The Push for WW3


by Jacob Creech

Secretary of State Blinken says “Ukraine WILL become a member of NATO”.

The moment Ukraine becomes a member of NATO, all member states will then be considered in direct conflict with Russia, and this proxy war will turn into full-scale WW3.

The American People have no interest in sending our men and women to die in Ukraine, to cover up the crimes of corrupt oligarchs and bureaucrats, all while our own border remains unchecked, and our society continues to crumble.

But the Biden regime do not care about the People, they care only for themselves and their pursuit of global hegemonic domination. They don’t care how many lives they must sacrifice to do it or how much destruction they leave in their wake.

This is what’s at stake in the 2024 election. Peace, or the war to end all wars. It’s your choice.


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Oyster bunny biden will start WW III.

Looks like Trump is a shoe in. Bidens fault they wouldnt allow any primary opposition. We voters just dont get how good the economy is and that you should be hap hap happy when you open your bills, and exit the grocery store check out, Sure the kids cant afford rent so plans for that craft room are shoved way back. We only protect the democracies that dont hold elections and are losing wars that we are funding. So if they are at war and dont hold elections what a model for success! Lets get Ukraine a country so corrupt it wasnt a candidate for the NATO alliance before the 2014 coup, so corrupt it still shouldnt be into NATO just to piss the Russian Federation off. Its not like they warned NATO, its not like we didnt empty out reserves of fuel and weapons, Its not like youngsters arent banging down the door of recruiting centers. Ukraine can pay their fair share of protection money.

Trump is no shoe in. The Democrats are fighting for their very lives, outside of a prison. They fear they will have to answer for their treasonous acts if Trump wins. They will do everything possible to keep the election from being legitimate and lawful.

Shoe fly, don’t bother me?

Try showering.

It’s “shoo-in”, actually. The winning horse in a rigged race was said to be a shoo-in.

Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote? Why do Democrats continue to employ election fraud methods?

Ok nice to know, I think your horse is on the way to the glue factory or fox farm.
Shameful he will never have his out to pasture enjoyment of old age. Jill will ride him til he drops.

Last edited 2 months ago by kitt

Greg always supports the wrong end of the horse.


Why do you think they are getting so strident like a sounding brass. They know Biden cant win, no way no how.More and more evidence of the coup is getting out. Arresting election and election finance investigators.
Milwaukee and Madison couldnt stop the changes to Wisconsins constitution, oh how will we pay for the elections without outside money? 7 billion dollar surplus over budget and clipping coupons?
Their commercials are pathetic ripped right from you tube. Trumps rallies are not getting any smaller. The TV station in Greenbay found 2 protestors, 2 so had to interview the pathetic souls with home made signs on an otherwise cold empty sidewalk.

The high cost of election fraud.