The Murdochs Think They Get to Pick the Next President.



After Tuesday’s elections, entities owned and managed by Rupert Murdoch and his son Lachlan have lined up against President Donald J. Trump. There is now a “coordinated effort” across the New York Post, Fox News, and the Wall Street Journal against Trump.


The Post is running columns by longtime Trump hater John Podhoretz and gun grabber Piers Morgan bashing the 45th President. Podhoretz’s piece also lashes out at Blake Masters as an “election-denier,” and ludicrously asserts that we shouldn’t support candidates Mitch McConnell doesn’t like. Morgan, meanwhile, is urging Republicans to “dump Trump.” Unfortunately for him, Americans conservatives don’t tend to listen to foreigners that want to eradicate our Second Amendment.

The Sun Wot Won It.

Rupert Murdoch has long tried to use his media empire to swing elections. In 1992, his Sun tabloid infamously took credit for the Conservative Party victory in the election with the headline ‘It’s The Sun Wot Won It‘. They relentlessly tried, during the 2016 Republican primary, to prop up any Republican not named Donald Trump. It didn’t work.


Conservatives have more options than one tabloid, a Wall Street newspaper, and a television channel. The strength of independent conservative media means unelected globalist billionaires won’t decide who represents the Republican Party. It’s a blessing. Rupert Murdoch supports giving citizenship to over 10 million illegal immigrants. He does not share our values.

Ryan’s Revenge.

The list of people lining up against Trump right now is simply an indicator of how large of a threat he remains to the globalist elite. Fox Corporation board member Paul Ryan, for example, has been actively agitating against Trump.


He attacked Trump before the mid terms, saying he wouldn’t be the 2024 nominee. He was able to make this “prediction” because a long-standing plan involving key establishment figures has been well underway for over a year. In Fox’s “coverage” of Ryan’s attack, they failed to disclose to their audience that he is a board member of their parent company. Fox has a bad habit of hiding their employees’ and even guests’ conflicts of interest. For example, Karl Rove was a panelist on Fox’s Election Night coverage commenting against Trump-endorsed candidates without disclosing his super PAC spent millions opposing them. It’s corrupt.


Before the results were even in, Ryan tried to blame Trump for Republican underperformance. Think about it – the RINO establishment runs bad campaigns, throws money against their own candidates, fails to gear up for any election fraud challenges, and immediately has a strategy ready to blame Trump? It almost all seems intentional. It’s high time someone asked the question as to whether the GOP intentionally threw some of these races, just so they could have this fight.


It’s also strange how the former president gets the blame for defeats when he’s not the one in charge of the Republican Party’s apparatuses for election senators and congressmen. Where is the talk of the poor “candidate quality” of Mitch McConnell’s favorites? Just look at RINO Joe O’Dea in Colorado. He lost his senate election by nearly 12 percent. A week before the election, a longtime McConnell adviser Josh Holmes wrote that O’Dea is running a campaign that is “hall of fame material.”

A Fox in the Hen House.
McConnell declined to support Blake Masters in Arizona. His Senate Leadership Fund spent zero dollars supporting Masters race. Instead, McConnell spent $9 million against Republican Kelly Tshibaka in Alaska.
Any blame on Trump for Republican underperformance also runs against the facts. Analysis revealed that in 2018 “without Donald Trump at the head of the ticket, Republican voters were much less enthusiastic, and the total House vote for Republican candidates fell by nearly 20% from 2016.” Two years later, with Trump on the ballot “Republican turnout for House races was bound to increase significantly over the depressed levels of 2018… Republicans did better, gaining an estimated 21.9 million.”
We saw this again on Tuesday with Mehmet Oz underperforming Trump in parts of Pennsylvania. They want to blame disappointing results on Tuesday on Trump as simply a means to preemptively crush a 2024 bid, without mentioning people like Murdoch, McConnell, and Karl Rove. And that’s because those people control much of the flow of information on the political right.
If Rupert Murdoch got his say, the Republican Party will go back to the days of his board member Paul Ryan. They don’t want “Trumpism without Trump.” They want a Republican Party without any of the populist reforms brought by President Trump. We should be wary of any other candidate the establishment wants to prop up.

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Jena brings up a very good, important point that I have overlooked in my remarks here. Lefitst KARL ROVE AND HIS 5TH COLUMNIST ATTACKS ON CONSERVATIVES THE LAST 16 YEARS!

Rove may be worse than Bush because his attacks are oblique. Bush’s pals in the MSM get it but Rove’s anti conservative smears may be only subliminally effective on many.

Karl deserves much credit for Feterneck. But Mitch merits the “lions share” of the Feterneck credit.