“They Came For Me, They Can Come For You” – Former Trump Adviser Peter Navarro Reports To Prison


by Jacob Burg

Peter Navarro voiced frustration at a press conference on March 19, just before turning himself over to authorities in Miami, Florida, to begin his four-month sentence at the city’s minimum-security prison.

The former Trump White House trade adviser is the first official from President Donald Trump’s administration to serve jail time. He was found in contempt of Congress in 2023 for refusing to comply with the Democrat-led House Jan. 6 select committee subpoena.

Mr. Navarro declined to turn over records for the committee, citing the former president’s executive privilege that allows some presidential records to be blocked from disclosure.

“I am not nervous,” Mr. Navarro said to a reporter on March 19. “I am pissed.”

“When I walk in that prison today, the justice system, such as it is, will have done a crippling blow to the constitutional separation of powers of executive privilege,” he added.

Mr. Navarro reaffirmed his belief that a White House aide cannot be compelled by Congress to testify, and repeated his claims of executive privilege regarding the documents and testimony that the House Jan. 6 select committee was seeking through its subpoena.

Wearing a black shirt and gray jacket, he appeared in front of cameras at a strip mall parking lot across the road from the Miami prison where he will be serving his time. He was focused and alert while remarking on his case.

“I am the first senior White House adviser in the history of our republic that has ever been charged with this alleged crime,” Mr. Navarro said, defending his use of the term “alleged” because he believes the DOJ has historically “maintained the principle of absolute testimony immunity” for White House officials.

“And it was only with my case that somehow that has changed,” Mr. Navarro added.

He argued that as as one of the former president’s “highest advisers,” he acted as an “alter ego of the president,” which he believes grants him executive privilege and is essential to “effective presidential decision making.”

“And the principle here related to effective presidential decision-making is simply that if a president does not have the ability—between and among his advisers—to get confidential information in the sanctity of the Oval Office, he will make poor decisions which will harm the Republic,” Mr. Navarro said.

“That’s what this is about.”

In his statement on March 18, Mr. Navarro said his case should have a “chilling” effect on every American.

“The partisan nature of the imprisoning of a top senior White House aide should chill the bones of every American,” he said.

Bid to Avoid Prison Sentence

Mr. Navarro unsuccessfully filed an emergency petition with the Supreme Court on March 15 to avoid reporting to prison on March 19, but that bid was rejected by Chief Justice John Roberts on March 18.

The former White House aide said he would continue to appeal his case following the ruling, even if a resolution comes after the end of his sentence. His prison consultant, Sam Mangel, told The Epoch Times that for someone in Mr. Navarro’s situation with a lack of an existing record, the four-month sentence could be reduced to 90 days.

One of his lawyers, Stanley Brand, told The Epoch Times that Mr. Navarro would be the first White House aide in 240 years to be jailed for contempt of Congress “despite unbroken Department of Justice opinions” that say criminal contempt cannot be applied to them.

However, Mr. Navarro is not the only former Trump White House official in hot water right now.

Steve Bannon, the former chief executive for President Trump’s 2016 campaign and later chief White House strategist, was convicted in 2022 for two counts of contempt of Congress for also refusing a subpoena from the House Jan. 6 select committee.

However, Mr. Bannon’s four-month prison sentence was delayed after he appealed his convictions. Mr. Navarro, who tried the same tactic, failed and must report to prison regardless of his pending appeals.

Some legal analysts have speculated that the two men’s differing fates—despite being convicted of similar offenses—come down to the judges presiding over their cases.

U.S. District Judge Carl J. Nichols, who is presiding over Mr. Bannon’s case, was appointed by President Trump.

Mr. Navarro’s case was handled by U.S. District Judge Amit P. Mehta, an appointee of President Barack Obama.

The former White House aide seemed to agree with that line of reasoning and expressed disappointment while comparing his situation to Mr. Bannon’s, who remains free from prison pending his appeal.

“This is the partisan weaponization of our judicial system,” Mr. Navarro said, referring to the three Democrat-appointed judges who oversaw his appeal.

