The ‘Transgender’ Lie: How We Got Here


By Trevor Thomas

In The American Conservative recently — in a piece entitled “The Coming Storm over Trans ‘Tuskegee Experiment'” — Rod Dreher highlights a telling Twitter thread that reveals the tremendous angst and anger of a dad whose daughter’s life is now a “living nightmare” due to the “demonic barbarity” of those behind the evil “transgender” agenda.  In describing his daughter’s tragic mutilation, the father rightly declares,

We all know trans is a lie. Scientific American, the AMA, the pediatricians, none of them have even a fig leaf of an excuse. They will come to us for a do-over, but for the victims of their demonic barbarity, there will be no do-over and we will all be able to see that.

He continues:




Mr. Dreher declares,

There will be no justice until every damn doctor, hospital, and medical association responsible for this atrocity has been sued into the ground, and some of them imprisoned. Forgiveness? Yes, in time (though that’s easy for me to say, as I have not suffered what this father has suffered) — but only after full lustration, only after Nuremberg-like tribunals, only after the trials, only after utter and complete shame shattering all the luminaries and the institutions — including the Democratic Party, the TV networks, the major newspapers — which brought this evil onto the lives of American children and their families.

Mr. Dreher is exactly correct, though, given the condition of our country, I’m not convinced we’ll see justice in this world.  Whether or not that happens, no one should be surprised that we are now having to debate who is a male and who is a female.  The truth on sex was long ago abandoned by the American left — and those like-minded — and with their numerous perversions on this matter, they have led millions astray.
The truth on sex was an early casualty in the American left’s long waged war on the truth.  For those who have foolishly decided to rule their own world — the age-old problem of humanity — going one’s own way in the sexual realm is a popular, and typically very early, decision.  In America, around the middle of the twentieth century, “liberation” and “sexual freedom” were typical battle cries for those who wanted to pursue a life of sexual promiscuity and other hedonistic activities.
Long before the evil LGBT agenda was popular in the U.S., those devoted to the “theology of self” were peddling pornography and abortion on demand.  Thus, rightly discerning followers of Jesus as a roadblock to their wicked pursuits, whether prayer in schools, public displays of the Ten Commandments, and the like, truth-deniers in America feverishly fought to remove any vestige of Judeo-Christian values from American culture.
As the “theology of self” began to prosper in America, divorce and out-of-wedlock birth rates skyrocketed, and the widespread destruction of the family was well underway.  As a result, not only were children being brought up in America subjected to an increasingly godless worldview in their schools and the culture at large — entertainment, news media, corporations, and so on — but their homes were largely devoid of the truth as well.
In addition, as more and more U.S. children were being brought up in single-parent homes, their parent — almost always a mom — was typically forced to rely on the godless government and culture to act as a co-parent.  This disturbing trend continues throughout America today.
After getting like-minded fools in the U.S. Judiciary (the left have never had to rely on winning elections to get their way) to back their evil agenda, pornography, abortion, and the like spread like wildfire through America.  As abortion dominated the moral wars in America, the left soon targeted marriage itself.  Again, though losing election after election on the definition of marriage, the courts began to give the left what it wanted on same-sex “marriage.”
This culminated in a 5-4 decision at the U.S. Supreme Court that legally redefined marriage throughout the U.S.  Thus, the oldest institution in the history of humanity was redefined by five liberals.  As I’ve often noted, marriage (the union of one man and one woman for life) is older than God’s covenant with the nation of Israel, older than The Law, older than the church.  Marriage is one of the earliest truths revealed by God. If anything is true, marriage as the union of one man and one woman is true.
Yet here we are, and the left’s war on the truth rages on.  Because when one abandons eternal truth, there is virtually no limit to the extremeness and no end to the amount of folly that will follow, we now find ourselves regularly and passionately having to debate who is a male and who is a female.

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History shows we have had cultures and times when eunichs were quite a popular thing, usually as slaves.
But lopping off a boy’s external organs had been a common thing when prisoners of war included children in China. Those eunichs served as slaves in the palaces of the emperors and war lords.
China’s modern “one child policy,” led to both men and women getting “fixxed” like a pet dog or cat.
In Rome eunichs were used for entertainment.
In the Muslim world making a male a eunich was punishment for suspected homosexual activity.
In Europe male eunichs were often trained to be singers.
Today it looks like our eunichs will also be for entertainment, homosexual enterainment.
As for females pretending to be males, the Muslim world has plenty of that. It’s the only way a female can experience any freedom at all.
I guess thru history all these practices were/are rationalized as “the right thing to do.”
Then, looking back all other cultures and often the offending cluture, wakes up and is agast at how horrifically it treated little boys.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nan G

It’s the same thing, though. You have women being programed to think being fat, over 40, and a single mom still entitles you to a Chris Hemsworth-looking Billionaire.

