The Failure of Biden’s Doctrine of ‘Don’t’


by National Review

The Iranian regime on Saturday launched a massive and unprecedented attack on Israel, firing over 300 projectiles, including drones, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles, toward the Jewish state. It was the first time that Iran attacked Israel from its own territory, though the attack also relied on its proxies in Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen.

Thanks to an impressive joint response from Israel and the U.S. (with help from allies including Jordan), nearly all of the projectiles were intercepted — even over Jerusalem, Israel’s capital. There was minimal damage to an Israeli air base, which remained functional, and sadly a seven-year-old girl from a Bedouin village suffered a serious head wound. Given what was fired at Israel, the successful defense was an amazing achievement.

Iran has claimed that the attacks were a retaliation for Israel’s recent strike on an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps hangout in Damascus, which killed several top commanders, including Quds Force commander Mohammad Reza Zahedi, who is believed to have been involved in the drone attack in Jordan that killed three U.S. troops.

Though President Biden did the right thing by deploying American assets to assist Israel’s defensive response, the reality is that things never would have gotten to this point had it not been for his accommodating policies toward Iran and months of chastising Israel. Looking further back, the origins of last night’s Iranian aggression could be traced to his former boss.

In pursuing a disastrous nuclear deal, the Obama administration sought to reorient the Middle East around an improved relationship with Iran and more “daylight” between the U.S. and Israel. In pursuit of the deal, the administration overlooked Iran’s malign activity around the world — its sponsorship of terrorism and its destabilizing attacks through its proxies in the region. The ultimate deal funneled tens of billions of dollars in sanctions relief to Iran and allowed the regime to become a greater conventional threat, all while preserving its nuclear ambitions in the long term.

While President Trump pulled out of the deal and reestablished U.S. deterrence against Iran by ordering the killing of IRGC commander Qasem Soleimani, Biden and his team — many of the same people responsible for Obama’s failed policies — sought to resurrect the deal. Once again, in doing so, they tried to downplay Iran’s bad behavior and funneled tens of billions of dollars in sanctions relief to Iran.

Within weeks of taking office, Biden removed the terrorist designation on Iran’s proxy in Yemen, the Houthis, and in 2023, he allowed the U.N. sanctions against the Iranian missile and drone program to expire. Those were the types of weapons not only that were used last night but that Iran has sold to Russia for use against Ukraine.

Since October 7, whenever Biden has been asked about the possibility of Iran getting involved in the fighting, he has simply said “Don’t,” without offering any explanation of what would happen if it did. What Iran has seen from the U.S., sadly, has been weakness. For months, Iran has had its proxies fire at U.S. military assets in the region and harass shipping lanes. Aside from a few symbolic retaliatory strikes, the Biden response has been muted.

More recently, what Iran has witnessed has been Biden and other U.S. officials berating Israel for its response to the worst attack on Jews since the Holocaust. Biden has chastised Israeli actions as “over the top” and its bombing as “indiscriminate.” He has cited Hamas casualty figures uncritically and warned Israel against finishing off the terrorist group in the southern Gaza city of Rafah, threatening to condition aid to Israel. And he has tried to pressure Israel into ceding more and more ground in cease-fire talks, while Hamas keeps rejecting every deal that has been put on the table, and won’t even disclose how many of the 130 hostages it still holds are alive.

Biden’s actions sent a clear signal to Iran’s leaders that the U.S. had abandoned Israel and that it was now free to launch the type of attack that it had resisted doing for over 40 years. The question is, now what? Biden said “Don’t,” and Iran did.

In a statement following a call to Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Biden referred to “America’s ironclad commitment to the security of Israel” and touted the joint Israel-U.S. response to blunt the Iranian attacks. Publicly, he did not offer any support for an Israeli response or warn against it. Privately, there have been multiple leaks, some claiming merely that the U.S. would not be participating in any response, others claiming that Biden would outright oppose a response. Axios reported that Biden was trying to convince Netanyahu to see the thwarting of the Iranian attack as a “win” and leave well enough alone. Even if the U.S. opposes the response, however, it’s not clear whether Biden would put roadblocks up to an Israeli response as he has to Israel’s advance into Rafah.

Any effort to impede Israel’s retaliation would be morally disgraceful and strategically inane. Iran just fired hundreds of projectiles, including ballistic missiles, toward Israel’s capital city, after decades of its proxies launching attacks on Israel. The Iranian attacks were thwarted through great efforts and incredible technology, but they also paralyzed the nation, closing schools and its only major airport — which connects the country economically with the rest of the world.

Thanks to the policies of the Obama and Biden administrations, Iran — which has vowed to destroy Israel as a step toward its ultimate goal of “Death to America” — has thousands more ballistic missiles it could fire at Israel.

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Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s “tough” stance is more like a woman on her back with her hands and feet up in defense screaming “DON’T!”. Goddamn, this moron is a hazard to the entire world. What further warning about the dangers of election fraud do we need?

Yeah, some adult in charge, meh

04/14/24 – News organizations urge Biden and Trump to commit to presidential debates during the 2024 campaign

Trump will say he will, but then he won’t. He couldn’t survive an issue-and-policy oriented series of questions. His one-liner rally memes and quips wouldn’t work.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Bullshit buttwheat.

“They’ve never seen anything like it.”

