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They just CAN’T show any love for this country. Not at all. They would lose all credibility among the other America-haters, the only people they care about.

I can only assume that this is what you get when English isn’t their first language

So, I assume it is “access to quality mental health services, job opportunities, housing assistance, and the benefits they were promised day” in the Democrat Caucus.

This is not what “stupid” looks like. This is what naked demagoguery by America-hating, traitorous garbage people in positions of responsibility who fear no consequences looks like. Deportation is the very least they deserve, followed by all the constituents who supported them. This is beyond ridiculous.

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We Need VOAD or Vote Out All Democrats

Add this one to the list. Dumb idea to begin with. Biden the foreign policy expert.

I’m sure $250 million of the $300 million to build the pier got stolen (most probably went to Hamas) and what was left was a piece of junk.

Just like the $600 hammer the pentagon is inept in its accounting. Perhaps judge merchan and da Bragg could look into these bookkeeping errors.