The Left Had Better Watch Its Fani


By John Green

I was going to avoid commenting on the Fani Willis comedy routine playing in Atlanta.  But after the last week’s events, I’m busting at the seams with snark.  So here goes.

The Atlanta district attorney, Fani Willis, decided to play superhero in her own performance art production to rescue the Dems from their disastrous decision to let gropey Joe lead the party.  She figured she could clear the field for Joe by indicting Donald Trump, and 18 others, on federal racketeering charges.  It seems that the Donald did the same thing that every losing Democrat since Al Gore has done: he questioned the vote-counting.  That’s considered “protecting our democracy” when a Democrat does it, but according to Fani, it’s criminal conspiracy when a Republican does it.

All Fani had to do was deliver Trump’s head with her RICO case and avoid making any appealable mistakes.  The radicals would be treated to another four years of pulling the meat puppet’s strings, and she would become the darling of the media for at least a couple of news cycles.  When she became the first D.A. in the nation to deliver Trump’s mug shot to the commie lynch mob media, it looked as though everything was going swimmingly.

But a funny thing happed on the way to her next fawning interview.  A series of rookie mistakes placed her behavior under closer scrutiny than that of the defendant.  That is not an ideal way for a criminal case to proceed.

Fani’s problems started when she realized that prosecuting a RICO case is a big freaking deal (as Joe would kinda say).  She needed help.  So she hired two attorneys with racketeering experience…and Nathan Wade, whom she was having an adulterous affair with at the time.  Naturally, Fani decided to pay her lover more than the other two attorneys.  What’s the point of holding high office if it can’t be used to help one’s friends?  She figured it would be okay, since nobody would be paying attention to the private lives of the prosecutors while they conduct the first ever criminal persecution of a former president using questionable legal reasoning.

Exactly what kind of guy is Nathan Wade?  He’s a low-level county judge who also has a private practice specializing in personal injury cases.  In other words, he’s an ambulance-chaser with little criminal prosecution experience.  I wonder if he has any “Better Call Wade!” commercials on Atlanta stations.  The way things are going, his limited criminal experience may soon get augmented — but with him sitting on the opposite side of the courtroom from the prosecution.

Wade is also the kind of husband who would file for divorce the day after being awarded a plum contract from his girlfriend, Fani.  Additionally, he’s the kind of divorce litigant who would drain the family bank accounts and hide his new source of income from his estranged wife.  That’s often tried in divorce cases, but it rarely works.  Now Fani is learning that an affair with a man of questionable character can create complications for a high-profile case.

The wheels started coming off the Wade/Willis remake of Dumb and Dumber when the legal team for one of the RICO defendants, Michael Roman, raised the issue of their behavior to the court.  Roman’s attorneys asked that the charges against him be dropped because of the conflict of interest created when Nathan Wade and Fani Willis profited (illegally) from the case.  Roman’s lawyers allege that Fani’s boy-toy was taking her on expensive vacations, using the money that Fani was paying him from her prosecution budget.  That would be the district attorney, receiving gratuities from one of her hired guns — a violation of Georgia law.  Roman’s team claimed that proof of the allegation could be found in Wade’s sealed divorce records.  Just like that: An ugly divorce proceeding became material to the trial of a former president, and all hell broke loose.

The judge in the RICO case, Scott McAfee, is giving Fani until February 2 to explain in writing why bumping uglies with a member of her staff isn’t a breach of ethics or detrimental to her case.

As they say in the late-night infomercials: But wait, there’s more!  It turns out that Wade’s wife, Joycelyn, was a bit peeved that Nathan had left her penniless while hiding his “friends with benefits” income.  So her legal team subpoenaed Fani for deposition, to get to the bottom of how much she was paying Wade for his, um…services rendered.

Fani was not happy about being drawn into an ugly divorce conflict — beyond sleeping with the husband, that is.  She filed a motion with the divorce court asking to be excused from the deposition because Joycelyn was colluding with the RICO defendants, and allegedly cheated on Nathan also.  Fani’s filing was the district attorney of Atlanta implying that Joycelyn Wade was committing felony obstruction of justice, and then calling her a slut for good measure.  I wonder where Fani learned such shrewd legal maneuvering.

So Joycelyn did the only thing she could.  Her team released the couple’s credit card statements, providing supporting evidence for the Roman allegations.  That was followed by the divorce judge for the Wade case, Judge Henry Thompson, unsealing the couple’s divorce records.

Here’s where we stand with the Trump RICO prosecution.  Fani has:

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What fun.

Time for the case to be dismissed. Those who have suffered monetary loss should be fully reimbursed.