He also raised his voice while referencing the prosecutors in his case, and alleged one of them has a “Never Trump” bias against the former president.

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A martyr of the regime? A traitor to the Constitution. Trump White House aide was secret author of report used to push ‘big lie’

…The Dominion report, subtitled “OVERVIEW 12/2/20 – History, Executives, Vote Manipulation Ability and Design, Foreign Ties”, was initially prepared so that it could be sent to legislatures in states where the Trump White House was trying to have Biden’s win reversed.

But top Trump officials would also use the research that stemmed from the White House aide-produced report to weigh other options to return Trump to the presidency, including having the former president sign off on executive orders to authorize sweeping emergency powers.

The previously unreported involvement of the Trump White House aide in the preparation of the Dominion report raises the extraordinary situation of at least one administration official being among the original sources of Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

The publicly available version of the Dominion report, which first surfaced in early December 2020 on the conservative outlet the Gateway Pundit, names on the cover and in metadata as its author Katherine Friess, a volunteer on the Trump post-election legal team.

But the Dominion report was in fact produced by the senior Trump White House policy aide Joanna Miller, according to the original version of the document reviewed by the Guardian and a source familiar with the matter, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The original version of the Dominion report named Miller – who worked for the senior Trump adviser Peter Navarro – as the author on the cover page, until her name was abruptly replaced with that of Friess before the document was to be released publicly, the source said.

The involvement of a number of other Trump White House aides who worked in Navarro’s office was also scrubbed around that time, the source said. Friess has told the Daily Beast that she had nothing to do with the report and did not know how her name came to be on the document…

“He will turn 75 in July behind bars as a martyr of the regime.”

Last edited 30 days ago by Greg

Shove it up your ass traitor.

Nothing winds you up like the truth. Trump and all of his accomplices should be in jail.

What truth? There is no truth in what you type.

Republicans should find a better candidate. Instead, they’re setting up another Biden win, and burning down the GOP in the process.

biden, the defective roomba

Biden Saves Himself From Tripping Up Shorter Staircase on Air Force One (VIDEO)

Biden—he man you’re giving a second term by making a Putin ass-kisser the only alternative.

Not going to happen that ol f*ck aint going to make it, your media knows and is scaring the hell out of your piss pants self.
It took 2.5 seconds to debunk the story you broke here, Bloodbath bulsh!t.
You just had to parrot it with zero checks. You often are debunked.

If he doesn’t, you’ll probably be ranting about President Harris or maybe President Michelle Obama.

Last edited 29 days ago by Greg

We know big Mike is ranting no, such liars, you could be right.

Does it bother and embarrass you to have that “bloodbath” bullshit shoved right back up your lying ass? Or, was that a pleasant experience?

Racism won’t save you in this election. It’s election fraud or lose.

The only Putin ass-kisser (and payment recipient) here is Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden.

Here is some truth.

Top Polish General: ‘Ukrainian Losses Must Be Counted in the Millions, Not Hundreds of Thousands’

Most likely somewhere in between, way too much senseless death so Zelensky and his wife and cronies can get lovely things. Keep those executive bonuses at  Raytheon well funded.

Last edited 30 days ago by kitt

You poor, stupid, brainless bastard.

Hopefully, you don’t figure out too late that they hate you and want you destroyed, too.

You pathetic, miserable, son of a bitch.

Trump is immoral, unprincipled, and a serious danger to the Constitution I have twice taken oaths to protect. I’m an old man now, but I still take all of that seriously.

The only oath you take seriously is to the commie democrats you glow of that.

Hang around here long enough and you’ll turn into another retire05.

truth hurt?

What does “you glow of that” mean?

It comes from a place of authenticity. This might be beyond you. It is neither a compliment nor an insult its an observation.

But an observation of what? The words don’t make sense.

You are retarded, go away one of tiny intellect.
I knew it would be beyond you.

Last edited 28 days ago by kitt

It comes from a place of authenticity. This might be beyond you. It is neither a compliment nor an insult its an observation.

