The Perennial Idiocy: Iraq and Ukraine Compared – Noah Rothman Dismantled


JD Vance answers:

1) The same idiots who push the most aggressive posture in Ukraine (you) did the same in Iraq (also you).

2) the bizarre and reflexive WW2 analogies. “If we don’t stop him here….” “Neville Chamberlain also said….”

3) The defense of the policy in terms of generic institutional deference and international norms rather than concrete American interest.

4) The belief that tough talk and suicidal depletion of resources is an effective deterrent rather than, say, not wasting thousands of lives, billions of dollars, and much of our modern weapons of war.

5) The mission creep. From eliminating weapons of mass destruction to building a liberal democracy in Iraq. From stopping the Russian advance to reclaiming every inch of territory to toppling Putin in Eastern Europe.

6) The moralistic defense of our policies (freedom! democracy!) despite the fact that our client states are neither free nor democratic.

7) The failure of our elites to acknowledge that our policies are enabling the persecution of historic Christian communities.

8) The fact that our policies unite our adversaries together—Iraq and Iran then, Russia and China now.

9) Both led (or will lead) to massive refugee crises that destabilize European allies and threaten our security. (I’m sure you and others will try to distance yourselves from the consequences of driving up food prices and migration pressures for the entire continent of Africa.)

10) Both empower China.

Other than that, yeah, totally different.

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He can’t see even a resemblance? Sounds exactly like the left’s treatment of election fraud; OF COURSE it is there and irrefutable so don’t even LOOK at it. Just take my word for it that it ain’t there.

09/28/23 – ‘Massive cyberattack’ disrupts Russian airports; Moscow’s economy struggles

Russia must increase military spending by up to 70% because of the war that has been “unleashed against us,” Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Thursday.

Also Thursday, hundreds of flights were delayed at Moscow-area airports after what Russian officials described as a “massive cyberattack from abroad.”

The Russian Defense Ministry released documents saying defense spending could rise by more than 68% in 2024, to $111.15 billion. That’s about 6% of Russia’s GDP and represents more than the total spent on social programs, the Moscow Times said. Military spending is set to total about three times more than education, environmental protection and health care spending combined.

Russia’s Central Bank has warned that economic growth has slowed and inflation is rising above the bank’s target of 4%. But the Kremlin and President Vladimir Putin say they remain committed to the war and military spending at whatever the cost…

Whatever the cost to whom? They’d still be eating caviar at Putin’s $1.4 Billion private palace as the peasants starve.