The Fall of Bakhmut, A Prelude to the Fall of Ukraine?


by Larry Johnson

That promise lasted one month. Limited shelf life. Russia’s long grind to take the strategically vital city of Bakhmut is nearing it ends, with the clean up and capture of abandoned Ukrainian units still inside the city as the priority tasks for the Russian military. Bakhmut is not as economically important as Mariupol, which fell to the Russians last May, but it is geographically significant. That is why Ukraine fought so desperately to hang on to it and expended the lives of tens of thousands of its soldiers in a vain effort.
Wagner’s leader, Prighozhin, announced today that Ukrainian troops:

completely retreated from the eastern shore of Bakhmut, the fighters of the Wagner PMC began operations to clear the area from the soldiers remaining there, who, most likely, would not be able to retreat.
In addition, the Vushniks began to withdraw from the rest of the city along secondary roads, after the “musicians” took fire control of the main supply routes.

Here is a video diary of the last two months documenting Zelensky’s changing message about the importance of Bakhmut.

Pay close attention at the 52 second mark in the video. Zelensky is having the soldiers sign a Ukrainian flag that he will subsequently present to Nancy Pelosi at the conclusion of his speech to the U.S. Congress in January.


I give Matt Van Dyke, an American mercenary supporting Ukraine, credit for his honest assessment. While he still clings to the belief that Ukraine can work a miracle and eventually expel the Russians from Ukraine, he admits that Bakhmut’s defenders were running out of time.


Matt Van Dyke broke the news to Judge Napolitano today (Friday) that Bakhmut has fallen into Russian hands.

Bakhmut marks the second time since the start of the Special Military Operation that Ukraine has been unable to stop a comprehensive Russian attack and unable to mount a counter offensive to rescue trapped forces. The first was Mariupol. That attack was led by the Chechen units of the Russian Army. Once Mariupol was secured and the Ukrainian troops rounded up, the Chechens were redeployed to the rear to rest and refit.
Just like the Chechens did in Mariupol, the Wagner Group was the spearhead of the Russian attack in Bakhmut. I am not privy to the plans of the Russian General Staff but if past is prologue I expect the Wagner Group to be pulled off the line, as happened with the Chechens, and be sent to a secure area in the rear to rest and recuperate.
The damage inflicted on the Ukrainian military is stupefying. Jeffrey Sachs tweeted the following today:

If these numbers are true, Ukrainian casualties, including missing and captured, exceed 600,000. Even if we assume the numbers are cut in half, the scale of losses are staggering. One year ago, according to Yahoo News:

Ukraine has 250,000 active-duty troops, plus another 290,000 reserve personnel and 50,000 paramilitary units that could be activated in a conflict with Russia.

During the last year Ukraine has enlisted hundreds of thousands of new recruits, but these new soldiers are being sent to the front with only minimal training. Ukraine does not have the number of trained, experienced soldiers required to mount a massive counter offensive.

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I thought t hat the UN was suppose to make all nations settle things peacefully. shows that the UN is a scam

The UN is totally worthless. They have proven themselves so. They are in the businesses of pushing the climate scam and making themselves rich off of bribes. The UN should be disbanded. Put the homeless and illegal immigrants in the UN building.

biden bears much responsibility for encouraging and allowing this to happen. But of course there are those who want it to happen and are currently quite happy to be ruled by Mafia with no discernable principles as long as there is something in it for them – most table scraps.
Its disgusting.

No war was ever won on profit. Despite trillions spent, the United States has not won a real war since 1945. Forget the ammunition, the drones, the HIMARS, the air defense systems, the tanks, the F-16s. Once enough Ukrainians have died, Zelinsky is going to be needing more live bodies. Demanding in fact. But whose bodies? Obviously, there aren’t enough mercenaries. So where are the bodies going to come from to replace the dead (to the last man, boy, uncle and grandfather) Ukrainians? On February the 28TH, Zelinsky was reported to have said how the “American people will have to send their sons and daughters to die in the Ukraine.” So where are all these bodies going to be coming from? Dead Americans? Dead British? Dead French? Dead Germans? Body bags don’t just fill themselves.

