The Iranians Close The Red Sea


by Sam Faddis

Back in the old days when we focused on the real world and American national security, events abroad that threatened the international order and the balance of power attracted a lot of attention and prompted American Presidents to take immediate and decisive action. Now that the corporate media works in lock step to keep the corrupt and thoroughly compromised man in the White House in power this is no longer the case. The world may be on fire, but you will have to work hard as an average American to find that out.

Witness the closure of the Red Sea one of the world’s most strategic waterways and gateway to the Suez Canal. The ships that transit the Red Sea carry roughly 8 million barrels of crude oil a day. The Bab Al-Mandab, the strait at the southern end of the Red Sea is only 18 miles wide at its narrowest point.  It is a critical and easily blocked chokepoint.

This waterway is now effectively closed as the result of the actions of the Houthis, who are puppets of Tehran, armed, trained, and directed by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). They began some time ago by attacking Israeli vessels. Then they expanded to attacking vessels they claimed were headed for Israel. Their attacks now appear to have broadened and include commercial shipping in general. A Norwegian tanker was hit by a cruise missile earlier this week. Two more commercial vessels were struck by Houthi missiles earlier today.

Some time ago two shipping companies tied to Israel, Zodiac Maritime and Eastern Pacific Shipping, were advised by the companies insuring their vessels that they needed to stop transiting the Red Sea and begin to send their ships all the way around Africa as an alternative. The concern is no longer limited to simply Israeli vessels. The world shipping community now understands anyone moving in the waters of the Red Sea will be attacked.


Following the attack on the Norwegian tanker at least one attempted attack was launched on a container ship belonging to Maersk Lines, a Danish company.

“The current situation puts seafarer lives at risk and is unsustainable for global trade,” said Maersk in an official statement following the attempted attack. It cannot be solved by the global shipping industry on its own, we call on political action to ensure a swift de-escalation.” Maersk added that henceforth its tankers would avoid the Red Sea altogether.

“This decision has been made with careful consideration of various factors, prioritizing the safety of crew, the vessel, and your cargo,” Maersk stated in an advisory to clients.

Maersk may be the first major shipping line to stop sending any vessels through the Red Sea but it is hardly the only shipper sending its vessels the long way around Africa. Ten days ago Alphaliner a company that provides strategic intelligence and advice to the shipping community noted that at least 12 containerships had diverted from transiting the Suez Canal to the much longer route via the Cape of Good Hope. Another six ships were expected to follow suit. Since then the situation has gotten much worse and the number of ships avoiding the Red Sea only increased.

Predictably enough the Biden administration has made no effective response to any of the Iranian-directed actions by the Houthis. U.S. naval vessels have shot down some Houthi drones fired in the direction of Israel. No attacks have been launched against the Houthi forces on shore that are firing on commercial vessels. Those forces continue to operate with impunity.

The U.S. has made noises about putting together some sort of coalition naval force presumably to escort ships in the Red Sea. The lack of enthusiasm for lining up behind the Biden White House is palpable. Australia is reported to have declined to join the party.

Meanwhile, the Iranians are making no secret of their intentions. Iran’s Defense Minister Mohammad-Reza Ashtiani rejected as “irrational” the US plan to launch a multinational naval coalition in the Red Sea. He warned that if Washington did create such a coalition it would face “extraordinary problems.” He noted that the Red Sea was in his words “our region” and warned, “nobody can make a move in a region where we have predominance.”

Nobody is afraid of Joe.

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And Iran is in the United Nations we have even more reasons to withdraw from this Globalists Tyranny and defund the UN Totally

Just think of all the issues that would almost immediately go away when Trump gets elected (again) and we “Drill, baby, Drill!”

Iran is Putin’s ally. Putin is trying for a stranglehold on Western Europe’s energy future. Control of Ukraine’s enormous offshore gas reserves and control of access to Middle East oil is essential if he is to achieve that goal. It’s all obvious, if you read the news and can understand a map.

The Trump-puppeteered GOP is trying to shut down military aid to Ukraine, despite understanding this. That would result in the fall of Ukraine and secure Putin’s win in the March 2024 Russian election. The one chance to stop him would be gone.

