The Invasion of America: How Our Leaders Have Failed Us


by CBD

The hordes pouring across our borders are looters and thieves…coming here for no other reason than personal gain at our expense. They are criminals; that is their nature, and we should expect nothing more from them. We certainly cannot expect respect for our traditions and our history. We cannot expect love of country or any sense of community larger than their tribes, since they are here to take, not to give; to destroy, not to build. And those who who have been dispatched to our shores by the evil players of the world are simply doing what they believe. Should we combat them? Yes. Should we reserve our hate for them? No…they are a symptom, not the cause.

Our vitriol should be reserved for those who have made this invasion possible: our “elite” political class that is happy to facilitate the destruction of traditional American society and culture for their short-term financial gain and their limitless, fanatical drive for personal power. And perhaps worse…the people who do not have any coherent political philosophy, and are vested in the false god of bipartisanship and collegiality and reaching across the aisle simply operate out of cowardice. They know that they have no courage of their convictions, because they have no convictions!

Why I Hate These People

I hate the people who allow our country to be taken advantage of by violent scum who should never have been here.I hate the people who are too weak and too soft to protect their fellow citizens after being elected to do so.

Truth be told, I hate them even more than I hate the terrorists, extremists and foreign criminals who take advantage of them and (because of them) of us.

Because the terrorists, extremists and criminals are what they are. I expect them to murder, rape and maim. But these people, whom we elected to protect us, know what’s going on and are just too pathetic and cowardly to do anything about it.

A plague on all their houses.

Our political class has betrayed us in the most fundamental way. They have failed to protect — both physically and philosophically — the structure of our nation. They have caused an erosion of the foundations of our political philosophy by diluting it with an invasion of foreigners bringing ideas that are anathema to the concepts that created America. They have actively pursued open borders that have resulted in a catastrophic drain on our financial resources, concurrent with a catastrophic increase in criminal and other anti-social behavior.

They are the ones to hate…to despise…to spit upon in the street.

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Its been known for a long time now the Clinton foundation, UN and Red Cross are involved in trafficking these criminals to the US.
Time to Defund the UN, Shut down the Red Cross and the Clinton Foundation. Freeze assets of the Organizations then Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

And time for the NY AG to investigate the Clinton Foundation. Long overdue. Or, perhaps wait until a non-DNC loyalist is the AG, THEN investigate.

Where are the unaccounted 85,000 illegal alien children who crossed the border from 2021-2022? How many more thousands crossed during 2022-2023 time period? How many have been placed into sex slave bondage?

Got an answer for that greg? How anout it greg? You and AOC were so outraged when unaccompanied children were placed in detention during the Trump administration. No outrage now greg? BTW when they were in detention, they were safe, were fed, cared for and not walking the streets wanting to be picked up by police or ICE and sent home.
How about it greg? Do you care less for the children now than you did in 2017-2020?

The leftist political elite live in a fantasy world where they have personal security, are protected in gated communities and don’t see the true effects of their stupid, inconsiderate, dangerous, anti-American policies. The results of their policies are predictable and calculated and the effects are clear and absolutely related to the policies.

Another gem brought in by biden to do the work Americans won’t do.

MS-13 Gang Member Wanted in El Salvador for Murder Arrested in Boston, Previously Removed from the US Three Times

Well, they are children of God, just like Pelosi said.

Gee, that’s weird, because returning after having been kicked out ONCE is a federal crime. I wonder what happened? Any way we can issue every illegal immigrant a MAGA cap so they can get arrested and thrown into solitary confinement indefinitely?

How about it greg? Why is your president doing this intentionally to our Country? Why are we importing the poisonous vermin of the world? Is it going to Make America Great Again?

Greg just blindly accepts whatever the far left says and does. There is no separation.

The internet was so much better before stupid people got online.

True confessions, huh?

Abbott is still providing them with free transportation to cities he targets, while the right tries to criminalize crossing state lines for abortion services.

What happened to 85k children who illegally crossed the border on bidens watch? Do you consider that a major accomplishment?

Most are probably thankful to be here. They don’t think America is the f*cked up place that Trump claims it is.

You moron, they are sex slaves. They are unaccompanied. They have been trafficked. GFY

Gregs still trying to fit the round peg in the square hole

Migrant suspect in Laken Riley murder accused of ‘seriously disfiguring’ nursing student as affidavit reveals grim details in case

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

You can put that in your scrapbook.

What should your president do about the border crisis?

Venezuelan Illegal rapes 14 year-old girl in Virginia.

