The Kharkov Counterattack – No Big Success – No Large Defeat


by MoA

The ‘western’ media are euphoric about the ‘successful’ Ukrainian counterattack in Kharkov oblast.
Ukrainian forces retake key villages as counteroffensive advances writes the Washington PostHow Ukraine Gained Momentum Against Russia and Took a Critical Hub says the New York TimesWaPo again: Intelligence points to potential turning point in Ukraine warUkraine News: In Reclaimed Towns, Ukrainians Recount a Frantic Russian Retreat, headlines the NYT. Is Russia on the run? asks the Economist.
All have fallen for the believe that the Ukrainian rapid advance has caused a Russian defeat. That however is not the case.
The main Russian forces had already left the area. What was left were sentry guards of the Luhansk People’s Republic and a few companies of the Russian National Guard which is more or less a police force. That is why the ‘western’ official talking with Reuters is quite cautious with his assessment:

“There’s an ongoing debate about the nature of the Russian drawdown, however it’s likely that in strict military terms, this was a withdrawal, ordered and sanctioned by the general staff, rather than an outright collapse.”

“Obviously, it looks really dramatic. It’s a vast area of land. But we have to factor in the Russians have made some good decisions in terms of shortening their lines and making them more defensible, and sacrificing territory in order to do so,” the official said, adding he did not expect Russia to immediately seek to regain lost territory.

The main Russian reason for holding onto Izium southeast of Kharkov was to use it as a springboard to attack Sloviansk and Kramatorsk along the M-03 highway. However over the last months several Russian attempts to cross the Siverski Donets river south and east of Izium and to establish a bridgehead on the southern side had failed.

Situation at the end of August with Izium in the upper left corner


The Ukrainians were well established in the ‘Sherwood Forest’ on the southern side and had defeated all attempts to push a larger Russian forces into the area. (According to Yves Smith Alexander Mercouris had made that point and predicted a Russian withdrawal from Izium in one of his shows before the Kharkov ‘counteroffensive’ started.) I myself had missed that point.
The region, which is sparsely populated (Izium had a pre-war population of some 40,000), has little additional value. Russian forces that had been there shortly after the war began had been pulled out over time to rotate into other areas.
According Colonel Markus Reisner from the Austrian military the Ukraine used six full brigades (vid) in its attack. If Russian Defense Ministry numbers are halfway right the Ukrainian forces lost some 4,000+ soldiers, nearly two brigades, in the attack. These were troops that ran into areas that the Russian artillery had pre-registered. They received barrage after barrage and were destroyed.
The Russian air force caused additional damage. Hundreds of tanks and armored vehicles the ‘west’ had delivered to Ukraine were destroyed. Talk of large Russian material losses and of thousands of Russians taken prisoners of war are nonsense.
One Washington Post piece today cites a partisan ‘open source’ organization about the losses:

According to preliminary estimates from Jakub Janovsky, a military analyst and contributor to the Oryx blog tally of equipment losses, Russia lost 40 tanks, 50 infantry vehicles, 35 armored vehicles and two jets.

However other Washington Post journalists looked at the evidence:

The equipment left behind in the video amounts to about a tank company, Hodges said, which is typically outfitted with about 10 or 11 tanks.

Another video, taken along a street in central Izyum, shows a marooned 2S19 Msta self-powered howitzer. The system does not have obvious signs of being disabled.Other pictures taken in Izyum show heavier damage to Russian military equipment, indicating they were hit in battle. One armored vehicle can be seen at a gas station in the city with bullet holes, burn marks and deflated tires.
Ukrainian forces published a video showing the husk of a TOS-1A, a multiple-rocket launcher, using its nickname “Solntsepyok.”

Given the huge areas that does not sound like large losses. British ‘intelligence’ claims that the 1st Guards Tank Army was destroyed in the attack are ludicrous. The 1st Guard has the equivalent of about 20 brigades with some hundred tanks and armored vehicles in each. Its units were not even in the area when the attack happened.
As Larry Johnson has laid out, planning for a withdrawal from a large area takes time. The Russian decision to let go of the Kharkov region must have been made before the Ukrainian counterattack was launched. That it was coming was known. Since mid of August the deployment map by Military Land showed strong tank formations south and west of the Izium area. The Russians had reported attacks on those and other units on a daily base. Dima of the Military Summary channel had mentioned them several times.
When the counterattack happened the Russian forces pulled back to the eastern side of the Oskol river and are now protected by it. At the southern end, near Lyman, the Siverski Donets river is used to cover the Russian forces. These are strong positions, hard to attack, that can be held by a limited force.

