’t buy what Joe is selling on inflation — it’s not down, and you are still paying way more for the basics.

One piece of deceptive wordplay going around right now, even on some right-leaning websites, is that inflation has gone down. This statement is deceptive because it is really the rate of inflation that has slowed. Inflation has still been going up, especially on items like food, just allegedly at a slower rate. In the long run, you and I are still paying more money. If only the Biden administration cared as much about American citizens as it does about illegal aliens.

The recent estimates on the staggering increase in prices of various necessities come from Fox Business, which provided much-needed context to Joe Biden’s assertions that the December inflation report was good news for American consumers. In a Jan. 12 article, Fox Business reported that food prices under the Biden administration went up a stunning 33.7% since the beginning of 2021.

The “rate of inflation” ruse is akin to the method the Democrats have been using to lie about “Republican Medicare cuts” for decades. Whenever these stories are being circulated, it’s merely a cut in the rate of increase in the Medicare budget. It’s the flip side of the coin, but basically the same thing. In the first case, the reduced rate is a boon to all Americans; the second one is directly responsible for the murder of millions of grandmas.

The Biden mouthpieces in the MSM have gotten very good at writing “your ignorant eyes aren’t really seeing what they’re seeing” pieces, and that’s how they’ll deal with the easily observable frailty of both Biden and his economy.

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If the Secret Service used longer code names, “Slow Moving Trainwreck” would be Joe Biden’s.

Doesn’t Buttplug have a copywrite on that one? This is the same game plan used by the Obama regime; get things really f**ked up, then praise any slight improvement as a gigantic victory, even though the cause of the problem hasn’t been addressed. Likewise, a slowing in the rise in the rate of inflation is supposed to be a major turnaround in the economy, even though the destructive policies that brought us that inflation is still in place and still Democrat doctrine.

It’s also good that the Obama tactic of publishing glowing economic figures and then, a month later, when no one is looking, revising then downward, and which Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden has adapted, is being exposed.

Most Fairytales start with ONCE UPON A TIME Bidens is Reelect Me and I’ll make things better