Well, let’s go back to the beginning. It is a corrupt thing to do to prosecute a political candidate simply because they are ahead in the race. So, there’s that; it takes a corrupt person to do that. So, an inherently corrupt person is very likely to be involved in other corrupt behavior.

Add to that the ready availability of lots of cash. In fact, people who want them to USE lots of cash, as getting the political candidate is THAT important. Add also that there is no such thing as a curious media anywhere nearby.

Add the Democrat party, also inherently corrupt. What do you get?

You get THIS. Every MFing time.

Did Trump just drive the final nail in Big Fani’s coffin with this keen observation?
Legal Eagle Techno Fog had this to say about Trump’s latest move:

Latest Trump filing in the GA RICO case makes a great point – DA Fani Willis violated GA ethics rules by publicly accusing the defendants of racism after they noted her affair with Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade. Trump: stoking racial division requires dismissal.

Rule 3.8 requires Willis to refrain from allegations “that have a substantial likelihood of heightening public condemnation of the accused” Rule 3.6 forbids statements that would “materially” prejudice a proceeding. Clear violation; the only question is the appropriate remedy.

comment image
Techno Fog
Latest Trump filing in the GA RICO case makes a great point –

DA Fani Willis violated GA ethics rules by publicly accusing the defendants of racism after they noted her affair with Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade.

Trump: stoking racial division requires dismissal.

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The M.S. Media is getting nervous about this whole thing just like they are about Bidens low Polls

They are getting nervous about the massive amount of election fraud they are liable to have to try and cover up.

The fat ass willis case is history. Jack shits case is falling apart as more and more truth comes out about the January 6 democrat narrative. And the USSC is liable to deliver a yuge loss when the decision about the mis application of the law for the j6 prisoners is released. That will be June far past his March trial date.
The Florida judge has bitchslapped him so many times over his screw up in the Mar A Lago documents case that may be on life support.

The whack job old seahag’s 83 million dollar judgement will be reversed on appeal as will the lunatic NY judge in the fraud case.

Report: J6 Pipe Bomber Was ‘Former’ Government Official – FBI Had His License Plate Number but Refused to Interview Him

They know who he is. They are the ones that sent him. Isn’t that obvious now?

The pipe bombs were inoperable. That is why the DC Metro police and the SS parked at the DNC were in no hurry to react. Mind you also kamalalala was in the building. If they had not known of it’s inoperable status, surely they would have reacted with more immediacy.

Maybe they figure, they’ve already thrown so many protesters, paraders and trespassers in jail for long sentences, they probably already caught him?

NEW: Fani Willis’ Lover and Top Trump Prosecutor Nathan Wade Panics, Asks For Protective Order After Judge Unseals Divorce Records

Bullshit. The left loves to open up Trump’s personal and private details, why are these two corrupt thieves deserving of anything more than they subject Trump to?

“Aw jee whiz, we lost all of our data about the 2020 rigged election and Fani Willis’ lawsuit against Trump in that cyber attack!”

Can you smell the excuses cooking in that stew pot of corruption?

UPDATE: Fulton County has cyber breach

Trump’s Atlanta Prosecutor and DA Boyfriend, Nathan Wade, Settles Divorce on Eve of Explosive Hearing to Avoid Testimony

(Washington Post) – The lead prosecutor in the Georgia election interference case against former president Donald Trump and his allies settled a contentious divorce dispute on Tuesday, canceling a hearing scheduled for Wednesday morning that could have included testimony about allegations of an improper relationship between him and Fulton County District Attorney Fani T. Willis.
Nathan Wade had been expected to be questioned under oath Wednesday morning about his finances — including his income as a special prosecutor in the Trump case and his spending, including his purchase of airline tickets for himself and Willis in October 2022 and April 2023.

Here is a video in the courtroom where wade is before a judge who is hearing a motion from Jeffery Clark’s defense attorney about the collusion between the love birds and the WH with respect to the Fulton County case against Trump and others. Pretty damning for the prosecution and the biden WH

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This just broke;

BREAKING: Fani Willis and Lover Nathan Wade SUBPOENAED to Testify in Upcoming Hearing According to New Lawsuit Filed by Trump RICO Co-Defendant

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

Looks like Fani is taking the center at the stage, with spotlights and all, but not for the reason she was aiming for.
The hunter became the hunted.

Fani Willis Axed Employee Who Blew Whistle on Misuse of Federal Funds

comment imageFani Willis Has a History of “Ethical Violations, Abuse of Power” According to Ex-Employee She Fired for Blowing the Whistle

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

It takes an inherently unethical person to prosecute such a case as this.