The Criminal Christopher Wray Asks Congress to Renew the 702 Spying Authority the FBI Abused During Russiagate, But Refuses to Answer Any Questions About FBI Corruption


by Ace

Give us the power to continue spying on American political opponents of the Democrat Party, or else we’ll blame you when the terrorists we should be surveilling strike.

FBI Director Christopher Wray pleaded with lawmakers on Tuesday to continue funding a controversial surveillance tool of the U.S. government.Wray testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday morning. In his opening remarks, he urged Congress to reauthorize Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), which has been both credited with preventing terror attacks on U.S. soil and accused of being a vehicle for spying on U.S. citizens.

The law lets the government keep tabs on specific foreign nationals outside the country without first obtaining a warrant to do so, even if the party on the other side of those communications is an American on U.S. soil. The program will expire at the end of this year if not reauthorized by Congress.

“The expiration of our 702 authorities would be devastating to the FBI’s ability to protect Americans,” Wray told Senate lawmakers.

He said the FBI is aware of a “steady drumbeat” of calls for attacks by foreign terrorist organizations since Hamas massacred more than 1,200 Israelis on Oct. 7. Section 702, Wray argued, is an “indispensable” tool to combat terror threats by allowing the government “to stay a step ahead of foreign actors located outside the United States who pose a threat to national security.”

…Wray testified that stripping the FBI of its 702 surveillance powers would be akin to “unilateral disarmament” in the face of growing threats from Iran and China.

However, critics on the right and left claim the program encroaches on Americans’ civil liberties, specifically if the FBI conducts warrantless surveillance on communications between Americans and foreign nationals.

…Wray argued against any attempt by lawmakers to restrict the FBI’s surveillance authority, which he compared to the “pre-9/11-style wall” that prevented U.S. intelligence agencies from sharing information that could have prevented the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks.

“If that’s the path chosen, what are we going to say to the family whose loved one’s care was sabotaged when a hospital was taken offline by a foreign adversary and the FBI wasn’t able to stop the cyber attack? What’s the justification for not using every lawful tool to stop China from stealing our technology and undermining our freedoms? Because I can assure you the PRC is not holding back or tying its own hands behind its back,” he said.

Christopher Wray insists that he has new “policies” that will prevent the same FOIA abuses as we saw in Russiagate — but refuses to tell the Senate what these policies are, and refuses to tell the Senate if any of those abusing the system previously have been disciplined or fired. The rest of the clip is about whether the FBI’s new “policies” would have stopped any of the previous abuses. Mike Lee insists they would not have stopped previous abuses, and Wray admits several times these invasions of privacy would be permitted under the new “policies.”

So what kind of corrective is this? It’s not a corrective. It’s not intended to be. It’s not intended to stop any of the past abuses, because the FBI wants to continue those abuses. They just want to pass a meaningless change and say “There we fixed it. Let us spy on the Democrat Party’s political opponents in peace.”

Ted Cruz blew up at Christopher Wray for refusing to answer why the FBI had refused to obtain the GPS data which would determine if Joe Biden was in fact next to Hunter Biden when Hunter Biden shook down his Chinese partners, telling him “My father is sitting right next to me” and will insure that you will regret not giving me my $10 million.

Cruz’s full time here:

Christopher Wray says that no one who targeted Catholics did so “in bad faith” and some of them were Cathoics so they get a pass in targeting other Catholics and no, no one’s been fired.

Oh, Wray added that there was a little note added to their files.

Never a firing — you can’t fire a government bureaucrat! Ever! These people are entitled to their precious careers no matter what they do!

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The FBI has become the American gestapo. Josh Hailey took Wray to the woodshed. Wray is a despicable human piece of excrement. Lying to Congress and the American people will have its consequences in 2025.

Josh Hawley on January 6, signaling his support to the mob preparing to invade the Capitol:

Many? And who would that “many” be, asshole?

Countless Americans who will breathe a sigh of relief the day your cult leader is finally sentenced to prison.

Cheney. Kissasser. The View. You know… great minds.

Yup it was him, so they can drop charges against Trump now.
Vogue bwahahahaha.

Vogue bwahahahaha.

You really don’t understand how this whole thing works, do you?

The latest fashion news, beauty coverage, celebrity style, fashion week updates. I even have a couple sewing patterns.
Perhaps its you who doesnt know how this works, I wouldnt look in better homes and gardens for cutting edge political commentary.
Teen Vogue has become a total cesspool of filth as well.

Status magazines like Vogue also do real reporting in order to extend their reach and be taken more seriously—you might remember the old saw about “I only read Playboy for the interviews.”

Yeah, we do. The left creates a fantasy in their heads and then they worship it as if it really happened. Eventually, you expect everyone else to sink to your level of delusional stupidity.

That’s not what I was referring to, but thanks for trying.

Oh, so you are discussing something other than the topic. Kind of like creating a fantasy in your head and wondering why everyone else isn’t getting involved, huh?

I’m responding to a comment in the thread—just not the one you seemed to feel I was responding to.

You are responding to what you imagine and pretend is there. You are not responding to reality. You are avoiding reality.

Really? Prove it. Prove it or, without proof, admit you are lying.

What do you think Hawley was doing when he raised his fist to the crowd that way?

What crowd? I see no crowd. I see a photo being repurposed to fit a leftist imaginary dialogue.

What do you get out of denying something that we all saw happen?

You all saw happen in 1 pic from a fashion magazine, that seems to also be able to know what Josh thinks in a twisted liberal mentally ill way.
Yup a peaceful crowd shortly before the Capitol police opened fire on them. Hey republican voters, peacefully protesting, you go!
Hey Mikey you vote Democrat as a Father of girls are you sure you are looking at the big picture?
comment image

Last edited 2 months ago by kitt

You all saw happen in 1 pic from a fashion magazine

No. He acknowledges making the gesture to the crowd.

No. He acknowledges making the gesture to the crowd.


He starts to talk about it at around the thirty-second mark of this video.

Indeed, he did:

Thataway, Greg! Prove that Michael was wrong! Nailed his ass right to the wall!

What did you see happen? All I see is a photo of Hawley. What is it you are seeing. SEEING.

That’s what it looks like when a “violent gang” won’t become a violent gang. It needs help. A LOT of help.

Yeah, I think that would be a great big “Go F**K yourself.”

How dumb are you? asks the man who revealed Trump’s plan to falsely declare victory, days before the election.
12/07/23 – ‘How Dumb Are You?’ Steve Bannon Loses It on Sean Hannity For Asking Trump If He Will Be a ‘Dictator’

“Look what I’M doing! Here’s an idea… let’s accuse TRUMP of doing this nasty shit!”