The fall of Ukraine to Russia will bring back into Russian influence almost all its neighbors except for Lithuanian, Latvia and Estonia. This is why the Bolshevik Neocons will keep the fighting in Ukraine till the last Ukrainian little old lady is dead.

The next logical exercise in survival would be the 3 aforementioned nations to look at Ukraine’s carcass and realize they must make nice with Russia. I bet, Moldova is shaking by now.

When there are no options are left, that’s when the Bolshevik Neocon look for more blood to spill in order to satisfy their insatiable hatred for Tsarist Russia and mankind in general. 600k dead in Ukraine and 2MM dead in the ME. When will we get the balls to stop those maniacs.

biden bears much responsibility for encouraging and allowing this to happen

FULL responsibility. Without idiot Biden’s bowing to AOC’s demands on strangling our energy production, Putin wouldn’t have had the money to invade. Without the weak, incompetent, compromised idiot Biden in the White House, Putin WOULDN’T have invaded.

“The next logical exercise in survival would be the 3 aforementioned nations to look at Ukraine’s carcass and realize they must make nice with Russia.”

Logic? Dumping everything in Ukraines black hole of corruption. Emptying our oil reserves, getting rid of everyone competent and replacing them with the mentally ill at the highest levels in government and military. Logic. Guess who is actually running the shit show.
Death merchants.

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This isnt Obamas 3rd term, he never had a first term…
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Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

The city is surrounded all roads now cut off.

It has taken Putin 8 months to advance 20 miles across territory they claimed to control already, to capture a city that is now depopulated, reduced to ruins, and of minimal strategic value.

Why did they expend so much if it had minimal strategic value?
Maybe you should read what you type before you hit post. Its yet another loss in a lost cause.

Because Putin has turned the capture of Bakhmut into a propaganda point in Russia, and because the head of Wagner will be in disgrace if they fail.

After a year, Russia isn’t in complete control of any of the four regions Putin claims to be “liberating”.

03/05/23 – Russia’s Wagner chief warns of frontline collapse if forced to retreat from Bakhmut

The founder of Russia’s Wagner mercenary force said his troops now tightening their grip on the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut were being deprived of ammunition and if they were forced to retreat the entire front would collapse.

“If Wagner retreats from Bakhmut now, the whole front will collapse,” Yevgeny Prigozhin said in a video published over the weekend. “The situation will not be sweet for all military formations protecting Russian interests.”

Reuters could not independently verify when and where the video was recorded. The footage was published on a Telegram channel that has been disseminating Prigozhin news and has associated itself with the Wagner Group. The video was not published on Prigozhin’s usual press service channel.

But on Sunday he complained that most of the ammunition that his forces were promised by Moscow in February had not yet been shipped.

“For now, we are trying to figure out the reason: is it just ordinary bureaucracy or a betrayal,” Prigozhin said on his usual press service Telegram channel.

The mercenary chief regularly criticises Russia’s defence chiefs and top generals. Last month, he accused Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu and others of “treason” for withholding supplies of munitions to his militia.

In a nearly four-minute video published on the Wagner Orchestra Telegram channel on Saturday, Prigozhin said his troops were worried that Moscow wanted to set them up as possible scapegoats if Russia lost the war.

“If we retreat, then we will go down in history forever as people who have taken the main step towards losing the war,” Prigozhin said.

“This is exactly the problem with ammunition hunger.”

Speaking seemingly from a bunker, Prigozhin said in the video that his troops would wonder whether they were being “set up” for defeat by the country’s top brass or maybe even by someone “higher”.

Do you think they should verify the video before they write an article?
This Wagner group seems to have encircled the city with out any ammunition what does that say about the abilities of the Ukrainian troops?
We also hear the same old they are out of ammunitions story since June or July. Maybe they have guns like old westerns a gun never runs out of bullets.(its always the fall that finishes them cliff or saloon they are goners)
good night

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

When did the disinformation outlets that turned you into apologists for a murderous Russian dwarf ever verify any of the crap they pour into your heads?