Take note that this is what “answering a question” looks like.

Hey guess whos Birthday it is, some guy is 18. Don genuinely loves his kids, Barron has to sign up for the Draft. Don will do his level best to end the senseless blood shed, let the war glowies cry about the solutions.

Last edited 29 days ago by kitt

Really? It seems that my question wasn’t answered at all. I’m no closer to understanding what “you glow of that” means than I was before.

Well, let’s see… I asked, for instance, if Obama should be prosecuted for murdering al Alwaki. I asked several times and you never answered. I’ve asked other question, long irrelevant now, since your refusal to answer is and answer itself.

Because it is beyond you and your childlike gelded brain.
even greg got it sheesh.

Last edited 28 days ago by kitt

Provide ONE valid example of Trump threatening the Constitution. Meanwhile, Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden has censored free speech, threatened citizens for defending their children, put political dissidents in jail, tried to imprison political opponents, ignored and violated laws, ignored and violated Supreme Court judgements, promoted political violence and terrorism, exposed classified documents to our adversaries and spied on US citizens. Democrats are the threat to the Constitution.

Indeed. The truth is that the Democrats are fascist socialists that seek a totalitarian police state by throwing political opponents and supporters of the opposition in jail and that pisses us off, as it does ANY US citizen that loves this country and the Constitution. Fascists… not so much.

Last edited 29 days ago by Just Plain Bill

What they said before remains true. They’re just afraid now to say it.

notice the logo
Act.tv, greg they are all performers, what ever gets them air time the 30 second soundbite. Lindsey G.war monger, try to find more than 2 tht are respected a litte bit.

Leftist propaganda pure and simple…

martyr of the regime? A traitor to the Constitution.

He is going to jail rather that set a precedent for violating the separation of powers. The true traitors are the Democrats using fascist tactics to try and destroy political opponents.

 Trump White House aide was secret author of report used to push ‘big lie’

You mean the three-part NAVARRO Report, that clearly showed the widespread election fraud the Democrats use to “win” in 2020? THAT “secret author”? You are such a gullible putz.

Immediately. And for 17 or more years. Special treatment for democrats.

I heard his presser live. A very impassioned man. He will be a hero for the right for having the fortitude to withstand the evil placed upon him.

Last edited 30 days ago by TrumpWon

I guess he’ll occupy the same cell Eric Holder occupied when he was found in contempt of Congress? Will Hunter be sharing a cell with him for refusing to appear? No?

Yeah, no political prisoners in the US, huh?

Why Won’t Rich Republicans Loan Money to Upstanding Businessman Donald Trump?

NY Ragazine? Another lib with fatal case of mindless TDS.
comment image

How’s that Biden impeachment effort coming along, now that they realize they have nothing on him?

81-Million Vote Recipient Joe Biden Gives Rambling Incoherent Speech to a Few Rows of People in Arizona (VIDEO)

Damn, did you get a load of that weak ass shit in Arizona? Wow… what vigor. He doesn’t even sound like he believes his own lies.

WATCH: Byron Donalds Drops Receipts Proving Joe Biden Obtained Money from Energy Company Linked to the CCP

WATCH: Byron Donalds Drops Receipts Proving Joe Biden Obtained Money from Energy Company Linked to the CCP

Last edited 28 days ago by TrumpWon

Being dumb is one thing but, being dumb and thinking you are the smartest person in the room? Priceless to watch.

Here are a couple of recent quotes from AOC;

AOC: Nothing is made in America these days. I just bought a TV and it said “Built in Antenna”. I don’t even know where that country is!


Last edited 28 days ago by TrumpWon

“Criminal Activity” is in the name. But, for a Democrat, this is probably an honest mistake. They aren’t aware corruption, conspiracy, bribery, influence peddling and perjury are crimes because it’s all their normal activity.

Whoa did you see todays meeting with Bobulinski, oh you wouldnt the dems made asses of themselves.
Oh point of order an he call me a liar?
nothing in the rules about that ya liar.
AOC doesnt think that Rico and racketeering are crime, such a precious dingbat.