Wake the hell up.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Europeans, especially the elites, fly and drive as usual.
They could cut back a lot.
And, Norway, the UK and the USA are substantial sources of oil for Europe.
Just think how much better it would be if we went back to Trump’s “Drill, baby, drill,” policy that made us the top exporter of oil on earth before he left office.

Do you think we could supply Europe’s needs without your own pump prices doubling? We couldn’t begin to compete with the price of gas and oil piped in from Putinland.

But Europeans are “green,” greg.
They will cut back on use, even their rich elites.
So, back when we exported more gas to the world under Trump the prices at the pump here were under $2/gallon.
I’d take that.

Last edited 2 months ago by Nan G

The average American consumes over twice as much energy per year as the average European. I suppose we can all cut back to make more available for the struggling fossil fuel industry to sell on the global market.

If Ukraine goes, Americans will feel the consequences for generations. We will be greatly diminished as a global power—which, by the way, is one of Putin’s openly stated intentions.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

You forgot History, greg.
When the USA was drilling and fracking under Trump the prices of barrels of oil dropped so low that many oil-rich but one product countries begged Trump to limit the pumping.
They promised to sell oil (without playing games with prices) just to sell the one commodity they had, if Trump allowed them to make a small profit on it.

Oil is NOT “fossil” fuel.
Oil comes when dead plants get compressed and it only takes a few years.
Oil gets created faster than we can pump it out.
Calling oil a “fossil fuel” is like calling a black man the N-word.

It wasn’t Trump. The global oil market crashed during the COVID pandemic because demand collapsed. There was an international supply glut. The US curtailed pumping and mothballed refineries because demand was so low and imports were so cheap. A price spike followed when COVID faded and demand bounced back quicker than production could come back online. That was the point at which Putin sent tanks across the Ukrainian border.

If it wasn’t Trump, why did it collapse without him? Prices were low BEFORE COVID, moron.

Calling oil a “fossil fuel” is like calling a black man the N-word.

That’s conceivably the craziest thing I’ve ever seen posted at this site.

Ukraine has nothing to do with our diminished power on the global scene its this admins total lack of diplomacy. Kissing every ass in europe and the mudslimes in the ME.
 February 12, 2021 The notion that petroleum or crude oil comes from dinosaurs is fiction.

Do you think we could supply Europe’s needs without your own pump prices doubling?

Why don’t you just move the hell out of the U.S.? You are constantly more worried about European nations, especially Ukraine, that you are about the nation that allows you to spew your bullshit here, day after day after day.

If Ukraine goes, Americans will feel the consequences for generations.

Really? What consequences? Do you really think that a problematic nation like Ukraine, run by a record breaking grifter, is that damned important?

But of course, you ignore the disaster that Biden has created on our southern border. How many radical terrorists, who want America on fire like September 11, 2001, has Biden’s violations of federal immigration laws allowed in? How many Americans have died due to the drugs made by China and trekked over our border by cartel mules? When some terrorist blows you to kingdom come, guess you’ll wake then? I doubt it.

The man you spread your asscheeks for for 8 years can be thanked for the issues in Ukraine. His failed Minsk Agreement has put us where we are now. And Lloyd Austin is threatening to send American troops to Ukraine if we don’t give the comedian running the show over there even more money? F*ck Lloyd Austin, and f*ck you, Comrade Greggie.

Leave. Get the hell out of the country. You don’t deserve to live in the U.S. Go fight for Ukraine, since you are such a fan of their corrupt government. And when you get there, ask Zelenskyy when he is going to release the American hostage he is holding.

Reread what I said. Putin has publicly stated his intention to see America globally sidelined. He’s pursuing that stated end in an entirely obvious fashion. The Trump-corrupted GOP is now ready to stupidly assist him, by withdrawing essential support from Ukraine three months ahead of the Russian election.

Trump will do anything to regain power. That includes selling out western democracy to a murderous Russian tyrant.

Really? What consequences? 

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Reread what I said. Putin has publicly stated his intention to see America globally sidelined. He’s pursuing that stated end in an entirely obvious fashion.

For how many years did you come to this site and b!tch about the military industrial complex and how much money the U.S. spent on needless wars? Now, you’re pimping for Zelenskyy and the U.S. military industrial complex while you refuse to comment on our own border.