HE’S SHOT: Joe Biden Loses Round Three in His Ongoing Battle with the Stairs (VIDEO)

Why is wanting the bloodshed to stop make me a Putin apologist? Your rhetoric proves you never saw battle ever. Warriors want peace.
The time lost and casualties suffered by Ukraine could pose a risk that their spring or summer offensives fail to push Russia back, which would ultimately make the cost of holding out too long in Bakhmut painfully high. Only time will tell how costly the loss of Bakhmut turns out to be.
How many good military leaders would waste so much manpower when they need them later, when all those tanks and stuff arrive?
That time allowed Russian forces to dig in deep an offensive wont be any cakewalk. More death, more destruction just waste.

All that’s necessary to stop the war is for Putin to cease killing Ukrainians call his invading army back to Russia.

Nah. Putin wanted peace. So did Zelenskyy. You and your western masters want war.

Why do you people want all these people to die?

Part of the depopulation agenda?

Here’s your boy, Boris, ensuring a hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians die when they didn’t have to.


Uh, we’re just watching what’s real, son.

Not what you want to believe.

Kindly f*ck off.

“Reuters could not independently verify when and where the video was recorded.”


The Western regimes strange obsession with using the Wagner group as a gotcha is getting pretty pathetic.

I’d like to know more about the American paid isis fighters in Ukraine

And to think this Twitter photo op only cost the lives 4,000 slaughtered Wagner mercenaries… (That’s the estimated minimum.)

Joe Biden in Alabama: “I Was a Student Up North in the Civil Rights Movement.. I Remember Feeling How Guilty I Was I Wasn’t Here…” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden Repeats Lie About a Fire at His Home: “Every Piece of Furniture Had to Be Replaced” – Then Gets Lost on Stage (VIDEO)

Staged Photos of John Fetterman at Walter Reed Hospital Published; No Video

On topic, as ever…

Coming from the paid troll who is paid to pivot all conversation to Trump?

That’s rich.

You are one to talk.

And to think this Twitter photo op only cost the lives 4,000 slaughtered Wagner mercenaries… (That’s the estimated minimum.)

Maybe…probably not…no.

About 350,000 Ukrainians have been killed or wounded.

Less than 30,000 have died on the Russian/Wagner/Belarusian side off things.

The Ukraine is being slaughtered. We need to end this war now and save them.

But you like them dead, right? Less people, better planet?

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

Activated Russian reservists have been sent into battle in Bakhmut to fight with MPL-50 shovels when their ammo runs out. Thousands have died to capture one town reduced to rubble so Putin can claim progress. Wagner has used former prison inmates as cannon fodder to the same end. Death fulfills your contractual obligation. If you’re lucky, relatives get your body back.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Nah. They have about half a million soldiers, and are grinding what’s left of the Ukrainian military, and all those mercenaries we bought, into the dirt.

You can’t fight a war with false internet posts, you twit.

Tell your boss.

Nor can you reinstall the most hated president in modern American history with moronic internet posts.

No need to “re-instate” anyone, you fool.

It’s called winning. You should try it sometime.

Careful, though. Life-long losers will hate you for it.

They’ll post on the internet, and pretend to be Vietnam Vets from Indiana…


Russian troops are growing weary of serving as Putin’s endless supply of Russian corpses.

No, no they’re not.

But it’s cute you think writing that will make it true.

