The Election Battle Is Just Beginning


By Josh Hammer

As of this writing, the presidential race has not been called for either President Donald Trump or former Vice President Joe Biden. Not that it actually matters; regardless of whether the hopelessly corrupted political press deems either candidate to have attained the requisite 270 Electoral College votes, the election battle is just beginning. Gird your loins.

All summer, as it became clear that Democratic activists throughout the country were seeking to change election laws midstream to provide for mass mail-in voting, the likes of which our republic has never seen, conservatives and other defenders of a secure and durable franchise pointed out any number of obvious problems. How could we ensure that only duly registered, active voters in a certain precinct receive ballots? What about photo ID, signature validations and postmark dates? All of this, of course, in a country with a long history of voter fraud; younger readers would do well to Google “Box 13 scandal,” involving Lyndon Johnson’s 1948 Senate race.

In early September, Hillsdale College lecturer and former Trump administration official Michael Anton published an eye-opening essay at the Claremont Institute’s American Mind site entitled “The Coming Coup?” Anton quoted a leaked report from a war game simulation, consisting of Democrats and Never-Trump Republicans, to play out the 2020 presidential election. In that simulation, John Podesta, former White House chief of staff to President Bill Clinton, was assigned the role of Biden. Podesta refused to concede, pressured states that Trump clearly carried to actually send Democratic electors to the Electoral College and contented himself with entrusting the military to handle the rest of the funny business.

A coup, that is, by any other name. The question now facing Republicans is: If the Democrats intend to effectuate a nonviolent coup, would they have done anything differently since Tuesday evening?

Early in the evening, it was immediately obvious that the polls were, yet again, wildly off. Trump won Florida, that most quintessential of swing states, by a wider margin than he had in 2016. He decisively prevailed in Ohio, the nation’s other paradigmatic swing state and historic decider of hotly contested elections. He barely lost Wisconsin and Michigan, we are told, despite purportedly reliable pollsters assuring us the week before the election that Biden would prevail in each state by double-digits. Numerous outlets called Arizona early for Biden — an indefensible call in what will be a nail-biter of a finish.

Shortly after it was clear that Trump had Florida and Ohio in the bag, things turned problematic. Vote counting was oddly halted in parts of Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada and the three “blue wall” states of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. Even more peculiarly, on consecutive nights, in states where Trump led on election night, large tranches of votes were mysteriously “found.” As Harvard Law School professor and Twitter wit Adrian Vermeule put it: “Kids, not sure if you knew this, but missing ballots have magical properties that make them visible only between midnight and 6:00 am.”

Unbelievably, we are reliably informed from Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight site that one tranche of mysteriously “found” 23,000-plus overnight votes in Philadelphia were “all for Biden.” One does not need a doctoral degree in advanced statistics to understand that that is simply an impossibility. This was around the same time, furthermore, that Democrats in Philadelphia actively sought legal recourse to prevent Republican poll watchers from being properly able to observe vote tabulation. Other examples abound: In Milwaukee, for instance, seven voting wards reported more votes in the presidential election than they had registered voters on file

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These are the people that ran the Russiagate scam on the American people, knowing all along it was a gigantic lie. These are the people who hid exculpatory evidence in every case… and there were a LOT. These are the people who, while testifying under oath that there was no evidence of Trump’s treachery, they were publicly calling him a traitor. These are the people that buried all semblance of due process in a totally politically-motivated impeachment trial. These are the people who politicized an epidemic instead of helping the US citizen.

But they are respecting the sanctity of our election process. Sure. Sure.