The ‘Trump Will Be an Authoritarian Destroyer of Democracy’ Narrative Is Patently Absurd


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Welcome, my friends, to the false narrative spinning that never ends.

In an effort to distract people from the fact that Joe Biden’s handlers are destroying all that is good, decent, and free in America, the Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media are screeching in unison around a new panic fiction about Donald Trump.

It’s a variation on previous themes about Trump, but because election year is almost here, the hysteria has to be ratcheted up to garment-rending levels.

Monitoring, documenting, and mocking liberal bias in the media has been my thing here practically since Al Gore invented the internet. I always keep an eye out for what word or phrase is suddenly put into circulation by the Democrats and their media mouthpieces. Once identified, it’s easier to keep an eye out for the false narrative du jour.

The word that the Left has been wearing out for over a year in service of an insane narrative is “democracy.” Republicans are a threat to democracy. Trump is a threat to democracy. Beans in chili are a threat to democracy. As long as “threat to democracy” is worked into the conversation, the Hive Mind lie has been duly serviced.

In recent days, “authoritarian” has been popping up more and more in scary stories about Trump. By Monday morning, it was easy to spot in three of the first four MSM items I merely glanced at. It was heavily implied in the fourth one, by the way.

They’re pairing authoritarian with democracy a lot, as they weave a fantastical tale about the imminent threat to free elections should Trump return to power.

This is from the Washington Post, and featured the word “authoritarian” in the headline:

His speech on Saturday was an effort to turn the tables on rising alarms from Democrats and some Republicans that Trump’s return to power would imperil free elections and civil liberties. As candidates ramp up appearances in Iowa ahead of the caucuses on Jan. 15, the former president, who refused to accept his 2020 election loss and inspired his supporters to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power, responded by comparing President Biden to a fascist tyrant, and the campaign distributed signs reading ‘BIDEN ATTACKS DEMOCRACY.’

The “rising alarms from Democrats” about free elections and civil liberties being imperiled are the result of a concerted effort to tell everyone to be alarmed, not because of anything Trump has done. It’s “Russia collusion!” all over again. They know that if they repeat something often enough, their low-info base will internalize it.

The only Republicans who truly believe that Trump might do away with free elections are the ones who voted for Hillary and Biden in the last two elections, so, not actually Republicans.

The WaPo writers are aghast — aghast I tell you! — that Trump would say Biden is attacking democracy. It takes demented powers of compartmentalization to be offended that Trump is giving as good as he gets. They’re speculating about potential threats from Trump while we’re living through Biden’s Justice Department being a 10-ton pigeon that routinely defecates all over civil liberties.

WaPo’s uglier older sister, the New York Times, offered its own “authoritarian” hot take on Monday morning (talk about collusion). The word was in the sub-headline this time, but the effect is the same. Here’s a snippet from that:

Mr. Trump’s violent and authoritarian rhetoric on the 2024 campaign trail has attracted growing alarm and comparisons to historical fascist dictators and contemporary populist strongmen.

In case you’re wondering just how in sync and on message these supposed competitors are, there’s that word “alarm” again.

We’re gonna keep saying he’s scary until everyone believes us! 

I have a couple of thoughts in conclusion here. You’ll be reading and hearing them again from me in the coming year.

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As always the M.S. Media fake the narrative and go all dramatic and spew fake news to the rest of us as well continue to reject their hysteria