The Trump-corrupted GOP is now ready to stupidly assist him, by withdrawing essential support from Ukraine three months ahead of the Russian election.

You misrepresent what the GOP side of Congress did. But then, you are a known liar. You lie on purpose thinking that your adversaries are as stupid as your party followers.

You have your talking points (given you by some other Marxist) and you don’t have the intellect to respond to debate.

You’re an idiot. Since I know you are not that young, I guess you’re the guy on the bottom in the Queer How-To video.

You’re an idiot. Since I know you are not that young, I guess you’re the guy on the bottom in the Queer How-To video.

If it were 1971, instead of 2023, you might have just scored some kind of points. Your insults are obsolete.

Shouldn’t you be busy addressing Christmas cards and spreading around your love and light at this time of the year?

No one has misrepresented what the GOP is doing, except for the GOP.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Shouldn’t you be finding another website to spread your lies? Or have you been kicked off of any respectable website?

You’ve been pimping for the Marxists for a long time. Give it a rest. You’re not good at it.

Shouldn’t you be finding some new material?

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

You first, Comrade Greggie.

You’ve been peddling the same false b/s for a decade.

“Putin has publicly stated his intention to see America globally sidelined”

What a coincidence. So do Obama and Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden.

We could, if Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden wasn’t in the White House. The wages of election fraud.

You will never give up Trump’s lie about “massive & widespread fraud & deception” because your entire delusional house of cards is built on that foundation.

Politico throws in the towel. Trump criminal conviction will not save Biden. Polling shows strong support for Donald.
The Hill — Trump takes significant polling lead over Biden.
Trump increases lead in all 7 swing states.

You do realize that if Trump were reelected, violence would soon replace the rule of law?

Yes. Violence from the left.

All the strutting armed idiots with male sexual insecurity issues are on the right.

The violence is committed by the left. Just look at your pro-Hamas supporters. Such are the scumbag allies of the Democrat party. Total trash.

You mean, like the Democrats did last time?

I’ve seen it. I saw it unfold on election day. YOU will never let go of that lie, intended for the most stupid of all people, that Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden got 81 million votes, which is absolutely fantastic.

A significant percentage of the 81 million votes Biden received were actually votes against Donald Trump—and that was before his Supreme Court appointments deprived millions of young female voters of a choice about continuing pregnancies. That was before two impeachments, an attempt to overturn an election that resulted in a body count, and 91 felony counts.

Ukraine has already fallen, now is the time for diplomacy and maybe just maybe Kiev can still be in Ukraine as a neutral capitol.

Ukraine has not fallen. Putin holds less Ukrainian territory now than he did when he began his invasion. He has lost 315,000 Russian troops—dead, wounded, captured, or missing—and isn’t finding a lot of people eager to find their way into Russian graveyards. He’s lost thousands of tanks, trucks, and armored vehicles. He’s been begging munitions from Iran and North Korea.

They’re doubling down on their propaganda because the war has become unpopular at home and the Russian election is only three months away. Putin desperately needs to break the West’s resolve.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

SICK: Democrat Senate Staffer Caught Having Graphic Sex with Older “Bear” Partner in Capitol Office Building (GRAPHIC VIDEO)


The Daily Caller confirmed the entire video was shared in a private group for gay men in politics.

One name has been circulating online, but the Gateway Pundit still needs to verify this information. We will post an update as soon as this information becomes available.

Just a reminder: your tax dollars have paid for his disgraceful actions.

In footage obtained by the outlet, the naughty staffer is seen in a photo having unprotected intercourse. He is on all fours, completely naked.

While the sex act is occurring, he stares at a camera on the table where Senators interrogate witnesses during a hearing. A source confirmed to the Caller that the room is Senate Room Hart 216. This is also known as The Judiciary Room.

Giuliani’s downfall is a preview of what’s coming for your cult leader. No amount of low-brow gutter politics is going to hold that back.

There will be an appeal, the naughty scanners will get nothing.

In footage obtained by the outlet, the naughty staffer is seen in a photo having unprotected intercourse. He is on all fours, completely naked.

The video is nothing more than a “how-to” video for Comrade Greggie.

Implying that someone is gay is no longer the wicked burn it was back, back, back when you were young.

Get lost, groomer. No one cares what you think. Everyone here knows you are almost as dumb as Comrade Greggie.

