The Ukraine End Game


by The Z Man

One of the enduring truths about war is that the side that wins is usually the side that starts with a clear objective. That understanding of the goal allows for a strategy to accomplish the goal, which then becomes the framework for the tactics required to implement the strategy and win the war. Starting with the end in mind also allows for changes in strategy and tactics to account for the unknown unknowns that are always a part of a military conflict. No plan survives contact with the enemy.

We may be about to see this in the Ukraine war. From the start the Russians have had a very clear understanding of their interests in Ukraine. This predates the war by about a thousand years. Russia is a land power without natural barriers between itself and its neighbors, so the goal of Russian foreign policy since forever has been to maintain space between Russia and its neighbors. The Ukraine has always been part of that space controlled by the Russians.

This is why the Russians had clear demands at the start of the war. They wanted the Russian speaking areas liberated from Ukrainian control, they wanted Ukraine demilitarized and they wanted NATO out of Ukraine. When the war started, these goals did not have to change as they were the reason for the war. The Russians would simply have to do what was necessary to impose these ends. In other words, once the war started, the question was how not why.

This was not true on the other side. Ukraine did not want to go to war and was ready to take the deal on offer, until Washington sent Boris Johnson in to convince Zelensky to go to war in exchange for unlimited money and supplies. Ukraine started the war without any clear idea as to why they were fighting it because they had no clear objective, other than graft. Despite the rhetoric, “not losing” is not a goal that can lead to a successful and coherent war strategy.

The West has had a similar problem. Note that no one in the West is ever asked by the media why they are doing this. The reason for that is the answer would be incoherent jibber-jabber about abstract assertions. Defending a notorious kleptocracy in defense of democracy is obvious nonsense. The neocons, of course, have a real goal, but telling the world they want to bring about the end times is not good politics, so everyone just dances around the fact that there is no stated goal.

This is why the West is headed to a crisis over the war. Without a clear goal, there is no way to measure success. Without a way to measure success, there is no way to anticipate failure and adjust to it. The Russians avoided this my seeing early on that they had grossly miscalculated. They could see this because they had a clear understanding of what they wanted to achieve in the war. They set off on a yearlong process to revamp their strategy and tactics.

It is becoming clear even to the zombies in the Western media that Ukraine is going to lose the war on the battlefield. The Russians have been grinding away across the front and are now making increasingly swift advances. The reason for this is Ukraine is running out of men and material. Meanwhile, the Russian war machine continues to grow in size and lethality. There is growing speculation that the Russians are preparing a hammer blow this summer to break the Ukrainian army.

This is why we are seeing a growing panic in the West. They never imagined this as a possible outcome because they never thought about the end. They just assumed they could wish a loss on the Russians. It seems many in the West still think they can wish hard enough to change reality on the battlefield. The French actually initiated a call with the Russians, demanding the Russians quit and go home. Now the French want to send troops into Ukraine, which would be an act of madness.

Assuming the lunatics do not prevail and there is no nuclear war with Russia, the question now is what comes next? The one thing we know is the West will not have a lot of say in the outcome. This is not just because they are losing but primarily because they never imagined such a possibility. The reason for that is they have never been honest with themselves about why they are poking the bear. Like all the other pointless wars of choice, this one will end in adverse terms.

That is the question that will come to dominate this year. The Russians do have a plan and they have the means to implement it. While the Russians have not talked about what comes next, it is clear they will turn Ukraine into a demilitarized buffer zone with a government friendly to Moscow. This was the end they had in mind at the start of the war because it has been the Russian national interest for a millennium. How much of Ukraine remains in Ukraine at the end is unknown.

This is why the West is in a crisis. This war will make clear to everyone, especially Western citizens, that the West is in decline. France, Germany, and Britain are now on the same level as Denmark and Ecuador, as far as geopolitics. The real global powers will want to have friendly relations, but they will not consider them peers. In the new multipolar world, Europe is not one of the poles. Proof of that will be Russia dictating terms to the Europeans as to their future relations.