03/06/23 – Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 376

  • Ukraine’s military said its forces repelled 95 Russian attacks in the Bakhmut area over the previous day. “The situation in Bakhmut can be described as critical,” Ukrainian military analyst Oleh Zhdanov said in a video commentary.
  • The head of Russia’s Wagner mercenary force warned that Moscow’s position around the eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut was in peril unless his troops receive ammunition, the latest sign of tension between the Kremlin and the private militia chief.
  • “If Wagner retreats from Bakhmut now the whole front will collapse,” Yevgeny Prigozhin said. “The situation will not be sweet for all military formations protecting Russian interests.”
  •  The Russian army hit a command centre of the Ukrainian forces’ Azov Regiment in the southeastern Zaporizhia region, Russia’s defence ministry said.
  • Near Vuhledar, Ukraine said senior officers of Russia’s 155th Brigade, which Kyiv says suffered heavy recent losses, refused to obey orders to attack.
  • “The leaders of the brigade and senior officers are refusing to proceed with a new senseless attack as demanded by their unskilled commanders – to storm well-defended Ukrainian positions with little protection or preparation,” Ukraine’s military said in a statement, which could not be independently verified.
  • A woman and two children were killed in Russian mortar shelling of a village in the southern Ukrainian region of Kherson, Ukraine’s presidential office said.
  • At least one person was wounded in the southern Russian region of Belgorod after Russian forces shot down three missiles, the governor said.
  • The death toll from a Russian missile attack that hit an apartment block in the southern Ukrainian city of Zaporizhzhia rose to 11 after a woman’s body was found in the debris.
  • Ukraine President Volodomyr Zelenskyy paid tribute to troops defending Bakhmut during the “painful and difficult” battle for the country’s front-line eastern Donbas region…

The 155th Brigade, which refused orders to attack, was nearly wiped out in mid-February:

Elite Russian Marine Unit ‘Nearly Destroyed’ Near Ukraine’s Vuhledar

No, no they’re not? They’re happily lining up to participate in Putin’s slaughter? As of October, 400,000 men had fled Russia to avoid conscription. The current high-end estimate is 700,000.

Greg do you believe everything the liberals puke out?
The entire male population fled?
144.7 million is the population of Russia, damn just do a tiny bit of thinking for yourself.
Maybe 40 to 70K tops like here during Viet Nam
Where would that many young Russian men flee to?
comment image

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

Russian emigration following the invasion of Ukraine (2022–present)
Read the numbers and check the sources. An estimated 100,000 Russians are seeking permanent residence in Turkey, alone. 100,000 have fled to Georgia, and 104,000 have registered their presence in Serbia, etc. The numbers include all Russians who have left, not only those in danger of being rounded up and sent to the slaughter in Ukraine.

Getting sent to Vietnam was not like getting sent to Ukraine. Putin’s “Special Military Operation” has devolved into a brutal war of attrition, much like the trench warfare of WW1. In Bakhmut, the Russians have sent wave after wave of expendable, poorly trained, poorly equipped troops to almost certain death, in an effort to wear the defenders down. It is literally a human slaughter.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

As of October, 400,000 men had fled Russia to avoid conscription. The current high-end estimate is 700,000.

Since you can’t report the actual casualties, I’m certain these numbers are just more invented regime propaganda.


Russia has a million soldiers, with almost that many more to back them up.

This is about using Ukraine as a pretense for NATO invasion of Russia. They are the one problem for the WEF’s vision.

I also think it’s likely we have tech that negates their nukes, can take them out safely and without collateral damage.

The truth is that Ukrainian forces got into Bakhmut, and can’t get out.

The paid bots like greg are desperate to report the above idiocy to hide it.

Russia has about a million troops, with that many more to back them up.

Your assumption seems to be that Putin can send as many young Russians to their deaths with impunity, so long as he doesn’t run out. That might be questionable.

Oh, poor Comrade Greggie; your knowledge of Russian war tactics is pathetic.

Given your vast knowledge of tiddlywinks, perhaps you can enlighten me.

His early blitzkrieg tactic already failed.

His full-scale war of attrition is failing. He’s begging for material aid from China and Iran.

That will be followed by his political failure, which seldom goes well for leaders in Russia who have a lot of backstabbing enemies. Poison would be ironic.

Russia is winning, greg. You can’t post anything that changes that reality, or makes any of your regime lies true.

Your assumption seems to be that Putin can send as many young Russians to their deaths as he wishes with impunity, so long as he doesn’t run out. That might be questionable.

If there were large Russian casualties, you might have a point.

As it stands now, their aren’t.

But you have no issues sending hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians to their deaths with impunity.

Perhaps you’d like to admit your guilt and take your punishment?

The Ukrainians are defending their homeland from murderous Russian invaders. Would you not do the same?

Looks like he would make short work of some poor 15 year old Zelenskys Nazis grabbed off the streets and sent to the front.

Oh. So Wagner is winning, and greg just says the opposite.

Makes sense.