the demoralization of surrender – make crime easy to prevent crime?


by el gato malo

pro tip: if you think that this is what “winning the war on crime” looks like, you might be suffering from severe demoralization.


seriously, just stop for one minute and really consider this:

dear citizen, our city has roving bands of violent thieves breaking into homes. mostly they just want your car. so leave your car keys out like milk and pastries for santa and perhaps the robbers will stop in the foyer and not come into the rest of your house to steal the rest of your things and menace you and/or your family.

let that one sink in.


seriously, did these people never read “if you give a mouse a cookie” when they were kids?

this is just horrific. it’s not even remotely sane or reasonable. it’s not productive. every single thing about it is calculated to not only make you feel unsafe but to make those who would prey upon you feel safer.

it’s surrender.

you’re to hide, defenseless in your home, cowering and offering up tribute to the roving gangs of brigands that they might be satiated and leave the TV alone. the fact that you could be defended or defend yourself is not even considered…

time after time, “crime waves” like this are found to be perpetuated by small groups of people who commit A LOT of crimes. when the lojack system rolled out, it rapidly resulted in the capture of the big auto theft rings and after a very small number of arrests, overall auto theft collapsed to the point where the lojack system itself failed as a business because it had eradicated its own market demand by working too well.

odd that the toronto PD are not even trying for this.

instead, they are literally saying “make it easier for these people and mayabe they’ll leave you alone.”

this is not crime prevention, it’s fertilizer for felonies.

it demoralizes the citizens and emboldens the criminals.

it’s essentially the legalization of grand theft auto.

keep in mind these are the same people busily criminalizing “speech we don’t like.”

and lest you think “but surely you exaggerate, señor cat” let’s take a quick peek, shall we?

the juxtaposition here could not be more stark:

citizens are urged to make grand theft auto easier and safer for everyone and the police do not even speak about preventing it, but “mean tweets” or even “polite and reasoned postings contrary to our sacred shibboleths of societal suppression” and it’s real, no fooling around prison time according to ill defined rules applied by the most ideologically bent and corrupt of unaccountable agencies.

“for my friends, everything; for my enemies, the law…”

the fact that none of these boundaries are known or knowable is not a bug, it’s a feature. it’s calculated to strike terror because you can never have any idea what might constitute a foot over the line and any loonie who squawks “but my feels are upset!” can demand to drag you into the star chamber.

this country has erected a functional right to robbery while effacing the rights to property, self-defense, and free speech.

small cadres of violent criminals and ideological lunatics are empowered, emboldened, and enabled.

the rest are beaten into submission by law and violence.

what is one to call this if not “abject tyranny”?

many have opined that the purpose of the second amendment in the united states bill of rights is to safeguard the other 9. i am one of them.

consider the solution that the toronto PD is not suggesting (apart from doing their own job):

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Just as bad as it is in Europe where home invasion is no longer a crime we are seeing the results of Liberal Stupidity

I wonder how many home invasions will be encouraged by the idea that someone just conveniently left their car keys right next to the door for them? A better idea would be a mandate that every home possess a short barreled pump shotgun loaded with 00 shot.