Joe Biden’s America: Illegal Alien From Venezuela Arrested For Sexual Assault of Minor in Virginia

ICE Arrests Guatemalan Illegal Convicted of Sexually Assaulting Child Under the Age of 14 – Released by Local Massachusetts Court Despite ICE Detainer!

Americans are being brutally murdered and sexually assaulted by Venezuelan illegals thanks to Joe Biden.

A vote for biden is condoning this behaivor. If you are opposed to the illegal invasion at our southern border, it is not rational to then vote for joey.

Note that all the rapes and deaths like this don’t bother those who support Democrats; only when illegal immigrants infringe upon their free government goodies do they become irate.

Tell us, Comrade Greggie, what do you think the Americans still held hostage by Hamas in Palestine while Biden does nothing about them and the left wing press has forgotten all about them think about American now?

Why don’t you tell us what you think Biden should do about them?

While you’re at it, maybe you could also tell us how holding up aid to Israel and Ukraine helps their situation.

On The Record – Former Obama Aides Warn Biden Age and Cognitive Decline Is a Very Real Problem

The walking cadaver is not creepy Joe Biden. I believe the real Biden is on ice….or in a cold room with a tag around his big toe.

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

Why don’t you tell us what you think Biden should do about them?

You still think Biden is in control of anything, including his bladder? How damn stupid are you? Did you not listen to Jake Sullivan’s latest interview? It tells you all you need to know about who is in control of the Oval Office and it ain’t Crooked Joe Biden.

Two words for you, f*ckwit; NAVY SEALS

While you’re at it, maybe you could also tell us how holding up aid to Israel and Ukraine helps their situation.

Israel, yes. Ukraine, hell no. Not until Zelenskyy accounts for every damn dime.

Biden is running the country. Trump is running from justice. The GOP is running toward a cliff. You’re running your mouth.

The only thing Biden is running is his bowels. He doesn’t have the cognitive ability to run a lemon aide stand. He was never very bright, but now the lights are out and no one is at home when it comes to Joe Biden, Jr.

And you damn well know it.

Yet all of Trump’s horses’ asses and all of Trump’s minions couldn’t put the your cult leader back in the White House. I’d say the smarter guy won.

I’d say the smarter guy won.

If you think Biden is smart, you’re an idiot. Biden won because he played the game, hence, the nickname “Senator DuPont.” He has been crooked since the first day he took office as a politician.

And don’t forget, typical of Democrats, Biden is as racist as they come (“racial jungle”) and proved it when he headed the committee for Justice Thomas.
But then, I’m sure you approve of the racist comments he has made.
So you can prattle on about your hatred of Trump but you hate him because he is, as was Truman, anti-Communist. Biden just doesn’t care as long as the $$ continues to flow to his crackhead son and grifting brother.

I’d say the smarter guy won.

You’re right, he did. But Democrat election fraud put the stupid guy in the White House.

Biden is ruining the country.

There. Fixed it.

What do you expect the SEALS to do?

What do you expect the SEALS to do?

What the SEALS do best.

Would you please be more specific?

Would you please be more specific?

Gee, groomer, are you saying you don’t know what the SEALS do?

You really are uninformed, aren’t you?

Why don’t you tell us what you think Biden should do about them?

He should shut up, get out of the way and let Israel finish the job. Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden enabled Iran to fund the terrorism that started the war, the least he can do is get the f**k out of the way and let the professionals deal with the mess he made.

They don’t think America is the f*cked up place that Trump claims it is.

Sorry, but it’s Democrats that think the US is a racist cesspool that needs to be “fundamentally transformed” into a fascist socialist totalitarian police state.

They don’t care; they can’t vote yet.

Do you think it is good policy to keep letting these murdering invaders into the Country? Is it a good idea to let those already here stay thinking they want to assimilate into American culture?

As of January 30, 2024, there were 9 million unfilled jobs in America.

Trump got rid of Obama’s policy of deporting criminals first, as I recall. Trump tells you they’re ALL murdering invaders, poisoning the blood of America.

Some of them are and rapists thieves, gang members, free loaders.
Unfilled jobs who the hell wants to flip burgers or slop tacos? Reduce welfare and food stamps they might get filled.

Some Trump supporters are rapists, thieves, gang members, pedophiles, and free loaders. Your damn CPAC leader, who would happily lead a gay pogrom, gropes male staff members and hires male prostitutes. Hypocrisy R Us.

There’s no visible honor left in the GOP because Trump has methodically run all courageous and honorable people off. He sets the moral tone for the party. He’s had the same corrupting influence on evangelicals, who apparently think the devil can be trusted to do God’s work in return for loyalty and power. They run off anyone among them who tries to point that out.

This is how a great and good democracy dies, full of phony self-righteousness as it goes down.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

There’s no visible honor left in the GOP because Trump has methodically run all courageous and honorable people off.

The Democrats never had any honor. FDR didn’t give a crap about blacks or any other minority.

You see how triggered he gets when cutting welfare is mentioned, he has zero problem when his bois threaten SS.
Venezuela is refusing deportees We need to cut them off sanction the shit out o the socialist bastids. Then air drop their filth into the capitol.
Have boeing employees pack the parachutes.

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

Fuck off.

Fuck off.

Ahh, Comrade Greggie has no rebuttal and is at a loss for words so he resorts to idiocy.

Sorry. I forgot and fed the troll.

Trump is an adulterer, a rapist, a liar, and a thief who stole his own sister’s inheritance. He’s egotistical, vengeful, and mentally unbalanced.

You would make a man president again whom sane people wouldn’t hire to manage a fast food establishment.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

Sorry. I forgot and fed the troll.

You have been trolling this site for over 10 years. But then, you are a Democrat Socialist (as you once admitted to) and accuse others of what you are guilty of.

Trump is an adulterer, a rapist, a liar,

But you have no problem that Joey boy was banging Dr. Jill while she was still married to her ex. That’s adultery on Joe’s part, as well. Tara Reade, Comrade? As to liar, Joe Biden is the biggest liar D.C. has ever known.

and a thief who stole his own sister’s inheritance.

Really? And you have a copy of his father’s will, I assume?

He’s egotistical, vengeful, and mentally unbalanced.

Yes, Joe is and everyone in D.C. knows it. But he is also Obama’s puppet and controlled by Jake Sullivan.

Damn, you’re really grasping at straws. Sorry, but you’re going to drown.


Trump is an adulterer, a rapist, a liar, and a thief who stole his own sister’s inheritance. He’s egotistical, vengeful, and mentally unbalanced.

When everything you complain about Trump (and are actually characteristics of Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden, whom you adolize) is based on lies, maybe you should reevaluate who and what you support.

greg has been reduced to nothing but nonsense comments. I peppered him yesterday with some specific questions regarding biden and the crisis of the invasion at the border. He had no return comment supporting his idol. He still contends the election race in November is close. It would only be close if they cheated on a scale that was done in 2020. They will cheat again this November, however I think the American People are on to it and the mechanisms to challenge potential theft that would defeat President Trump are if not now in place will be for the general election.
Personally, the walking cadaver may not make it to the democrat convention.

As of January 30, 2024, there were 9 million unfilled jobs in America.

Gee, I didn’t know that murderer, rapist, drug dealer, thief, child molester, drunk driver and gang member were job descriptions.

Last edited 1 month ago by Just Plain Bill

Ut oh delivered to the wrong Presidents son
comment image

I wish he had more buses. Maybe a trainload. Perhaps charter a cruise ship out of Galveston and dock it in NYC. Those who support Democrats and open borders should have ALL the illegal immigrants. We don’t need them in Texas where Democrats will have them voting.

That stupid open borders, Sanctuary City mayor Adams of New York has more sense than greg.
He now wants to dump the Sanctuary City idea and call ICE … a lot.

I am amazed he can openly admit that keeping illegal immigrants that commit crimes from being deported is a LAW. Yet, Trump has to actually stand trial in such a bizarro place.

Your Stupid

You’re not old (or smart) enough to remember those days.

And the M.S. Media supports this Invasion liberal rags life Time are in support of this Invasion along with the UN and CFR Open Society and George Soros

Shut down the border or shut down the government, 03/01/2024@midnight.

Funny, that’s what Democrats have been saying about the border for 40 years. EVERYTHING is a higher priority than border security to them.

Shut this useless Government down, Id like to see s law where the funds of congress critters are locked til they come up with a balanced budget.
comment image

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

You know why the Uniparty never really shuts down our gov’t?
We had a few shutdowns years ago and all “non-essential” workers were sent home.
The gov’t ran just fine.
They don’t want us to see that very often.
We don’t need about 75% of our gov’t employees.

Obama had to find things to shut down in order to inconvenience people and make it seem like there was a downside to the government being shut down. Things like open air, walk through museums and memorials.

Barry was a vindictive lil biteknob

Should have stepped down right after he blocked Herr Obergruppenfuhrer Garland from the Supreme Court.