Here is our pretty boi;

comment image

UPDATE: Democrat Senate Staffer Who Had Graphic Sex in Capitol Office Building Identified – Was Featured in Biden Campaign Commercial and Yelled “Free Palestine!” At Jewish Rep. Max Miller

According to his LinkedIn profile, Maese-Czeropski works as a legislative aide for Cardin, handling foreign policy, tax, and trade issues. He graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a B.S. in Society and Environment in 2020.

Should he be targeted by Trump’s email and telephone terrorists like election workers, court clerks, and their families were?

That’s the entire point of posting his photo, Linkedin profile, and personal info, right? Why else?

So, since you are totally compatible with his life style and are really impressed with what he did, you think he should just get a total pass? Figures.

His personal life style choices don’t affect me at all, but dim-bulb bigots collectively acting out because of their own insecurities really piss me off.

Democrats target political opponents for violence. Trump or Republicans never have.

Ukraine is finished it has run out of human sacrifices for kickbacks and corruption, Old men and women is all Zelensky has left to toss into the Russian meat grinder.
The defense industry of Russia is a strategically important sector and a large employer in Russia. Combined, the US and Russia account for 57% of all major weapons exports. 
Ukraine has nothing. Europe is as broke as we are and cannot afford to buy Zelensky and his oligarch more mansions and Yachts.

Zelensky has fallen to a new low:
He’s conscripting pregnant women.
But he even ran out of them.
No one is left inside Ukraine to join the fight.
Zelensky’s trying to force foreign countries to send back any Ukranians who sought refuge for his fighting force.

Without Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden, there would be no war in Ukraine.

Perhaps you could wake up. Probably not. Biden reversed Trump’s actions on Iran. So now Iran sells record amounts of oil and is flush with cash. Trump had crippling sanctions and Iran’s oil output was economically being squeezed down. Everything we are seeing in terms of crime, war, inflation, etc is all due to Biden. The main US news media may be gaslighting people here that Biden is vibrant and competent, but the rest of the world sees right through that. Biden of course is batting 100% making bad decisions.

Last edited 2 months ago by Mully

Trump drove Iran into an alliance with Putin. Trump turned Afghanistan over to the Taliban. Trump embolden Putin by throwing our commitment to NATO into doubt.
Trump tried to extort cooperation with a political smear campaign from Zelensky—consider that Rudy Giuliani was a central figure in this plot.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg


You have Greg on the ropes now!

Those aren’t lies, and they’re only a small part of a very long list.

Another Trump Presidency Would Be Even Worse Than You Think

…I thought I’d seen the worst. After all, I served as chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security for part of the Trump era. We believed the man’s immoral impulses could be managed. We were catastrophically wrong. I wrote an unsigned opinion piece from within the administration to shine a light on presidential misconduct, but it only got darker. So I quit my job, unmasked myself as the anonymous author, and recruited others to campaign against the president in 2020.

Trump lost. In many ways, so did I. Contending with the vindictive chief executive nearly destroyed my life, from financial and legal troubles to stalkers and death threats. More importantly, it nearly destroyed our republic…

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Oh look. Another left wing kook warning about Trump. In the meantime we all live in the Biden Trainwreck. Let’s spend massive money on climate change and never admit it will do nothing to the temperature. Let’s enable wars and blame someone else. Confident our media allies will go along as we blame others. Sorry I won’t play along.

It isn’t Biden who’s about to hand Ukraine to Putin only 3 months ahead of the Russian election that could take the bastard out.

It not Trump. He’s a private citizen.

One last time. Biden has enabled Iran they are flush with cash. They weren’t under Trump’s term. If you don’t get the connection and the enabling this does then I can’t help you.

Iran Has Made $80 Billion in Illicit Oil Sales Since Biden Took Office

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden handed Ukraine to Putin when he killed our energy independence.

Ok. I know you are clueless but do you have to flaunt it?

Feel free to explain how I’m wrong.

I tried. You are a fools fool.

Uh, no. WRONG. That happened under Obama, scooter.

Iran is Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s ally, or rather, master. They tell him what to do and not do and he follows orders. This is why Trump making us energy independent was such a critical national security necessity. Now, not only do we not have that, but the SPR is already depleted.

Wake the hell up indeed.