The Mystery of Trump’s Boxes: Unredacted Affidavit Exposes Truth


Thread by Julie Kelly

Happy Unredaction Sunday!

Unsealed filings in classified docs include an FBI affidavit to get a search warrant to raid Mar-a-Lago. (Left is the most recent publicly available affidavit that I’m aware of)

This is how DOJ shifted the investigation from classified docs to the Espionage Act case:

Why would this need to be redacted?

And keep in mind–as I flagged yesterday–two pallets of Trump’s boxes were transported from GSA facility in VA to MAL in early August 2021.

This affidavit makes it sound like all the boxes originated from WH in Jan 2021.

So the FBI and DOJ’s degenerate midget Jay Bratt (who went to MAL on June 3, 2022 to look for boxes) thought the Biden regime was entitled to get ALL of Trump’s boxes?

These people are diabolical.

Important to note this affidavit was prepared by an agent out of the hopelessly corrupt Washington FBI field office. I REALLY wish the name was not redacted

So the rationale is–since the FBI claimed national defense info was found in NARA boxes and docs produced to FBI in response to May subpoena, Trump had NDI files in his bedroom so the FBI should be allowed to conduct an armed 9-hour raid to find them.

FBI wanted the dimensions of Melania’s bedroom:

FBI also got a search warrant–approved by Obama appointee Judge Beryl Howell in DC court–to seize security footage from MAL cameras.

Witness 5 is Walt Nauta, Trump’s personal aide also charged in classified docs indictment.

Joe Biden’s DOJ seized the phones of one of Trump’s closest personal aides and then told his attorney “trust us, we have proper protocols in place” to protect privileged information.

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The entire Mar A Lago raid was a set up by the biden regime. Many agencies were involved trying to frame President Trump for habit having violated the PRA. biden on the other hand did not have authorization to hold classified documents.
Julie Kelly has exposed the criminal conspiracy to indict Trump for a non crime. All of these bad actors will need to be prosecuted post inauguration in 2025.

CONFIRMED – IT WAS ALL A SETUP: New Evidence Affirms Previous TGP Reporting that Deep State Sent Documents to Mar-a Lago to Set Up Trump

Consider this, if Judge Cannon
dismisses the case now, none of this will ever see sunlight. If she keeps the case running she can keep releasing unredacted stuff exposing the administration until the case is dismissed.

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In NYC, Weinstein’s conviction gets overturned because the judge let someone testify that shouldn’t have. Does anyone believe that Trump is in any way getting the same attention to proper procedure that allowed the confirmed scumbag Weinstein off the hook in NY?

Why would this need to be redacted? Because it contains bits of identifying information pertaining to a specific individual FBI employee and his or her current classified duties; because it reveals details of the interior layout of areas occupied by individuals under Secret Service protection; because it reveals individual names, phone numbers, and email addresses… etc

Nope. The redactions are to imply there is serious national security information involved when, in fact, it was all bloated bullshit driven by Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden unprecedented weakness, failure, corruption and disasters.