The Deep State’s Accelerating Attacks On Trump Show A Consciousness Of Guilt


By Ron Wright

Joe Biden has proven to be a puppet of the Chinese, Russian, and Ukrainian oligarchs—a true Manchurian Candidate. Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s princeling, raked in millions of dollars at arm’s length from Uncle Joe for the Biden crime family from adversaries for no credible business reason. Why?

The purpose was to gain access to Joe Biden for favorable policy decisions and actions, i.e., going soft on China and Russia, releasing funds to the Iranian Mullahs whose proxies attack Israel, selective prosecution of political enemies, and allowing a two-tiered justice system.

It’s become clear in the past three years that a whole cadre of domestic and foreign adversaries all engaged in or aided and abetted in a coup to unseat a duly elected President and to prevent his reelection. The list includes the World Economic Forum (WEF); the globalists; the World Health Organization (WHO); the Marxist left; self-dealing and corrupt politicians, including President Joe Biden, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama; the Deep State including the DOJ, FBI, CIA, DNI, DHS and others; the leftist media complex; big pharma; big tech; and multinational corporations.

Facts show that the Biden and Clinton families are criminal enterprises as defined in the RICO Act. The families conspired with others, both foreign adversaries and domestic operatives, for their personal gain or benefit to undermine and even sabotage the best interest of the American people and America’s national security interests, including using election fraud.

The DOJ, FBI, CIA, and others targeted Donald Trump, Hillary’s opponent in the 2016 election, by making up espionage claims to secure FISA surveillance warrants and then retargeting the espionage investigations to spy on Trump. This continued with the bogus Russian Collusion narrative. In 2020, they had the temerity to claim Hunter’s laptop was the product of Russian disinformation when they knew otherwise.

The FBI currently possesses a laptop that belonged to DNC staffer Seth Rich, who was murdered in DC shortly before the 2016 election. The FBI has twice failed to comply with a federal court order to release the laptop’s information. Shades of Hunter’s laptop. What are they hiding now?

To cover for the Democrat collective’s illegal acts, the Biden administration, via the DOJ and FBI, is using lawfare, in the form of malicious and selective prosecution, and vexatious civil litigation to target Trump to make it impossible for him to be a viable in the 2024 election. The federal government has self-evidently coordinated closely with state prosecutors. These cases, in chief, lack merit and use convoluted stretches of the law.

The J6 “insurrection that wasn’t“ was a Democrat effort to entrap and delegitimize Trump and his supporters and to disqualify Trump’s candidacy. Evidence shows that then-Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, spearheaded the plan by limiting security at this significant political event and then leading the impeachment against Trump for leading and inciting an insurrection, which she followed with a show trial (the illegitimate J6 Special Committee).

That committee, without due process, referred Trump to the DOJ for criminal prosecution. Several states followed suit to remove Trump from the ballot based on the J6 Committee’s findings. The DOJ and several states then indicted Trump for bogus criminal actions, i.e., falsely claiming the 2020 election was rigged. There is a growing body of evidence supporting the claim that there was election fraud. Furthermore, questioning the results of an election is protected political free speech.

Because of the consequences if he’s found guilty, the most serious charge against Trump is that he violated national security by taking classified documents from the White House. In fact, there is no underlying crime in the Presidential Records Act (PRA), which the DOJ bootstrapped into a criminal charge of obstruction of justice.

Special Prosecutor Jack Smith, in his latest filing, admits that the PRA does not apply. Instead, Smith is alleging Trump illegally possessed classified documents under the Espionage Act 18 USC § 793(e) when his term of office ended. The search warrant for Mar-a-Lago cites these crimes as the basis for the warrant: willful retention of national defense information, concealment or removal of government records, and obstruction of federal investigation. Smith goes to great lengths to say that Trump never declassified records using the methods described in these acts or EOs before he left office and, indeed, implies that Trump never declassified anything.

All these charges are ludicrous. The PRA, other acts, and Executive Orders such as EO 13526 are advisory to a sitting President. Presidents are free to act as they wish:

The sitting President is categorically exempt from these laws and administrative policies regarding classified documents, including nuclear, under the absolute or plenary powers of Article II of the US Constitution (See discussion Navy v. Eagan), including being barred from holding office as touted by the media.

In line with federal law, Kash Patel, a high-ranking official in the Trump Administration, said, “. . .Trump declassified whole sets of materials in anticipation of leaving government that he thought the American public should have the right to read themselves [My emphasis added].” See also this excellent summary by Kash Patel.

An important question is whether Jack Smith’s frantic press is about more than knocking Trump off the ballot. What if Trump were compiling documents while still in office that would prove the illegal actions in which the various Democrat enterprises (the DOJ, FBI, DNC, etc.) had engaged to unseat him as sitting President? Why would Trump follow the procedures for declassifying documents in these Acts or EOs when doing so would expose the hypothetical strategy to the conspirators? There is nothing like telegraphing your hand to your enemies.

Contrary to what Smith implied, one of Trump’s last acts as president, using a Presidential Memoranda he ordered published in the Congressional Record, was to declassify the binder containing information on the Russian Collusion narrative. The DOJ and FBI let the clock run out on Trump’s term, effectively violating his order. Trump also ordered the declassification of the transcript of the call with Ukrainian President Zelenskyy. Trump ordered the release of transcripts of notes of James Comey and surveillance information related to Carter Page to “show anti-Trump bias at the highest levels of the FBI.”

My professional opinion as a criminal investigator is that Trump was investigating officials and agencies subordinate to him for potential illegal or seditious acts in order to hold the Administrative State accountable. The Democrats’ raid on Mar-a-Lago was to recover any copies of the Russian collusion binder or incriminating documents that Trump still possessed. Also, this raid was a warning to others who would seek to expose the government’s criminal activity by reminding them that the Administrative State can retaliate by using a flagrant and unaccountable abuse of power.

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I pray to God that Trump has copies of Crossfire Hurricane. This could protect his life more than 1,000 USSS.

I can’t comprehend how Democrats allow themselves to be made embarrassing fools. They lie, get caught in a lie, lie again, get caught, lie again and their supporters just keep on gobbling it up. They have no idea at this point why they hate Trump; they just hate him. Every hate-inducing accusation has been totally disproved, but followed with another lie to keep the hate going, which is easy because they still haven’t faced up to the fact they’ve been lied to in the first place. This is why I have absolutely no respect for these people.

And, we have the pleasure of having our very own poster boy of TDS and irrational hatred of President Trump. That of course is none other than, greg. His opposition to Trump is not rational if he were pro-American. When you peel the onion that is greg, we see the garden variety Mao marxist intent upon destroying America. greg should sicken every pro America Patriot because he like others of his ilk, is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. His hatred for Trump is actually hatred for America, full stop.

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