The Man Behind the Curtain: Unmasking George Soros’ Shadowy Influence


by el gato malo

when it comes to pointing out “real life james bond villains i know that many favor the cardigan clad conman DBA “bill gates” or klaus “the monologue” schwab who seemingly cannot resist expounding endlessly upon his sinister plans to take over the world, but for my money, it’s george soros.

while others go in for the high profile “dominate NGO’s and halls of government power and grow fat upon the grift” in hopelessly flashy fashion, soros is like SPECTRE, always in the background, always scheming, always doing stuff but never quite seen. he’s not about pomp or titles or manifestos, george just finds the weak spots, inserts levers, and pushes.

in a brilliant bit of value investing, he realized that the best way to completely change a city for short money was to buy DA’s. their races are small investment, low profile, and one person can make massive differences because as we all know, it does not matter what the law says; it matters what the people who apply the law do.

this project bore quite a lot of fruit:

the damage is instant and obvious. you get a DA that thinks that “prosecuting auto breaks ins is racist!” because of who keeps getting arrested and bingo, the whole ball of civilization starts unravelling. add in assault. add in robbery from stores. add in burning cities and actual no joke looting.

it’s all just “political expression.”

wanna squat in someone’s house? move on in!

redistribution is en vogue and we do not prosecute it.

for my friends, everything.

but you so much as touch one of these people and you will learn the true meaning of “for my enemies, the law.”

THAT is the power of the DA. they are basically lawless and unaccountable. they decide who gets charged and for what. they decide to let you out on zero bail to go do it again. and again.

Alice Vaughn on X: "it's my first day in San Francisco, and I've already  passed multiple cars with signs like this and spoke to a few locals about  their own break-ins insane

soros cheekily calls these PACs and 527’s “safety and justice.

ask san francisco how chesa boudin (literally raised by weather underground terrorist parents) worked out…

the police rapidly get so demoralized that they will not and cannot act. crime explodes and they do nothing because what can they do? every time they arrest anyone, they run the risk of career ending trouble for touching a protected class. and why bother? they’re not going to be charged. they’re not going to be held. they’ll be back at it faster than you can finish doing the arrest paperwork. so why stick your neck out? it’s all risk, no reward. you cannot make a difference.

the prosecutors themselves line up AGAINST the police.

now, i am far from a blanket “back the blue” kind of kittycat and think that the militarization of US police and policing has been a horrendous own goal for the coppers and they certainly bear their share of the blame for the loss of public faith in them, but that does not mean that they are not being deliberately attacked by political foes as well.

She (terran) has been charged with 11 felony counts of illegal use of confidential police records, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Teran has been accused by Democrat AG Rob Bonta of improperly downloading confidential records of police officers while she was working for the LA County Sheriff’s Department in 2018.

Bonta said that Teran “impermissibly used that data” after being hired to work for Gascon’s office three years later, according to the AG’s press release.

you attack them personally, stir up riots, protect the rioters and punish the police who tried to stop the looting and robbing and mugging and murder.

the guy who pushes you onto the subway tracks goes free, but the guy who pushes that guy? jail.

when they do get a clean bust, you refuse to prosecute.

you make it impossible to do the job then blame them for not doing the job.

it’s the classic leftist tactic of “break the economy then blame capitalism” applied to law and order.

and so things spiral until you land here in the calamitous crime waves sweeping so many US cities.

people are literally stealing from stores in broad daylight, walking 2 blocks down the street, and selling the goods on the sidewalk.

and the NYPD is powerless to stop it.

auto and property crime is so rampant in SF that no one even talks about stopping it anymore.

and the SFPD are powerless to stop it.

you might as well try to shovel back the tide.

these people will be back on the street before you are.

no prosecution, no bail, no consequences.

and in the unlikely event that any of these people do get in trouble for blocking bridges or highways, well, you have your gang go bail them out.

and it’s just going to get worse.

soros is buying ~300 radio stations in nearly 50 markets. it’s all going to be “local radio.” he’s asking to skip the “foreign ownership review” in time for the coming election.

is this the next “value play for mass market manipulation”?

is this how you make your defense of all the cities you’ve been wrecking look home grown and local newsy?

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biden has his hands all over the cases persecuting President Trump.

soros is responsible for placing bragg and fat ass james in NY.

Soros should be arrested for sedition.

Its way past time to have Soros arrested and return to his Home Nation to be tried for his War Crimes and Hanged for Treason his rotten Son can go back with him then jailed for Life

He has evaded accountability for his crimes against the Jewish people. He should have been tried at Nuremberg and executed.

He has some connections since mossad didnt kidnap him and bring him to trial, Eichmann comes to mind.

I remember when DeBlasio had a guy killed because he was selling individual cigarettes without paying taxes (Eric Garner). Now, thieves can steal merchandise and sell it on the street, evading their beloved taxes?

