The “Dutch Donald Trump” Geert Wilders has won the election to be the next Prime Minister of the Netherlands with a landslide margin



In yet another sign of a global political shift, the right-wing populist Party for Freedom in the Netherlands is projected to win a large plurality. According to exit polling, the PVV will pick up at least 35 seats while the current ruling coalition will combine for 37 losses while only winning 41 seats total.

That makes Geert Wilders, the founder of the Party for Freedom, the big winner. It also means an absolute meltdown has already started given how much Wilders is hated by the European left.

The Netherlands has been in the midst of a soft political revolution over the last several years centering on climate change policies and the influx of Muslim immigration into the European country. As RedState reported, mass protests were held throughout 2022 after the ruling government signed a climate change agreement that would see Dutch farmers decimated due to restrictive emissions standards. It looks like those farmers have gotten their revenge while also securing their futures.

Immigration has also been a major issue as millions upon millions of Muslim refugees have entered Europe over the last decade as a result of civil wars in Libya, Syria, Yemen, and elsewhere. That has pushed welfare spending to the brink and caused crime to spike. Still, few EU governments have had the courage to react, seemingly for fear of being accused of bigotry. To be clear, Wilders has no such concerns.

“It’s been enough now. The Netherlands can’t take it anymore. We have to think about our own people first now. Borders closed. Zero asylum seekers,” Wilders said in a television debate on the eve of the election.

It didn’t take long for the fear-mongering to begin. Already, American press outlets are rushing to describe Wilders as “far-right” and “controversial.” The academics are joining in as well, claiming this could be a “watershed moment for liberal democracies.”

I’ve got a really excellent idea for Abou-Chadi and anyone else who is concerned about the “far-right” winning elections (which is the definition of democracy). Maybe be less terrible? I know it’s a long shot, but perhaps stop ignoring the will of the people in pursuit of some demented idea of world governance and just do things that make the lives of your citizens better.

The arrogance of the global left is being put in check right now, and the EU is at the center of that. Wilders wants to leave the union altogether, and I hope he succeeds.

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Is it possible that some other parts of the world are seeing the destructive effects of leftism?


National debt was 33 trillion on 09/28. The debt will be 34 trillion in early 2024

Not only the leftism, Dep, but the massive Middle Eastern and African migration has been an absolute disaster. They are beginning to understand what I have known for decades; some people will never assimilate because they think their culture/religion is what everyone should practice.

And one of the first thins he can do its to pull the Netherlands out of that Climate Pack and reopen all those Farms and tell the Green Globalists to Go Pound Sand

Reopen the farms, like opposite of opening bug factories? Destroying land for solar boondoggles?

DOMINION did NOT count the votes!

Even Sweden is saying we will deport back to North Africa/the Middle East any migrants who refuse to live “honorable” lives here in Sweden.
That means the raping, the looting, the car-bq’ing, etc., must all stop or out you go.