So they don’t get with the guys they should be.

Then you have cuttlefish men who think by becoming a woman they will get a sneaky encounter and impregnate a woman.

It’s all so gross.

“Then you have cuttlefish men who think by becoming a woman they will get a sneaky encounter and impregnate a woman.”

I’ve never, ever heard of this idea before. Thanks for that disturbing glimpse into your brain —it’s the insane gift that keeps on giving.

I’ve never, ever heard of this idea before.

I know. There’s a lot of things you’re not educated on, and concepts that are new to you. Cuttlefish males can literally look and seem like females to be part of a female group. They then mate with a female, more like a “rape” but we’re talking about animals.

It’s the same as the term “sneaky fucker” coined by John Maynard Smith, and evolutionary biologist of some renown. In nature, beta-males act weak so they can get close to females and mate with them. That’s essentially why the “trans” thing has taken off, and why woke is a thing. It’s weak males looking for a mating opportunity.

It’s funny how stupid people like you are, thinking if they don’t know it from CNN, it’s not real.

Once again, I’m afraid our differential in education and intellect makes it hard to communicate. There’s real biological science behind “cuttlefish” game.

Go read, and post less.

“There’s real biological science behind ‘cuttlefish’ game.”

For cuttlefish, perhaps. There’s nothing except your own weird brain applying that to trans people.

For cuttlefish, perhaps. There’s nothing except your own weird brain applying that to trans people.

Tell that to the women in prison getting impregnated by the “trans” female transfers from the male prisons.

Never offering anything substanitive to argue a point, only “you’re crazy” or “it’s just you” or some other weak rubbish.

I can see why you people are losing the culture war.

Here Mikey, we have heard of it.
N.J. trans prisoner who impregnated 2 inmates transferred to men’s facility Demi Minor, 27, has been transferred from New Jersey’s only women’s prison. I guess he wasnt really a woman.

This isn’t remotely something I came up with. Cuttlefish game and “sneaky f*cker” game is a thing, in nature.

Just like michael would say “gay” and “trans” is.

When you believe that any behavior is acceptable behavior, you don’t get into the details much.

Look. This is about genocide. As michael admitted, he wants to kill off most of the population….while pretending he doesn’t.

It’s just “reduction in births” without killing anyone.

Trans is a way to dehumanize people so they don’t pro-create, just like the silly “gay” and “lesbian” made-up labels do. They do not exist.

Gay people do not exist.

“Gay people do not exist.”

Nathan, what’s the likelihood that you would ever choose to fuck or get fucked by a man? It’s not a trick question; a simple percentage would be an adequate answer.

I’ll go first: there’s a zero percent chance that I would choose that.

Now what’s your answer?

What your asking it irrelevant. The point is that Western cultures back-fitted Civil Rights with a made-up class they call “gay” all for creating more groups they could exploit.

There is no gene, no identity, nothing. It’s a behavior, and not a race.

To avoid this topic, I find people who can’t offer a counter argument resort to some kind of scenario question that means nothing.

LGBT DOES affect me and others because it’s actively replacing my society that was based on Judeo-Christian morals and ethics with a different society based on a Communistic, post-modern…all while infecting the very values Christianity engenders to literally destroy it.

Very strange.

A choice? A right-handed person can certainly *choose* to live as a left-handed person instead, but that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t born right-handed, or that forcing himself to be left-handed won’t be problematic.

No one is born “gay”.

No one.

Sexual behavior is just that: behavior.

And your example isn’t equivalent or relevant. It’s not scientific, either.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

Transgender is a sickness a cancer on civil society.
It should be outlawed

MAGA is a greater danger to our society than transgender people.

MAGA is a greater danger to our society than transgender people.

When you can define “MAGA” beyond those who support the Constitution and want due process, rule of Law, and fair and free elections, let me know.

MAGA definitely threatens the growing one-party police state, for sure.

MAGA is a greater danger to our society than transgender people.

How so?

You clearly don’t know, or want to admit, was MAGA is. Your side of the aisle has turned it into another bogus argument like you did the “great rightwing conspiracy.”

Then you misconstrue “transgenderism” which is just another name for a mental illness called “gender dysphoria.” And some of us, because we have read Gramsci, understand that it is your goal to make certain mental illnesses into normal behavior so that you can destroy the things the Left fears the most; faith (as in religious faith), family (as in two parents of opposite sex) and freedom (as in you can punish us for not taking the jab).

How many lives has MAGA destroyed? How many families has MAGA destroyed? How many children has MAGA mutilated? MAGA is a political ideology that puts America first, promotes enabling all citizens to reach their fullest potential and emphasizes for smaller government. MAGA is not your demented and indoctrinated vision.

