The Powers-That-Be Are Making Their Move to Drop Biden and Insert Obama


by JD Rucker

Thursday was a very bad day for Joe Biden. He was shown “mercy” by the Department of Justice, not for the sake of corruption but to send a message that he’s not even fit enough to be charged for crimes he committed. He was then thrust into a press conference after sunset, a time when his waning mental acuity is at its dullest. To exacerbate both challenges, corporate media was unleashed to plant the most obvious seeds about his upcoming removal from the presidential race.

It was on this day that my own queries about Biden’s situation shifted from “will he be replaced” to “does he even know?” Since a day or two after his nomination was secured in 2020, I had concluded the most likely scenario is that if they cheated enough to make him win, he’d serve part of his term before handing the reins over to his VP. I assumed he was privy to this plan. Now, I’m starting to think he’s been an unwitting scapegoat the whole time.

Biden’s woes started yesterday with Special Counsel Robert Hur’s “good” news for the president. He won’t be facing criminal charges for illegally mishandling classified documents despite the fact that President Trump is currently charged for similar but less egregious crimes. The “good” news was bad enough as a representation of the unfairness of the justice system, but what made it most damning for Biden was the way Hur characterized him as “a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

The subsequent press conference held conspicuously after Biden’s bedtime was a disaster. He was slow-witted and often angry. He confused Egypt with Mexico. He lashed out during a barrage of questions from a press that has turned against him. He even had members of the press who have spent three years covering for him suddenly use his own words against him.

Some Republicans are predictably calling for his removal through the 25th Amendment. Democrats aren’t jumping in front of cameras to defend him. It appears that the end is near, which brings me back to the question of whether Biden is even aware that he’s being replaced.

My long-time working theory has been that he knew the plan but positioned himself to subvert those plans with the masterful playing of the Kamala Harris card. Nothing protects an incompetent tyrant like the prospects of an even worse successor behind them. He has treated her like Fredo Corleone from the beginning, letting her take care of the political versions of Mickey Mouse nightclubs while leaking reports of her incompetence. But even the Kamala card may not be enough to fight back the wolves.

The latest iteration of my predictions is that he’ll announce in the coming days, weeks, or months that he’s not going to run for reelection. This will prevent his removal from office as attention shifts to his replacement. Michelle Obama is the most obvious choice, bolstered by the fact that corporate media has been instructed not to talk about her too much. The powers-that-be want to portray a reluctant messiah being thrust into the role rather than an ambitious, pre-planned replacement to divert from the carnage that has been inflicted over the past three years.

Michelle Obama won’t be blamed for destructive Biden policies. Michelle Obama will “infuse” a Democrat Party that is hemorrhaging reliable voting blocks. Michelle Obama will be elevated by press more than any candidate in history, including her husband.

Nobody wants to hear this and I definitely don’t want to say it, but Michelle Obama could win.

Last month I called for a strategic shift in how patriots handle the election. I’m reiterating that call today. Attacks against Biden at this point are wasted. In fact, hitting Biden now will only make his replacement more exciting to voters. We need to hit Democrat policies, not just Biden, as the reason for our nation’s woes. Whether it’s Obama or not, the replacement candidate will be separated from today’s policies. Our best play is to make people aware that any Democrat is a continuation of failure no matter how “exciting” they seem to be. Continuously hitting Biden today will only make it harder to attack his replacement in the future.


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The Democ-Rats have long history of unconstitutional moves getting Mrs. Obama is all part of the Globalists Plans just like stealing the 2020 election

 but what made it most damning for Biden was the way Hur characterized him as “a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

The old bastard Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden is neither sympathetic or well meaning. Such a person does not imprison political opposition or force his young daughter to shower with him.

We need to hit Democrat policies, not just Biden, as the reason for our nation’s woes. 

Absolutely. The nation and much of the world are going down the tubes due to Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden stupid polices; policies that cannot be executed in such a way as to make them successful. His incompetence, weakness, dementia and weakness only serve to make it impossible for him to conceive good policies or react to bad events to mitigate the damage. But, the economic, immigration, border, crime, climate and foreign policies put in place are what are causing the damage.

Would Michelle campaign to turn all those around? Would she offer anything better? I doubt it, as this would be a renouncing of everything the Democrats have stood for the past three plus years. Let us also remember that Michelle was sitting right next to Obama in Rev. Wright’s church and in their living room when Bill Ayers, domestic terrorist, launched Obama’s campaign.

I think they’ve got a rock and hard place scenario.

I take issue with the VP insurance policy with respect to his knowledge in advance of the intent to have him serve a partial term. It was team obama who placed kamalala in as VP. If it was team obama who had foreknowledge of his impending removal, they may not have put such a distasteful slut in the slot as VP.

In any event, the SC report yesterday paints a disturbing set of questions going back over the last 24+ months. Who has been conducting the affairs of the Country? His diminished state on display last evening did not happen in recent months. It has been developing over a period of time. I would posit that he had limited involvement from the onset of January 20, 2021.

As for big mike, well we had our first homosexual president, I suppose the democrats think America is ready for a tranny CIC. I am not.

Makes sense that dems who know Mike’s “truth” would want as short a Michelle campaign as possible.
Less time for that “truth” to come out.
And, no, I don’t think America is ready to be collectively treated like that poor baker in Colorado.

While on its surface, big mike might be appealing, I agree. The longer he might be in it the worse off for big mike. But, the pressure on the democrats to remove biden may force them into a candidate that is more palatable. Perhaps the only person liked less that presents themselves as female is hillary. The media may want people to think big mike is loved and adored but that is only on the east and west coasts.

Big mike in “Full Metal Jacket “

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Could not load the meme, sorry.

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What the Democrats will do is name someone without leaving a lot of time for vetting and damaging campaign ads. It’s all about covering up their past with Democrats; Obama’s appeal was he had never done anything. He was just a “clean, articulate black man”.

“Perhaps the only person liked less that presents themselves as female is hillary.”

Protestors at Columbia University Call Out Hillary Clinton as “War Criminal” — “America Will Never Forgive You! You Will Burn!” (VIDEO)

This is a giant kabuki dance. Biden gets all the blame while Obama orchestrated all the moves. The Dems never objected to one policy and Obama endorsed each and every move. In fact Obama’s minions infested the WH. Biden was a mere puppet.

Daily Mail: Nuclear Option Being Considered to Remove Joe Biden as Democrat Nominee with Multiple Candidates Surfacing as Possible Replacements