Biden in Vegas “Let’s fly to Toronto or to Berlin or to London or to Rome — or any major city in America!” implying those were major cities in America and at the same time saying it was cheaper in major cities in America, which was contrary to his point. 
Then he also stole Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan and used it to say how he was going to more by taxing billionaires. 

Last edited 29 days ago by kitt

Byron Donalds threw down hard with receipts. Copies of checks and bank statements. Plenty of evidence still not having been presented yet to come.

Last edited 29 days ago by TrumpWon

Well, Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden is just a forgetful old man with a diaper full of liquid shit.

Its a bit late in the game to impeach, no votes in the Senate for this, but some of this just might get out to the moderate democrat voters if any are remaining. This push for electric POS cars Our grid cant charge, the batteries all coming from Biden slush fund China. Nothing will move our resident communist, he will cast his zombie vote, but Im telling you all Its my vote that cancels his out I call dibs.

Lots of solid evidence for prosecution after Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden is run out of DC. Maybe Trump can get a AG that has some balls and respect for the Constitution.

Just stick the old poot in a home with his Dr. wife.
His spawn and brother are another issue.

Last edited 29 days ago by kitt

He needs to be forced to register as a sex offender.

You need to pay attention to something besides MSNBC. The evidence that Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden is corrupt and treasonous is overwhelming. The only impediment to impeachment and removal is that Democrats don’t care HOW corrupt a Democrat is.

The only impediment to impeachment and removal is that Democrats don’t care HOW corrupt a Democrat is.

Can’t the Republicans get the job done? Isn’t that what they’ve been trying to do for weeks?

You don’t know how impeachment works, do you?

No he is a glowing moron.

House republicans apparently aren’t all onboard with Articles of Impeachment. All it takes to pass is a simple majority. Apparently a few won’t put on clown noses for Donald Trump. (As in, they realize they’d look like complete idiots forwarding it to the Senate with ZERO supporting evidence.)

Last edited 29 days ago by Greg

The point is sending it to the senate just like the Dems did several times, might not be a good move if he is found not guilty, no double jeopardy. He really belongs behind bars.

Double jeopardy doesn’t apply with impeachments.

You sure about that?

Funny how Republicans aren’t lemmings like Democrats, huh?

Hell, I missed it! It went right over my head! You’re making a JOKE, right? Sarcasm? Damn, we’re too serious around here, losing our sense of humor!

Yeah, that’s a good one! FUNNY!

Maybe they don’t want the full force of the federal government coming after them for lending assistance to their political enemy they are trying to destroy?

New York Magazine has a yuge yolk on its face after they put the Nut on the front cover with ‘this is what I was wearing when Trump raped me” only to find out it was a lie the outfit had not been sold yet.
It was sent for DNA testing cause in 30 years the insane sow never had it cleaned.

Last edited 29 days ago by kitt

in 30 years the insane sow never had it cleaned.

Why do you think that is?

She is insane and It was sent for DNA testing do you think DNA would remain viable after dry cleaning chemical exposure, or through the washing machine?
Reading or comprehension problems Mikey?

Last edited 29 days ago by kitt

No problems. I wanted you to admit that she did it because she believes that it held evidence of her sexual assault. That doesn’t sound like the action of someone who’s lying about what happened.

How about holding a dress as evidence that didn’t even exist when she said the “crime” was committed? Does that sound credible?

She is bipolar she paints trees, the outfit hadnt been sold yet when she says it happened she is insane Mikey

As long as she says what the left wants/likes to hear, she’s a credible witness.

She’s a pig in addition to being a raving lunatic?

Dirty clothes back into the closet ewwwww
Rape DNA semen on it?

Last edited 28 days ago by kitt

“Rape DNA semen on it?”

So she seemed to believe. You’re so close to getting it. So close!

Gee, I wonder why there was no evidence of any crime, only the ravings of a confirmed lunatic? To the left, that’s worth $93 million.

Pig that puts dirty laundry back in the closet.