The Ferguson Effect: How False Media Narratives Fueled A Generation Of Anti-Police Activism


By John Dove

Long before George Floyd tragically died under the knee of disgraced former police officer Derek Chauvin on a Minneapolis street in May of 2020, police officers across the country were being maligned as racist murderers by the media and their puppeteer politicians.
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last eight years, you most likely saw or heard the fiery rants at the anti-police BLM protests.
Chants like “Hands up, don’t shoot” were heard, referring to the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson in August of 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri. “I can’t breathe” was the mantra for the tragic death of Eric Garner in 2014 in New York City, and then “All night, all day, we will fight for Freddie Gray,” was heard in the streets of Baltimore following Freddie Gray’s fatal encounter with police.
Those catchphrases and the names of the deceased, along with others who have died in violent encounters with police, were plastered on the jerseys of prominent athletes all across the sports world, of which some took a knee during the national anthem in protest of a “racist” country.
Hollywood celebrities starred in PSAs maligning the police. The NBA painted Black Lives Matter on their basketball courts, while former Mayor Bill de Blasio did the same on 5th Avenue in Manhattan.
It was reported that Brown, Garner, and Gray were murdered by racist police officers roaming the streets looking to shoot “people of color.” It was broadcasted that they were victims of a systemic racism that permeates through the 18,000 police departments across the country and the courts in all of those jurisdictions.
No matter that those departments and courts – especially those in large metropolitan cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago – have been run by liberal lawmakers for decades and are among the most racially diverse in the world.
No matter that each state and city has its own police department acting independently of each other.
No matter that they have their own chiefs, commissioners, district attorneys, and mayors making and enforcing the laws and dictating policy.
In each of the officer-involved shootings detailed above, the fiction that was shoved down the public’s throat by corrupt, irresponsible, leftist media, in order to create a narrative and shape public opinion against the police, isn’t even close to the truth.
The public has been lied to, manipulated, and used, and the effects of the propaganda these ideologues are spewing will continue to be felt by citizens for many years to come. It’s what many in the law enforcement community are beginning to refer to as the “Ferguson Effect.”
The tallest tale the media told was in Ferguson, Missouri. Within hours of Michael Brown’s death, the media dubbed him “The Gentle Giant.” To further cement their characterization of him as an innocent, lovable teenager, they adorned the front pages of their newspapers and websites with his high school graduation photo and another seemingly innocent, prepubescent photo of him wearing headphones.
Initially, there was no mention of him having committed a strong-arm robbery of a convenience store moments before his deadly encounter with officer Wilson.
There was no mention that Wilson was a six-year veteran of the department with a spotless disciplinary record. Rather, officer Wilson was vilified as a cold-blooded murderer who executed an innocent young man and an aspiring student.
Brown’s sidekick, Dorian Johnson, had a story the propagandist hacks in the media seemed to be waiting for. Johnson insisted that Brown was shot in the back while running away from Wilson, and he was then executed while kneeling on the ground with his hands up, begging for his life.
No matter the story had almost no corroboration from anyone. It fit the false narrative the media was all too ready to broadcast.
Violent riots and looting sprang up in the streets of Ferguson, and, as the city burned, people sat in their living rooms watching the carnage, listening to the pundits and faux journalists spew outrage at another injustice due to the so-called systemic racism of our criminal justice system and our out-of-control cops.
There was no way of knowing that virtually none of what Johnson said was true.
No way of knowing that, years later, all of the six accused officers in the Gray case would be exonerated in court by grand juries of their peers in their liberal cities.
No way of knowing that those same officers would be reinstated in their jobs or that the prosecutor in the case would be forced to resign for prosecutorial misconduct.
No way of knowing that police officer Daniel Pantaleo, accused of murdering Garner, would not be indicted.
No way of knowing that it wasn’t the first time Dorian Johnson was accused of lying to the police – Johnson had an active warrant for filing a false police report in nearby Jefferson County in 2011.

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Hands up don’t shoot. Complete narrative lie perpetuated by the left wing media to end inflame violence. Never mind it was a 250+ lb gorilla like dirtbag who bum rushed Darren Wilson.

Then there was the lie about Freddie gray in Baltimore followed by the george Floyd narrative.

Law enforcement must be able to do their job to protect citizens from leftist scumbags.

First, foremost and most important, Chauvin was not “disgraced”. He was sacrificed on the altar of political terrorism, convicted because of the credible threat MORE devastating political violent terrorism committed by the left. Floyd died because he ate all his own fentanyl and paramedics didn’t get to him in time (THIS time).

Yeah, police are simply not permitted to protect themselves against violent black criminals, not allowed to arrest a black person that doesn’t want to be arrested or protect the public if the threat happens to be posed by a black person. There is NEVER a penalty for spreading known lies that incite violence and looting, so why not throw some out there? Everyone that wants to live their lives without any rules or guidelines hates authority and wants it gone or, if it exists at all, to only serve the purpose of attacking opponents.

Democrats amazingly try to blame violence on the right when they have made it one of their default tactics to shut down opposition and discussion. Like with Chauvin, to avoid the destruction, which has been vividly demonstrated as a real and credible threat, then opposition is shut down.

And any one of these punks getting blown away attempting to kill people would trigger more Fergusson-scale riots and looting.

Dutch Citizens Outraged After Soldier Is Shot Dead in Downtown Indianapolis During Training Trip to US

comment image

Dutch citizens are outraged in the aftermath of the killing of one of their commandos and wounding of several others in Indiana, as details appear to trickle in on who was behind the killing.

Shamar Duncan(black) has been identified as one of the men responsible for the slaying of Simmie Poetsema(white), a Royal Dutch Commando who was gunned down in Indianapolis on August 27.

According to a police affidavit for probable cause obtained by a local news station and posted to Twitter, around 4 to 6 gunshots were heard by witnesses.

“[A surviving commando] told Detective [Gregory] Taylor that they had left a club in downtown Indianapolis,” the affidavit read. “They were headed back to the hotel for the night. On their way back to the hotel, some guys bumped into their group and a disturbance broke out. He said there were three African American males that got into a pulling and pushing match.”

The shooting reportedly took place after an altercation outside of a nightclub, which led to Duncan(black) and his friends being bested in hand-to-hand combat by the commandos.

“He said one of the African Americans got hit and was knocked out with one punch,” the affidavit continued, written in grammar typical of police reports. “He said their group was trying to get out of the fight because they didn’t want a fight. He said 30 seconds to 2 minutes after the fight, shots were fired.”

A 9mm handgun was listed as the murder weapon, and Poetsema(white) was reported to have been shot in the head from behind in a drive-by from “a light-colored pick-up truck.”

Someone please leave a wakeup call for sanity.

Moments after 2 more armed robberies in Wicker Park, CPD boss orders cops to stop following men wanted for over a dozen hold-ups