The Unprecedented Flip-Flop of Speaker Mike Johnson on Intelligence Agency Oversight


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Congressman Massey said this morning that he was in the same SCIF session that Johnson said changed Johnson’s mind. Massey said he heard nothing of any substance in that same session. I believe some people have compromised Johnson and the SCIF session was his cover to do the bidding of the Dems after that.

Johnson is a turncoat. He needs to be removed before he causes more damage than he already has done.

I didn’t trust Mike Johnson when he first got the speaker ship in the beginning . He had that same fake snearing glance then as he does now . Back when he turned to the cameras and stated “Trump I’m with you ” . I did not believe him then and there is NO reason to believe him now . Worse thing of it all is he claims to be Christian . Yet he supports the DNC murders of the innocent’s just coming out of the womb . What a hypocrite .