The Left Has Turned White Millennial Women Into Violent Hoods



RUSH: I mentioned moments ago — and I’ve made a point of mentioning — that the segment of the American population that’s gone to the dark side and joined the pro-communist Antifa and Black Lives Matter is primarily Millennial, college-educated white women. Now, they don’t have to be college educated. But Millennial-aged white women are the largest group of Americans that are joining these far-left, radical protest groups.

These women have been taught the most confusing things and messages. They’ve been taught to hate men. They’ve been taught that they can’t get a fair shake in America. They’ve been taught that men are predators and rapists and muggers and purse snatchers. They have been taught that they should not ever seek happiness in the form of a relationship, much less a marriage.

They have been told that they are forever going to be discriminated against. They have been taught that if they’re good-looking and attractive that the way forward is paved. But if they’re not, they’re going to be forever discriminated against and don’t have a prayer of succeeding. They have been basically taught to hate themselves. They have been taught, they have been educated to hate America.

They have been taught that they are almost alike with the African-Americans who have links to slavery, that they were just as discriminated against and considered just as worthless at the days of the founding of the country and so forth. And it has worked. And these messages that they have been taught have occurred just in daily life in their comings and goings in society, and in the classroom — starting in junior high, middle school, high school, all the way up to college.

And, so, college-educated white women are just walking around as gigantic balls of confusion, and they are filled with anger and outrage and hatred. And so any group that comes along and offers an opportunity to join in a protest of this rotgut country, they sign on to it. And I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but there’s a lot of footage from Seattle and from Portland where it is just out of control.

These white women — who are anywhere from 24 to 34 — are just screaming their lungs out at cops, at black cops, at anybody wearing a uniform. It’s some of the most vulgar language that you’ve ever heard. Here is at least one example of many: “Two Women Charged with Beating Wisconsin Lawmaker During Protest — Two women accused of assaulting a Wisconsin state senator as he took photos of a crowd that toppled two statues during a protest last month have been arrested…

“State Sen. Tim Carpenter…” He’s “a Democrat from Milwaukee.” He’s also homosexual. He’s gay. He ought to be the exact kind of person these women would love. He’s a gay Democrat, meaning he’s harmless — and he’s got great fashion advice for ’em, except wait ’til you see pictures of them, and it’s obvious that fashion is not a part of their lives. They’re hoods, these two women. Hang on.

They’re literal hoods! They have fallen into the muck — and they’re not alone. They are examples. They are representative. These women beat the hell out of this gay guy — this Democrat, this Wisconsin legislator — who was on their side. He was on the same side as people tearing down statues in Madison, Wisconsin. He thought that he would be celebrated! He thought that he would be a hero.

“Two people within the ‘angry mob’ that allegedly attacked Carpenter, identified by police as Samantha Hamer, 26, and Kerida O’Reilly, 33, both of Madison…” Put the picture up, Brian. Here these two wonderful women are. They are 26 and 33 years of age. They “surrendered to cops Monday. Both are now facing charges of substantial battery as a party to a crime and robbery with use of force as a party to a crime…

“The assault took place just after a Molotov cocktail was tossed into a government office in Madison, where protesters also tore down two statues, including one of Col. Hans Christian Heg, an abolitionist who died while fighting for the Union in the Civil War,” and they beat up this gay Democrat, a Wisconsin legislator, who thought that he was on their side.

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I guess like the federal officers defending a federal building, Sen. Carpenter simply appearing triggered violence. Conservatives can be angry and armed and manage to protest peacefully but leftists always have violence uppermost in their minds. Violence is what they are there for, not expressing any message. THEIR message is “surrender or be destroyed”.

Nobody is safe from a Leftist mob.
Ask Mao.
He saw it and suddenly, without warning rounded up and executed hundreds of thousands of his own brownshirts.
Must have come as quite a shock to them as they were lined up and shot.

Ask Pol Pot.
He was installed only because the intellectuals and professionals took the lead.
But the first purge he performed was on college professors, their students and then those wealthy in business and medicine.

Stalin perfected his purging of his fellow travellers.
He took control of media and erased his buddies once he’d executed them.

These people in the streets are all the enablers of their puppet masters.
Commie leaders call such people their “useful idiots,” because they are so easily led to their slaughter.

Commie teachings have untethered these women from all their biological moorings.
They are left empty and commies know how to fill empty with what George Orwell called “the daily two minutes of hate.”

@Deplorable Me:

are you familiar with the religion of islam? the religion is broken into three works or a trilogy: the koran, sira and the hadith. in all of these three works, 51% of the writings posture and encourage the beheading and violent murdering of non believers or kafir and their families. koran 9:5 …”slay the idolaters when ever you find them.” their message is no different than that of islam on the western world surrender or be beheaded. islam hates Christian, America and Jews can you see the parallel? The left hate America Jew, and Christians
-there is a rumor that black terrorist movement and antif**k-up is going to be in Struges, SD for the annual bike rally between 8/7-8/16 to protest. funny, but no one will ever find the bodies. maybe some of the FUS (fat, ugly, and stupid) mothers should show up for this rally . like the President, never screw with a biker gang.
-tim carpenter is HIV positive..that makes him realllly special to the libs movement.

@Nan G:

one has to realize that none of these children, snot nose asswipes have ever read history. ?? Mao, Pol Pot, trotsky, himmler and lenin. who are they. 90% unemployed, live at home, onn family’s ins till 26, mommy does snot nose kids laundry and get an allowance from daddy because hs is not working