Transgender cultism is one of the GREATEST threats to society. MAGA is the salvation.

“And your example isn’t equivalent or relevant. It’s not scientific, either.”

Tell me more.

“Trans is a way to dehumanize people so they don’t pro-create”

Except you’re also saying that transwomen are only voluntarily playing a role so that they can sneakily mate with women. Which is it?

The full quote:

Trans is a way to dehumanize people so they don’t pro-create, just like the silly “gay” and “lesbian” made-up labels do. They do not exist.

Not the “gotcha moment” you thought is was.

Adding the rest of the sentence changes nothing at all except to make you look even more unhinged.

Uh huh.

Very compelling counter-argument.

Thinking boys are girls and girls are boys isn’t unhinged?

biden is a pedophile


Hello little school girls, I am a little school boy.

You’re jerking it right now, I’ll bet.

The whole continuum of Biden’s groping pics definitely destroys the “Trump has bad character” argument.

You can’t support Biden and criticize Trump.

You can’t support idiot Biden and be a moral human being.

The only thing keeping idiot biden from sexually molesting the little girls is a window.

Idiot biden is a pedophile

Tucker Carlson went there: says “It’s time we talked about the elite pedophilia problem”

(Natural News) For years, it was regarded as a wild conspiracy theory dreamt up in the basement of some creepy D.C. pizza shop. Today, however, the “elite pedophilia problem” has become a mainstream news talking point, at least over at Fox where Tucker Carlson addressed it openly in a recent segment.

Carlson discussed how those at the highest levels of politics, finance, and entertainment are child predators who feast on innocence to fuel their globalist endeavors. He also talked about Jeffrey Epstein, who even after being arrested for having sexual relations with minors was still hobnobbing it up with the likes of Oprah.

“How did he do that?” Carlson asked during the segment. “Why didn’t anybody say anything? Why did people keep eating with him?”

“Well, at the very least, we can conclude, based on the evidence that there is a tolerance for pedophilia among some, among the most powerful in our society, a tolerance that you would not find in, say, your average middle class American family.” (Related: Remember when Tucker Carlson called out the January 6 “insurrectionists” as FBI assets?)

Anyone who calls out pedophilia is attacking the LGBT community, say leftists

There is also a problem of companies that cater to the rich, Balenciaga being one of the most prominent, throwing in people’s faces that the so-called “elite” are kiddy-diddlers who revel in flaunting it to the public.

Balenciaga recently ran an advertising campaign depicting numerous examples of sex with children. In one of them, a very young girl was seen lying face down on a couch surrounded by candles, empty wine glasses, and a dog collar on the coffee table.

In another Balenciaga ad, the same girl, now shown clearly to be a toddler, is seen holding a teddy bear while dressed in sexual bondage gear, replete with a leather harness.

Displaying this kind of obscene wickedness is the new norm among the uber-wealthy, by the way, who obtained much of their wealth from taxpayers. America really is the sickest kind of system you can imagine, and all right in your face.

“That picture showed pages from a Supreme Court opinion that struck down a law designed to fight child pornography,” Carlson explained about how this Balenciaga ad series was deliberately designed to mock the public in this manner.

“Whoever staged the photo shoot made certain to include a portion of that opinion that use the word ‘sex’ or ‘sexual’ four times and of course, that was not an accident. Balenciaga wanted you to notice. This seemed like a big story to us as we told you last night. Here you have a major international retail brand promoting kiddie porn and sex with children and not promoting it subtly, but right out in the open.”

The corporate-controlled media on the Left, meanwhile, along with leftist politicians, insist that calling out this perversion and wickedness is wrong because it represents an attack on the “LGBT community.”

In other words, molesting, raping, and now mutilating children with transgenderism are all just different colors on the LGBT “rainbow” that should be respected as other people living “their truth.”

This is the position of Democrat New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who is among the many seen wining and dining with Epstein following his arrest. Is Adams a pedophile, too? What about Oprah?

“The media have no interest in covering the sexualization of children,” Carlson says. “Their interest – and it’s a very intense interest, tellingly – is in destroying anyone who complains about the sexualization of children or who even notices it. Noticing it, they tell us, is an attack on the LGBT community.”

You can view the segment at Newspunch.

The Democrat party is the party of flakes. They embrace any flakey, irrational concept if it can lead to control and manipulation.

There is certainly nothing rational about denying biology and science. But it gives the Democrat government the opportunity to control those who will not buy into such insanity. Parents can lose their children if they cling to reality, facts, truth and science. To hell with the child and THEIR future; they are but one and totally expendable. The important consideration, for them, is control and influence. They are addicted to it.