The Compelling Case for Trump


By David Prentice

We are told by our leftist betters that Trump supporters are a cult. A group that has no core beliefs, a group of Simple Simons that simply can’t understand nuance the way we should. The smarmy Bill Maher (and his ilk) loves to let everyone know how dumb and cultish the MAGA people are. Some — actually, way too many — on the Right have tried using that same insult. Most NeverTrumpers use that attack. We supposedly think of him as an idol who can do no wrong, a person who counts on tricking us rubes with promises he won’t deliver.

Each of these critics earns the coveted Judas award, deserving of those who smear for money. And it is those in agreement with that amorphous group of intellectual betters that need to hear this: Trump the man is far from perfect. But Trump the man is perfect as a vessel to politically oppose the current evil power elite. As Ronald Reagan was the man to renew America during his time, Trump has become that same beacon for this time.

And that is his superpower. A compelling one from a compelling man. Compelling because he truly wants the America that was once free in allowing him to become a giant in business, as well as a feted and loved TV celebrity. He wants to allow that same freedom and greatness for all Americans once again.

Compelling is not a word that most would use for Donald Trump. Mainly because the leftist smear machine has succeeded in propagandizing his character and actions repetitively in the most negative of ways. It’s hard not to notice how often and how hard the Left has tried to destroy him. They are enraged to the point of insanity. The infinite ways they have come against him are overwhelming. RussiaGate. The impeachments. The continual and ongoing smear campaign. The constant barrage of deceit he gets in the old and new media. The crazed lawfare the Left is currently using. There has never been this large a concerted effort to get rid of and punish one man politically.

He has all the right enemies, and despite their efforts, he is winning. Superpower on steroids.

All this and more, yet he persists. We haven’t previously seen this kind of courage displayed while keeping himself in the crosshairs of the Left. I can’t think of another example of a person handling this kind of flak. Not only does he keep going, it’s pretty clear he is slowly winning the hearts and minds of a majority of America in running for President again. Remember his polling prior to 2016 and 2020? He was never ahead. Not once. His average polling right now shows he is ahead, and has been for months. It’s a triumph of personal perseverance.

His finest characteristic is speaking truth to power. It’s what he does best. This and the God-given strength to persevere. He’s like the boy in the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes. He always calls the blob naked. He does it every day, and the Left hates it. In their fury at being called out for what they are, they lash out, often making fools of themselves.

Let’s talk record.

His record of accomplishments as President is stellar. His was the best economy we have seen in our lifetime. An economy that his policies brought about. Energy self-sufficiency was attempted, and it was successful. We had low energy costs during his first term. Which led to upward mobility for all. Less regulation and red tape. Low unemployment, lower taxes, rising wages, and America was becoming great economically once again. That tide lifted all boats, including the lowest unemployment ever for women, Blacks and Hispanics. It was a simple extension of his own story. Set the stage for the American people to excel, and they will. And those who participated did.

Immigration: He almost singlehandedly slowed to a trickle the problem of illegal immigration. His policies worked. The wall was working, the message was sent, the dragon of illegals swarming the border was running away. Mexico and Canada were on board. The Border Patrol was doing its job. This signature policy of his had taken hold.

His policies led us to be respected in the world once again. So much so that he is the only President in memory to have had no wars started during his four years. Peace had come to the Middle East, which was once unthinkable. Isis was destroyed and had no power. Iran was contained. North Korea was ceasing its mischief. China was losing in its battle for world supremacy. America was ascendant and had become great again.

The optimistic spirit of Americans was returning. We were no longer cowed by the leftist lies convincing so many that America was uniquely evil, that the core of its founding was rotten. Being proud of our nation and what it offered was becoming normal again. That spirit more than any other was what made his Presidency ascendent.

The list of his accomplishments is much longer, but the above shows how compelling his triumphs were.

Compelling? You might ask how can he be compelling with so much drama and divisiveness surrounding him, uproars that emerged weekly?

Reagan was called the great communicator. He was able to go above the media reaching Americans with his humor and common sense. He won them over. Let me suggest a heresy to some: Reagan couldn’t deal effectively with the well-oiled propaganda machine the Left has today. I don’t believe he could be elected because it has become so powerful. This machine is strong, lethal, capable of making up seem down, evil seem good. It has been overwhelmed with leftist ruin, overwhelmed with deceitfulness in its ability to destroy.

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Our support for Trump IS simplistic. We want what is best for the country. We don’t want a different (fundamentally changed) country, we want the United States of America. We want a strong economy and freedom. We want a nation that offers opportunity for those with the ambition to exploit it, which is what has made this nation great and which can, in times of crisis, can be focused on a unified effort to protect the nation and the people. It’s not complicated.

NO ONE on the left offers this and few on the right. Few supported Trump before he put his vison in effect and a few have been converted. Hopefully, if he can overcome the lawfare and election fraud in 2024 (the straight up choice is a no-brainer), he can then overcome the left’s obstruction and violence and convert more of our future leaders to follow in his footsteps.

To the Anti-American scum on Deerborn we don’t want you in our Nation Period Go Away Get Out and don’t return and take the UN with you