They Are Coming For Your Kid’s Mind – Again



In case you don’t yet understand, there are a lot of people with a lot of money and a lot of power who are working overtime to destroy the nuclear family. Karl Marx understood why. If you want to overthrow a society and replace it with a totalitarian government, you must start by abolishing the family.

The cutting edge of this effort is transgender ideology, which quite literally aims to eliminate the basic building blocks of what it calls the ‘patriarchy’. The simplest and most effective way to spread this ideology? Inject it into the minds of children. Shape them in the image of the state you wish to build.

Witness Kooth.

Kooth is an online “mental health platform” which claims that it is focused on the well-being of children. It is anything but. It is a platform for injecting radical transgender ideology straight into your kid’s mind, and it is already in your schools, likely without your knowledge.

When a kid logs on to Kooth’s website one of the first things they must do is reveal their gender. There are four choices: male, female, agender, and genderfluid. From Jump Street, the child is being indoctrinated into a radical worldview that you almost certainly do not share.  It will get worse from there. When and if the child actually starts talking with a counselor they will be directed to sites that promote things like breast binding.

Make no mistake. It is the express purpose of Kooth to push children to adopt a transgender ideology that is founded on the idea that huge numbers of young people have somehow been born into the wrong bodies. The solution? Radical “sex reassignment” surgery and massive doses of hormones.

Writing in 2019 Kooth staff member Charlotte Mindel revealed that:

“In the period 2014–2018, we have seen a 552 percent increase in the recorded presenting issue of gender identity, accounting proportionately for the increase of users over that time. What this means is that across the population of young people we work with, six times as many are exploring their gender identity in some form”.

You may not consider it to be a success to convince 6 times as many kids that they need to undergo radical and unproven surgical procedures. Kooth does.

Kooth started in the United Kingdom in 2004. It has grown exponentially there and has now jumped the pond and begun to spread rapidly through American schools.

Kooth staff visit schools and youth groups in person to promote the service. They also partner with online providers of educational resources. Kids are signed up anonymously and once in the system children can choose from three types of help: website content in the form of articles mainly written by Kooth staff, peer support in chat and forums, and counseling. Parents have no visibility into any of these processes.

The women’s rights campaigner Kellie-Jay Keen described what happened in a single online chat when she signed up claiming to be a teenage girl:

“so I joined. I’m 13, I’m a girl, I think I’m non-binary and I want to bind my breasts and I don’t want my parents to know. So I went into the adult help me chat thing, so some of the people who are paid counsellors, or volunteers, I’m not really sure, but they are the adults looking after. So there was a long sort of ‘Oh I’m sorry to hear you are sad,’ straight away introduced me to a website about binding. Not one fricking word on that website said ‘Don’t,’ not one.”

Mary Harrington at the website Unherd had this to say about Kooth after a lengthy review of its processes and its agenda.

“Kooth operates according to a pyramid model, offering users first a library of “therapeutic” articles (riddled with gender ideology), then “peer support” (online forums where girls reinforce each other’s preoccupations with gender). This is followed by limited in-person assistance for the most acute distress, delivered remotely in a chat window by “Online Emotional Wellbeing Practitioners”: individuals who don’t even need a counselling qualification, are paid £20-26k a year, and moderate the message boards and provide chat-window “emotional support”.

There’s something nightmarish about this scenario. Epidemic levels of (predominantly female) youth psychic distress are being funnelled through a kind of online sausage machine of the soul, in the name of “access”. In that sausage machine, any personalised response is only grudgingly granted, while the very format — disembodied and remote — forecloses any of the non-verbal communication widely understood to play a critical role in an experience of encounter and empathy.

Starved of in-person presence and empathy, nothing prevents the loneliness and misery of young girls being colonised by the disembodied and dissociative one-size-fits-all ideology of gender. Promising a simple physical fix for often complicated emotional difficulties, it’s perhaps the ultimate bargain-basement solution for price-sensitive healthcare, in an age that’s both overtly concerned with “mental health” and profoundly indifferent to what such health would actually imply.”

Kooth signs up your kids. It then takes teenagers who by definition are confused and conflicted and convinces them that all of their issues are because they were born into the wrong bodies and are being forced to conform to oppressive and unjust rules and expectations.

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Remember Momar Khaddafi?
Used to be head of Lybia.
He famously surrounded himself with an “all-female security team.”
He said they were vicious, loyal, obsessed with their training and easy for him to control.

Now, take all that and make female eunichs dependent upon YOU for their daily doses of hormones, and you have a perfect security force if you are a globalist elite member who doesn’t trust men who have families to put you first over their own.
Aside from the whole “taking yourself out of the gene pool by cutting off your own sex organs,” eunichs are traditionally useful and loyal workers for leaders whose people would oppose them and kill them if they could get close enough.
Add in their dependence on drugs and they are practically a modern-day slave class for elites toi pick and choose from.

The left is obsessive about sexual abusing children. They approve of every form of it. Nothing is sicker or more demented. It must be stopped.

Last edited 2 months ago by Just Plain Bill

The NEA and the UN/Globalists oppose Home Schooling they want them all at the Schools to be Brainwashed/Indoctrinated by Big Brother. Climate Brat Greta Thunberg and Gun Control Brat David Hogg are examples of the Brainwashing/Indoctrination of the Youth