The Surrender Republicans


by Steve Cortes

The Democrats have a new speaker!

His name is Mike Johnson.

Johnson claims to be a Republican. He also claims to be a Christian conservative, constantly touting his faith bona fides in interviews.

Perhaps Johnson should contemplate the admonitions of the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 7: “Beware false prophets…by their fruits you will know them…a good tree cannot bear bad fruit.”

Sadly, the legislative “fruit” of Johnson’s tenure highlights the continuing betrayal of Republican voters by our supposed representatives, as Speaker Mike acquiesces repeatedly. He also now passes legislation that does not even earn the majority support of his own caucus. So, he’s effectively a Democrat leader.

These failures highlight why we need Trump back in the White House again — and also a new, vigorous Republican speaker.

Johnson’s weekend capitulation caps a triple play of legislative ignominy during his short tenure as House leader:

1.     Approved an omnibus budget deficit bomb larger than anything Nancy Pelosi ever passed during her tenure. This exorbitant borrowing and spending spree pushed interest rates to new 2024 highs, and mortgage rates to well above 7% for 30 Year Fixed home loans.

2.     Re-authorized FISA statutes that allow federal government spying on millions of regular Americans without a warrant, continuing the decades-long trend of secretive federal agencies eviscerating citizens’ Constitutional 4th Amendment protections against unlawful search and seizure.

3.     Passed a massive $95 Billion foreign aid package that mostly funds the pointless war in Ukraine. The package further funds Israel and Taiwan. Incredibly, it could also send as much as $9 billion to Hamas.

Of all the gargantuan spending measures, the worst betrayal involves Ukraine. America now borrows a mountain of money to fund neo-con adventurism abroad, even as our own American border teems in chaos.

Johnson willingly joins in concert with Biden, the Davos set, defense contractors, Chuck Schumer, and Beltway Republicans like Lindsey Graham – as the entire Washington foreign policy establishment insists on escalating a regional, ancient ethnic struggle in the Black Sea region.

That DC foreign affairs cabal has failed for decades, thrusting America into endless interventions and near-constant warfighting, with almost no tangible benefits for regular American citizens. Yes, NATO bureaucrats amalgamate power and K Street lobbyists in Washington prosper. But salt-of-the-earth citizens send their sons to die in needless wars — and then get stuck with the crippling debts, to boot.

Now, even with supposed control of the lower chamber in Congress, the pace of failure actually seems to accelerate!  How can such surrenders be defined as “winning”? As CNN and MSBC gush over Johnson and his corporatist GOP allies like Mike McCaul and Chuck Fleischman, 2024 election trends for the House Republicans deteriorate.


First, President Trump at the top of the ballot provides incredible motivation for Democrat turnout, especially in deeply blue states. As badly as the country needs Trump back in the White House, we must face election reality regarding the House. Trump is a turnout machine for Democrats in liberal states, making House Republicans in places like New York and California vulnerable.

Second, Johnson fails miserably as a fundraiser, which is a primary duty for any speaker. For example, Mike Johnson raised only  $20 million in the first quarter of this year for Republican candidates in November. By contrast, previous Speaker Kevin McCarthy raised $35 million in the first quarter of last year, 2023, which was not even an election year.

On that last point, will any of the renegade representatives who unceremoniously punted Kevin McCarthy consider the inevitable calamity of that ouster? What was actually gained by removing McCarthy? The majority has shrunk, policy leaps leftward toward globalism, the deficit explodes higher, and GOP campaign coffers shrink.

Some deal, huh?

But, I will not hold my breath waiting for real introspection from those grandstanders.

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Cortes was a trusted supporter of President Trump back in 2016 and in 2020. He appeared to be onboard following Trumps announcement. Then DeSantis declared. Cortes abandoned his principles for a few silver coins.
He may have good content but he is not MAGA.

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

Yup he glows


Finally, a republican with a spine who refuses to surrender.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg