The Igor Danchenko Indictment…It was all a fraud.


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John Durham has another scalp. On November 3, 2021, Igor Danchenko – Christopher Steele’s primary subsource – was arrested by federal authorities.
Now we have his indictment. Danchenko has been charged with false statements to federal officials during his 2017 interviews with the FBI.
According to the indictment, Danchenko lied about his contacts with “Russians,” his travels to Russia, and the identity of his sources. (Those are just some of the lies.) In John Durham’s words:

For purposes of background on the second charge, Danchenko alleged he received a call from from Russian reporter/businessman Sergei Millian alleging a Trump/Russia conspiracy. Millian has long-denied placing this call. This call was important because it was the basis, in part, of the FISA warrants against Carter Page. Durham’s investigation revealed Danchenko “never received such a phone call or such information from” Millian.
More from the Indictment:

  • Danchenko kept “PR Executive-1” – an influential Democrat – updated of his “Kompromat” research. We have learned from a person smarter than us that this is likely Charles Dolan Jr. (Aaron Mate might have been the first to make this observation. Well done.)
  • The Democrat PR Exec (Dolan): “I think [Danchenko] worked for FSB.” (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation.)
  • The “Russian Sub-Source-1” of Danchenko was a Hillary Clinton supporter and was gifted an autobiography of Hillary Clinton.




  • “Russian Sub-Source-1” had a personal interest in a Hillary Clinton victory, stating that the Democrat PR executive (Dolan) would “take me to the State Department if Hillary wins.”

Durham alleges that Danchenko – the Steele source – and the Democrat “PR Executive” (Dolan) worked together to gather intel/dirt on Trump. From their e-mails:

The Democrat PR Executive (Dolan) later admitted to the FBI he fabricated this information to Danchenko.
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Danchenko later falsely denied to the FBI that the Democrat PR Executive (Dolan) had provided him with information.

Danchenko further lied about his claims of staying in a Moscow Hotel in June 2016. He didn’t stay at the Moscow Hotel until October. This is material because Danchenko purportedly gathered information from sources during the June 2016 stay (which never occurred).


Here’s an important observation: Danchenko wasn’t a necessarily a source – he was a go-between, providing Steele with information from the Democrat PR Executive (Dolan).

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I wish I could be more excited about this, but I can’t. First, aside from some details, this is all stuff most already knew; that the information of the “dossier” was totally invented and that the FBI were willing dupes in using the information as an excuse to spy on Trump at the behest of Obama. We’ve also all known that members of Congress and media all knew the false nature of the accusations, but promoted it mercilessly anyway, because they needed something to attack Trump with. Indictments and arrests are cool, but it’s difficult to imagine, under this regime, the investigation accomplishing much more.

I await being pleasantly surprised.

Credible, legal, certifiable evidence the Russia hoax was manufactured by our own government and the losing candidate.