There’s another MAJOR discrepancy with Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony, this one confirmed by Eric Herschmann


By Twitchy

It’s not just the bogus limo story. There’s another major discrepancy with Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony from yesterday’s January 6 Committee hearing, this one confirmed by another star witness for the committee, White House lawyer Eric Herschmann:


From ABC News:

“The handwritten note that Cassidy Hutchinson testified was written by her was in fact written by Eric Herschmann on January 6, 2021,” a spokesperson for Herschmann told ABC News Tuesday evening.


“All sources with direct knowledge and law enforcement have and will confirm that it was written by Mr. Herschmann,” the spokesperson said.


At Tuesday’s hearing, Hutchinson, testifying about the note, said, “That’s a note that I wrote at the direction of the chief of staff on Jan. 6, likely around 3 o’clock.”


“And it’s written on the chief of staff note card, but that’s your handwriting, Ms. Hutchinson?” Rep. Cheney asked.

Over to you, Liz Cheney:
And how many more lies will there be?

The Committee is in damage-control mode over the limo story and we can’t wait to see how they spin this new one

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Well, AOC won’t stand for that! She wants perjury prosecuted!

Why even swear someone in when everything they testify to is something they say they heard or thought?

Cassidy Smollett


Again… “special” hearing because of “new evidence”. This thing is the very definition of pathetic.

The day she testified there were a few journalists who “believed” her.
What they are saying today is that they ASSUMED the committee, at the very least, examined her testimony by going to her sources.
They did not.
Embarrassing backtracking today.
Allahpundit at Hot Air is a good example.

I noted in this afternoon’s post that the January 6 committee has already interviewed Engel. Maggie Haberman reports that they interviewed Ornato too, many months ago. I assumed they had already corroborated the details of the SUV incident with the two of them and were having Hutchinson tell her story today in anticipation of Engel and Ornato telling it themselves in future testimony. Otherwise, why the hell would they have Hutchinson pass on a story second-hand on national television which might not bear out under scrutiny, causing it to blow up in their faces?

I assumed too much, it seems.

Being under oath meant nothing to her. She has the Democrat shield.


Since Christine blazy ford, no one has come near her level of absurdity. Now we have 2 sugars Cassidy.

The j6 group of clowns had nothing if this was the MOAB. Time to shut this joke down.

Federal indictments my ass.

This sham committee has zero credibility. Their intent is to fabricate something that is not there

Bill Clinton was to have allegedly coached someone to lie under oath in testimony.

liz cheney should be expelled from congress for unethical behavior.

she is a disgrace.

Much time and energy spent. But are you washing anyone’s brain besides your own???

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Jan. 6 panel effort to blame Trump for violence ignores pointed warnings Congress got much earlier

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