The Establishment Is Unmasking Itself


by Connor O’Keefe

Two weeks ago, I wrote an article laying out the political class’s struggle to preserve its legitimacy by fighting to regain control over the digital information space.

The piece built on Martin Gurri’s thesis that the wide adoption of the internet has caused an information revolution that, similar to the adoption of the printing press, has allowed dissent to grow and spread beyond the control of the ruling classes. The results have been political shocks like the Arab Spring, the passage of Brexit, and the election of Donald Trump.

If the twenty-first century has been a war to preserve the establishment’s legitimacy, the current battle in the United States is the 2024 presidential election.

There’s truth to the familiar cliché that the next election is always the most important in history. As the federal government grows, spends more of our money, and intrudes more in our daily lives, the stakes of elections get higher and higher.

That still holds true for 2024, but there is much more going on. In Anatomy of the State, after defining the state as the “organization in society which attempts to maintain a monopoly of the use of force and violence in a given territorial area,” Murray Rothbard dedicates a chapter to how states preserve themselves.

In Rothbard’s words:

While force is [the ruling class’s] modus operandi, their basic and long-run problem is ideological. For in order to continue in office, any government (not simply a “democratic” government) must have the support of the majority of its subjects. This support, it must be noted, need not be active enthusiasm; it may well be passive resignation as if to an inevitable law of nature. . . . Therefore, the chief task of the rulers is always to secure the active or resigned acceptance of the majority of the citizens.

In the United States, the political establishment has for many years evoked democracy to legitimize its actions in the eyes of the public. Doing so transforms any action they take into an embodiment of the people’s will and any opposition into a selfish denial of everyone else’s wishes.

But the internet allowed the public to see that many views and beliefs that had been presented as fringe were in fact popular—often even more popular than so-called mainstream ideas.

That revelation bolstered the anti-establishment movements of the 2010s—Occupy Wall Street, the Tea Party, the Ron Paul Revolution, and Trump’s 2016 campaign. And it sent the political establishment into a crisis of legitimacy.

Tens of millions of Americans sent Donald Trump to the White House in one of the biggest repudiations of the established political class in American history. In response, instead of reflecting on why so many Americans were so fed up with them, the establishment decided to frame Trump as the root cause of all the nastiness and hostility aimed their way. According to them, one man was corrupting America with hate, greed, and Russian propaganda.

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We unmask the Culprate behind this whole Scandal against Trump and its George Soros

82 million. Pfft.

Joe working hard everyday my ass.
The only thing Joe works hard at is fleecing the American taxpayer by laundering money in Ukraine.

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

Good news
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I’m guessing Biden is a busy man, dealing with multiple dangers, both foreign and domestic. The whole world could go to hell in a handbag in a number of different ways.
1/11/24 – US strikes Houthi targets as Israel-Hamas war rages

I’m guessing Biden is a busy man, dealing with multiple dangers, both foreign and domestic.

Yeah, that’s why he has been on vacation almost 40% of his time in office. Nice job if you can get it.

The whole world could go to hell in a handbag in a number of different ways.

Jake Sullivan is in charge so no problem, right?

Blinken doing a bang up job of not letting the war spread.

Maybe Trump could make a phone call and stop the Houthi drones and rockets. He probably know what to say.

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MOAB just one, he would not have waited this long
Biden is seen as weak, the inbred Semetics have no respect for Biden types.
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This is what is left
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That’s how you go to war with Iran, which quickly escalates into war with Russia.

Give Biden time. He’s working on it.

Iran is the problem and kissing their asses and sucking their d!cks is not the solution. They are now refining more uranium than ever before. SOMEONE will be left with the problem of Iran with a nuclear weapon, thanks to Obama/Biden.

There’s a strong correlation between stupidity and vulgarity.

There’s a strong correlation between stupidity and vulgarity.

And the Democrat party.

1 moab dropped on our friends that are so nice to deliver rockets to our ships. A warning shot we call it. Not to those that will never be found, to their pals.

See what happens when you lift sanctions on unfriendly towelheads? There is a billion in arms that was sent to Ukraine the Pentagon cant account for.
Psst… Iran is already at war with us, Putin and Xi know this.

No maybe about it. We saw it. 4 years straight, NO NEW CONFLICTS, Russia, China, Iran and N. Korea kept in check.

Yeah, that’s why he does nothing but vacation and sleep… because he’s so busy trying to divert blame from all the disasters HE created.