(Who the hell is “they”?}

Gutless chickenshit incompetent, corrupt, treasonous, pedophile piece of shit Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden won’t debate unless all the moderators are campaign contributors and are wearing Biden/Harris pins. Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

The sum of three crises

…Washington now finds itself facing three complex global crises, each demanding its undivided attention. Any one of them would challenge the skills of even the most seasoned diplomat. Their simultaneity places the U.S. in the unenviable position of potential reverses in all three at once, even as its politics at home threaten to head into an era of chaos. Playing upon American domestic divisions, the protagonists in Beijing, Moscow and Tel Aviv are all holding a long hand (or at least a potentially longer one than Washington’s) and hoping to win by default when the U.S. tires of the game. As the incumbent, Biden must bear the burden of any reversal, with the consequent political damage this November.

Meanwhile, waiting in the wings, Donald Trump may try to escape such foreign entanglements and their political cost by reverting to the Republican Party’s historic isolationism, even as he ensures that the former lone superpower of Planet Earth could come apart at the seams in the wake of election 2024. If so, in such a distinctly quagmire world, American global hegemony would fade with surprising speed, soon becoming little more than a distant memory.

I count a total of 4, the most dangerous being the one mentioned in the last paragraph.

Oh FFS Salon really?
You know the writers are mentally ill. This word salad of inane micro thoughts comes highly short of facts and historical truth. Isolationism since when?
Biden is not respected, the state of the country waiting for sleeper cells, allowed in with mass migration, to be activated. Set up so the US cant possibly afford a war, low on fuel all reserves of weaponry sent to other peoples wars.
If you cant see the lunacy of your post God help you you are on some nasty drugs pal.

Last edited 2 months ago by kitt

Nope. That’s an accurate description of the current situation. It would be a huge challenge for any president.

Add Trump. Trump is exercising powers that aren’t his to use. His puppets have paralyzed the House of Representatives. Imagine if he suddenly had full control again.

He probably wouldn’t accept another lost election. He’d try to take power anyway, using the stolen election lie. They’re already telling this followers that the November election is being rigged.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Trump is exercising powers that aren’t his to use.

Nothing more than your unhinged opinion.

His puppets The People have paralyzed spoken en masse to the House of Representatives. The members of the House represent the People. The House has responded to the People. This is called something you are oblivious to, a Representative Republic where the People give their consent to be governed. Go back to whatever communist hellhole from which you have emerged.

Just what are you on, is it prescription or street? Smoked, consumed or shotup?
As Trump pulls ahead in the polls these fantasy writers put more of their deranged bullshit out there for TDS consumers. The Administration has us embroiled in 2 wars that congress has not declared. Boots on the ground for both, our tax dollars killing children, women and old men. The 2 pissers cant negotiate nor afford to fight,so we pay. Cant make their own weapons so we supply them. Influence, if the US under Buyden, has that, it isnt being wielded in a sane way.
They want us involved in a third conflict with China and Taiwan, lets toss precious resources at that pissing match too.
You want that? Vote for Joe, gas will be 10 bucks a gallon, new cars 100K house a million bucks, groceries a luxury item everything to the war effort,
including all young men and women, victory no victory just off to war.
Sign up yourself if you want death so much, Greggie, die for the WEF and IMC.

Last edited 2 months ago by kitt

Very well said, I concur. greg represents those who are opposed to freedom and the type of America in which Americans want to live.

I remember you being pretty quiet as Kerry went around the world telling nations not to worry, they’d get rid of Trump pretty soon. When will you learn the total worthlessness of your “probably’s”? Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

Before you toss all your eggs to Israel,
From 2011 – 2017, the United States pumped several billion dollars into the development of naval facilities at the Port of Haifa, Israel.

In 2018 (under Trump), Israel took that US tax payer funded naval base project and handed it to the Communist Chinese.

Since that time, the Israelis have refused American access into the port we built. In 2021, Israel threatened and removed US intelligence operatives attempting to monitor Communist Chinese activities.

We literally built a naval base in Israel that Israel handed to Beijing.
Let China then defend Israel. Let China fund the iron dome. They got a lovely finished base in Afghanistan under Biden.
Israel is not mission focused, that tiny strip of land, 139-square-miles called Gaza should be well under their control by now, thats why there are protests in Israel.

They didn’t hand the port to the Chinese; the Chinese were the only one’s who bid on using it.

We should bid on something we built? Wow just wow

At least use it.

Day in, day out.

All three crisis the DIRECT result of Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s weakness, incompetence and corruption. Not only did this moron bring these crises about, he is bungling the response to every one. Trump will certainly have his hands full, but based on his past performance, he can handle Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s residual disasters far better than Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden is handling them.

You make no sense. Trump and Biden DID debate prior to the last presidential election. Now you say Trump won’t, with nothing to back that up. Biden so far refuses to debate this time. If what you say is true, Trump won’t debate, then Biden should be rolling out the dates and places to do it. But that is not happening. And speaking of one liners, how about Biden’s “Don’t”, “Watch me”, “Middle out bottom up” and who can forget “Bidenomics”. How’d those work out?
Go get a clue.

In case you haven’t noticed, Greg never has anything to back up one of his outlandish fantasies. Like the entire leftist agenda, it’s based on hoping things will magically work out without any effort or intelligent policies.


Sounds like Trump is ready to debate greg. biden, not so much. Time to lick your wounds.