The start of a new era in Europe


Europe tries to escape from the left-wing menace


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Macron and his tranny wife have been kicked to the curb. This is an important foreshadowing of what to expect here in November. Around the world, people are rejecting the leftist globalist elite who want to control all aspects of every ones lives while excusing themselves from that which they mandate upon others.

This is a global fourth turning.

Sounds like good news from Europe.
People finally recognizing that these leftists want to starve them to death by shutting down farmers, in the dark by shutting down energy, while letting Islamic radicals take over their countries.
Question is; is this coming too late?

Great question. France is a good start. Germany could be questionable.

It looks a lot like the pre-WW2 era.

Also in the news: Ukraine appears to have hit two SU-57 stealth jets parked inside Russia, 370 miles from the front line. $35 million each. Putin will need to find a safer parking spot. His air defense is clearly crap, even for such high priority targets.

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Wrong you Moron the Citizens of Europe just said Big Brother Go Away and so should you