What kind of Jew finances riots that supports Islamic terrorists that murder Jewish babies, little girls and old people? The same kind, I guess, that would sell his own people out to the Nazis. Of course, that kind of utter scum is aligned with Democrats. What else?

NYPD getting ready to go into Columbia and start swinging sticks. I hope.

Fury as shocking footage shows inside the trashed Columbia University hall that was occupied by pro-Palestine protesters after riot cops raided it and huge encampment, arresting 100: College begs police to stay on campus for THREE WEEKS

Link to video below; break through Columbia barricade%2C revealing the trashed interior via %40MailOnline

Fury as shocking footage shows inside the trashed Columbia University hall that was occupied by pro-Palestine protesters after riot cops raided it and huge encampment, arresting 100: College begs police to stay on campus for THREE WEEKS until end of term | Daily Mail Online

The damage and destruction is appalling.

Hmm, I remember people who were let into the capitol building by police on January sixth were sentenced to years and years in prison. This will happen to all of these people too, correct?

comment image

Link has a 34 picture gallery of what the terrorists did to Hamilton Hall.

Expel them. Although most of the people there are not students. If they are not students, they are trespassing and they can be charged accordingly. The First Amendment does not give license to trespass on private property or to vandalize, much like they’d have us believe in the summer of 2020 and previous riots.

No tuition refund and no opportunity to appeal expulsion.

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

I doubt a Soros prosecutor or DA is going to prosecute Soros paid useful idiots. MAYBE the school will expel those that were students. If they do, it will surprise me.

Me too…

The lying loser micro-dick Don wants to control the Federal Reserve:

04/26/24 – Trump Second-Term Plan Includes Federal Reserve Coup The next Trump administration will be far more chaotic.

…Several people who have spoken with Trump about the Fed said he appears to want someone in charge of the institution who will, in effect, treat the president as an ex officio member of the central bank’s rate-setting committee. Under such an approach, the chair would regularly seek Trump’s views on interest-rate policy and then negotiate with the committee to steer policy on the president’s behalf. Some of the former president’s advisers have discussed requiring that candidates for Fed chair privately agree to consult informally with Trump on the central bank’s decisions, the people familiar with the matter said…

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

…Several people who have spoken with Trump about the Fed

Name them.

Tiny’s minions also blocked aid to Israel for six months while you bitched about Biden, who has actually had Israel’s back.

As usual, liar Comrade Greggie can’t support his bullshit links.

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden CREATED the war. There would be no war in Israel OR Ukraine without Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden and the Democrats. Why won’t they secure our border? THAT blocks the aid, moron.

There’s a hole in your sock puppet, Deplorable Me.

You know… THOSE guys.

Its a Federal office shouldnt they consult with the executive branch?

Dont worry fool its a privately owned entity they dont have to listen to anyone. As we have seen they can control the economy for their benefit at will.

The fact that they don’t have to listen to anyone is what allows them to make intelligent decisions without political and special interest pressures.

Trump wants them to be his tool.

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden has been trying to influence it. Obama influenced it. NOW you think it might be a problem?

Oh Greg you spout such drivel its astounding how naive you are.

Sustaining low interest rates after economic recovery is what led to soaring inflation.

It’s not like no one warned that Trump’s stimulus binge would end in a bust. Absurdly low interest rates, irresponsible tax cuts, and unrestrained spending always lead to inflation.

The same people who ignored the warnings now want the Fed to cut interest rates. Cut rates now in response to all their whining, and inflation will take off like a rocket.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

Again DRIVEL, printing money leads to inflation. Its global, world debt is at 307 trillion. Who is that money owed to? They print it out of thin air charge interest on it, keep track of it with bits of data flying inside computers. Who gets an actual check from SS, no one, its data in a banks computer. Who has stock certificates, no one.
Even land deeds are data.

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

Flooding the economy with money is the result of irresponsible inflationary practices, not the cause. It’s a symptom, not the disease.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

Practices? such as?
Debt, more debt and finally borrowing for wars, and pandemics.

Such as record tax cuts when deficits are already soaring.

Such as forcing down interest rates as debt mounts to dangerous, unsustainable levels.

ut oh you used the word debt, yet you were all pissed we did not go futher into debt to pay for other countries wars fast enough.
taxation is theft.
When does higher interest rates help pay off debt faster?

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

How much does it pay to be a useful idiot these days?

Who ever pays him seems to think Trumps penis size is important, really a factor.

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

Remember how they only accuse others of what they are.

You get a Palestinian flag, a Ukrainian flag and a tent.

Fake news

Quite frankly the federal reserve should be done away. It has been inept since its inception.

Ron Paul was right.

Actually during President Trumps 1st term he was able to take off close to 1 trillion. from the fed balance sheet.

bidens economy sucks.