The psychological struggle that is about to unfold in the West is what is the great unknown in what is about to come. How will the typical Frenchman react when he realizes he is a citizen of a pipsqueak country? How will the typical flag-waving American feel when he realizes he no longer lives in a superpower, but in a regional power that is in steep decline? American exceptionalism takes on a whole new meaning when you are on the losing side of history.

The point is the end game in the Ukraine war will turn out to be much more than the final disposition of the country currently called Ukraine. The end game will be a reordering of the world and a necessary reordering of the Western view of itself and its role in the world. In other words, we are about to see a revolution in worldview, one no one anticipated in the West. Maybe this is why so many Western leaders seem to want a nuclear war. They cannot face what comes next.


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Upwards of 129 billion spent in Ukraine. The law of diminishing returns has set in. If 129 billion has gotten us the condition currently in Ukraine, why would any more money give a different outcome. Oh, and by the way, reports are that many of the Ukrainian fighters are Nazis.

Traitors and Putin tools.

Ukraine is irrelevant buckwheat.

The defense of Ukraine is the defense of western democracy.

No it isn’t
Ukraine currently is a dictatorship.

We are not a democracy

We are a Constitutional Republic

There is no end game only endless war profiteering, grift, corruption and theft. If Russia is repelled successfully the flooding of Muslims into Ukraine. How else will they repopulate the nation? Who will work as all their able bodied men lay in graves? Look at the benefits the EU has received from mass migration how well they assimilate into a civilized world.

Last edited 2 months ago by kitt

Dont like the subject?
Peraps they shouldnt have abused FISA to spy on a presidential candidate.

With terrorism threats rising, Trump’s puppets are blinding the guards in our watchtowers.

They should stop allowing those on the terrorist watch list into the interior.
Deport those that chant death to America along with their family and Imam.

Last edited 2 months ago by kitt

So say those who blocked the border control bill.

The put more processing agents bill? As they fight razor wire and bouys to prevent the flood of terrorists and gang members?
Cant arrest them and give them a choice of jail or return to their country.

Last edited 2 months ago by kitt

Dumbass, the bill allowed more scumbags into the country. Stop lying.

Terrorists in country is bidens fault.

comment image

SURPRISE: House BLOCKS Bill to Renew FISA Warrantless Spy Program After Push from President Trump – Here Are the 19 Republicans Who Voted to Defy Tyranny

I do hate to tell people. I worked on Patriot Act compliance for a major telecom.

All your communications are captured at the ISP level and that is where they go to get them. Warrant or no warrant.

The Patriots Acts is the single worst piece of legislation ever to be hoisted on the America people. I keep saying this. The only way you will ever have freedom again is if you deal with the truth about 9/11.

The Patriot Act should be made to sunset legislatively…
This abuse allowed the jump to spy on Trump. Modify the rules to allow no jumps? Have to specify in the warrants the exact target of a warrant?
The report also accused a low-level FBI lawyer of doctoring a document used to build the agency’s application for FISA surveillance on Page. The lawyer is now under criminal investigation, and has since resigned from the FBI.
The lawyer was not punished for falsifying documents, a big accusation for Trumps non-disclosure case. Something the J6 committee did with zero consequences.

Last edited 2 months ago by kitt

There were safeguards proposed to get this extension passed. There would be penalties, both monetary and criminal, for violations. But, what if there is a DoJ like what we have now? Would they prosecute FISA abuses when used against political opponents of the Democrats? No, they would protect the perpetrators, just as they did when Trump was spied on.

I support FISA; I think it is valuable. But it is susceptible to abuse and we have seen how badly it can be abused and the resulting damage (a f**king corrupt, incompetent, lying, treasonous pedophile like Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden in the White House) the abuse can cause. Sorry, but it has to go.

The Patriot act has to go the very name deceptive like the inflation reduction act. Johnson needs better aides or is compromised.