The Great Replacement? As Americans Flee Blue Counties, Immigrants Move In


by I & I Editorial Board

Earlier this week we reported on our findings about net domestic migration trends in the U.S. based on voting patterns in the 2020 elections. (See: “The Great Divorce: 3.7 Million Have Fled Counties That Voted For Biden.”)

But we realized there was a discrepancy in the numbers. For example, while more than 483,000 people have moved out of Los Angeles County since 2020, the county’s population only declined by 351,000. Over the past three years, more than 88,000 Americans left Harris County, Texas, yet its population actually increased by 104,000.

And, while we found that, overall, 3.7 million people moved out of Biden-voting counties since the 2020 elections, the population of these counties went down by less than 1.5 million.

Why the difference?

Were those who stayed behind particularly fertile and long-lived?

No. The difference is almost entirely from what the Census Bureau calls “net international migration.”

Census says this includes “the international migration of both U.S.-born and non-U.S.-born populations. Specifically, it includes: (a) the net international migration of the non-U.S. born, (b) the net migration of U.S. born to and from the United States, (c) the net migration between the United States and Puerto Rico, and (d) the net movement of the Armed Forces population between the United States and overseas.”

Overall, the country saw a net gain of 2,534,150 people from international migration from 2020 to 2023, Census data show. These are presumably what Census describes as “lawful permanent residents.” (A separate report shows that in 2021 and 2022, there were 1.8 million people who obtained lawful permanent resident status, and the average per year is close to 1 million. So that would easily account for the 2.5 million net immigrants.)

Where are they coming from? Census data show that 35% are from Central and South America, 37% from Asian countries (including 6% from China, and 12% from India), 8% from Africa, and less than 7% from Europe.

But it’s where they are going that’s interesting.

As we did with net domestic migration, we broke out net international migration numbers into counties that voted for Biden and those that voted for Trump.

What did we find?

Of the more than 2.5 million international migrants, more than 2 million went to counties that voted for Biden. Which means fewer than 500,000 of them ended up in counties that voted for Trump.

Here’s another way to look at it:

Of the 100 counties with the largest gains from net international migration since 2020, all but eight of them voted for Biden in 2020.

At the other end of the spectrum, of the 100 counties with the lowest levels of net international migration, only five voted for Biden.

You can see the complete data set that we compiled here.

Of course, this isn’t a complete immigration picture, because over these same three years, millions have flooded across the border illegally, which the Biden administration has been relocating to every corner of the country.

So, is this evidence of the “replacement theory,” or as the Encyclopedia Britannica website calls it, the “replacement fantasy”?

Here’s how Britannica describes this theory:

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Our County Siskiyou is very Red

We can rejoice in this new “diversity” that is so needed. Haitian cannibals. Islamic jihadis. Africians who will enrich our civilization as they have made Africa the envy of the world. All those pharmaceutical experts from South America and those cartel members who will breathe new life into our tired capitalist systems. Most of all, those disciplined young Chinese, who are no doubt so disciplined and determined to bring to America that bounties that Mao brought to China. And the architects of this are the wealthy babies who never worked a day in their lives, never knew hardship, never knew want, never served others, never sacrificed others but display their arrogance and monumental egoism without a care in the world as a member of a self anointed elite.

It seems the replacement theory became REALLY popular with Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden and Democrats since they are actually carrying it out. Unless, of course, there is another explanation for the intentional importing of probably 12 million illegal immigrants.

I guess Encyclopedia Brittanica threw in “Jewish influence” just for shits and giggles?

So blue counties lose tax base and gain an ostensibly poor population that uses welfare programs.
How long is that going to work?
Ironic that those “poor” people utilize a parallel economy, an underground one that skirts taxes and regulations.
Meanwhile they expect to have moms and children taken care of by the state.

As long as the federal government is controlled by Democrats that will subsidize them.