Current situation:


had expected that Russia would draw in the attacking Ukrainian forces to then cut them off. But it did not had the forces, or interest, to do so now. It had instead ordered a withdrawal. The use of artillery and air force to attack the Ukrainian forces while they were still on the roads, attacking an enemy that was no longer there, has proved to be the right decision.
Colonel Reisner, linked above, says the first ‘counteroffensive’ in the south against Kherson was a major failure that has cost many Ukrainian lives. Another military professional, Lt.Col.(ret) Daniel Davis agrees:

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This is just the putinist liberal appeaser line. Listen to Igor Strelkov instead.

Russia lost most of their trained soldiers in the first few months and their army is running on fumes now.

What happened is that the fsb was given billions to bribe and corrupt ukranian elite. FSB reported to Putin that entire ukranian elite was in their pocket. Putin declared war and the russian army drove deep into ukraine without orders or supplies, expecting an easy victory. When the easy victory did not happen, they had no plan b.

FSB probably embezzled the bribe money.

Russia lost most of their trained soldiers in the first few months and their army is running on fumes now.

Yes, that’s the Western-media propaganda narrative they want people to believe…but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

What happened is that the fsb was given billions to bribe and corrupt ukranian elite

Did they pay them before, or the after the CIA paid them? Hahaha.

IN the end, the battle for Ukraine is being fought on the ground. Both Putin’s and the West’s bullshit propaganda must be dismissed, and real journalists need to tell us the real story going on there.

There is a difference between a withdrawal and a rout. Withdrawal is an orderly retreat of soldiers and ammunition, but here the Russians ran for their lives leaving tons of ammunitions, battle tanks, and other equipment behind. The 25,000 Russian troops still remaining in Kherson are completely surrounded and their escape route is blocked by the Dnieper river. The Ukrainians are in no rush to smoke them out and will let disease and hunger lead them toward a surrender soon.

If this really was a willing front for Russian FSB propaganda, what would you publish any differently?


You sure you REALLY have the stomach to put us all in rail-cars, internet tough guy?

I don’t think you do.

If you were a paid operative for a corrupt intelligence agency part of an unelected deep state, would you post anything differently?

You wouldn’t.

Dog works for our deep state intelligence community. I’m convinced.

The usual shtick on twitter works the same way. If you question their narratives, they label you as a Jew with yellow chalk…er….I mean they call you a “Russian troll”, then justify hacking your computer to “monitor” you, complete with false “russian” traffic to boot.

They are doing this. For real.

Dog works for our deep state intelligence community. I’m convinced.

You’ve said the same about me. You’ve said the same about Greg. How on Earth do you imagine that this two-bit blog would be worth the efforts of not one, not two, but three dedicated agents provocateurs? Your paranoia and your delusions of grandeur are duking it out to see whose cuisine shall reign supreme.

You’ve said the same about me.

I have. But greg? He’s in Central Europe working for the WEF.

The thing is, “michael”, that Dog hit the nail on the head:

If this really was a willing front for Russian FSB propaganda, what would you publish any differently?

If you were a government employee/democrat disinformation troll, what would you “publish” differently?

Not much. The issue with the Left is how many quislings they’ve made, all ready to parrot the party line instead of actually defend their ideas (they have none).

This is about identity for you, not about democracy.

And it’s been an absolute pleasure baiting your beta-male mind into revealing yourself.

Always watching…we know.

09/15/22 – Putin acknowledges China’s ‘questions and concerns’ about war in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday he understood China’s Xi Jinping had concerns about the situation in Ukraine, a surprise acknowledgement of friction with Beijing over the war after a week of stunning Russian losses on the ground.

Since Russia’s invasion, China has trod a careful line, criticizing Western sanctions against Russia but stopping short of endorsing or assisting in the military campaign.

“We highly value the balanced position of our Chinese friends when it comes to the Ukraine crisis,” Putin told Xi at their first meeting since the war began.

“We understand your questions and concern about this. During today’s meeting, we will of course explain our position.”

There’s a crisis? How can there be a crisis, when Putin’s Special Military Operation is going so well?

China is busy putting down an all-out breaking of it’s nation into several smaller ones.

They can be “concerned” all they want, but poor people don’t tolerate social engineering.

China will collapse within the decade.

Sloviansk has huge symbolism as the site of the first “separatist” battle in 2014. The idea that Russia would just give up hard fought supply lines to it and retreat there is a CYA fairy tale.