Well, as a dictator, wouldn’t he have that right? I heard he’s going to sell the White House to N. Korea! He’s going to bring in French refugees that will be able to vote to make La Marseillaise our national anthem! People are going to be sent to camps and forced to watch every episode of The Apprentice!! Evil! Evil! Evil!! BWAH, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!

Who gets rich in government? It wasn’t Trump. HE didn’t sell classified information for $8 million.

Cult vs. Reality:

You leftists create your own fantasy world, then complain about it. What you really need is an ideology that doesn’t suck dead skunk dicks and is such a massive failure.

MAGA carpetbaggers and their lies exposed:

If Madcow wasn’t a lesbian, she would be out of a job.

She exposes the right’s bullshit on a regular basis. She names names and lays out the facts. You counter the facts with stupid insults.

So for two years she laid out the ga ya about Russia, Russia, Russia. Did she know her facts were a steaming bucket of turd lies? Did you or were her facts convincing for your impotent pea brain?

Lake DID applaud reversion to the 1864 abortion ban. Hoffman—an indicted fake elector—DID run an internet troll farm that employed teenagers to trash Biden and pan Trump. McCormick DOESN’T live in Pennsylvania; he’s a wealthy carpetbag republican who lives in Connecticut; his humble beginnings on a family farm is load of manure. Tim Sheehy is a fake farm boy too. He didn’t grow up on a farm. He grew up in a multi-million dollar lake house. He claims an accidentally self-inflicted gunshot injury was actually related to an “unreported war wound”. Michigan US Senate candidate Mike Rogers secretly lives in Florida.

It goes on and on. All true. Every bit of it.

Russia? You’d have to be stupid not to realize Trump and Putin have a symbiotic relationship.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

Anyone notice how Comrade Greggie gets his rocks off over a programed talking head that’s a lesbian?

What does that have to do with the truth of what she’s saying?

Everything she reports in that video is true.

I get sick of the “Comrade Greggie” bullshit coming from a crazy woman whose cult leader is besties with a former KGB officer turned murderous despot.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

It is a lunatic ranting insane opinion show there is no truth in what she says. If you take the vaccine covid stops right there, it was her opinion at the time and found to be a lie pushed by her sponsors.

What did she say that isn’t true?

The first part of the video is ALSO true. Trump’s huge trial protests haven’t materialized. All hell has not broken loose. Thousands of people have not been turned away.

Trump’s huge trial protests haven’t materialized. All hell has not broken loose.

Well, it so happens that Trump supporters are not violent. That is the purview of the left. However, there have been massive shows of support for Trump in Manhattan and Harlem. HARLEM!

What does that have to do with the truth of what she’s saying?

Didn’t your mommy ever tell you that masturbating makes you stupid?

I get sick of the “Comrade Greggie” bullshit

OK, commie bastard, get the fuck out of here. You certainly won’t be missed.

So what did she say that isn’t true?

Are we still thinking? Do we ever think at all?

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

What, like Trump’s tax returns? Russian collusion? Russian disinformation on Hunter’s laptop? What is something profound she has exposed, besides her own stupidity?

She’s clear enough and specific enough that even someone such as yourself should understand what.

Not one of you has addressed any of the facts she presented. Why is that?

What, like Trump’s tax returns? 

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

You haven’t addressed her long history of lying.

When has she presented facts and not her own hyperbole? No wonder you are the asswipe that you are, you take what she says as the gospel.

msnbc is anything but news. Just look at their lineup, Morning mika, katy tur, nichole wallace, joy ann reid and chris hayes.

Madcow exposes lies with every broadcast. His own.

Yes indeed, you have been forced to show up in a courtroom. You should pay attention to your lawyers and try to stay awake during the proceedings. You are not above the law.

…”As you know, I have come here today from New York City, where I’m being forced to sit for days on end in a kangaroo courtroom with a corrupt and conflicted judge enduring a Biden sideshow trial, at the hands of a Marxist District Attorney, Soros-backed, who’s taking orders from the Biden administration,” Trump complained…

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

Notice how your lawfare campaign is failing miserably? What proof do you have that Trump has fallen asleep?

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Reveals CCNY and Columbia Protests Infiltrated by ‘Outside Agitators’ Linked to TERRORIST Groups, Many Arrested Were Not Students (VIDEO)

“These were not spontaneous student movements but calculated disruptions by professional agitators,” Adams explained, noting that a significant portion of those arrested had no affiliations with either university.

Adams asserted that the protests were “hijacked” by “outside agitators” with ties to “terrorist groups.” He cited intelligence reports identifying individuals with professional backgrounds and connections to terrorism among those arrested.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Reveals CCNY and Columbia Protests Infiltrated by ‘Outside Agitators’ WHO WERE PAID BY THE SAME ENEMY OF THE USA THAT PUT MAYOR ADAMS IN OFFICE: SOROS. The snakes have begun to eat their tails.

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon