Thanks To Joe – TB Is Back



Tuberculosis is one of those diseases most Americans think is a relic of the past. They are wrong. It is back courtesy of the policies of the Biden administration.

All over the country illegals are jammed into camps and emergency shelters. They are coming here from all over the world. No one is doing any meaningful medical screening of these people. They are bringing tuberculosis with them.

On Cape Cod in Massachusetts, there is one such shelter where 100 people are jammed into an old motel. In December Heidi Nelson of the Duffy Health Center, which provides care at the shelter sent an email to multiple elected officials in Massachusetts warning of a crisis situation at the shelter and reporting an outbreak of tuberculosis amongst the illegals housed there. The state of Massachusetts responded by declaring the email too sensitive to release and attempting to cover up the situation. When a radio talk show host threatened to read the email on the air, government attorneys intervened to prevent it.

There is nothing surprising or unique about this situation. The National Institute of Health published a study last year warning of the danger of tuberculosis spread by illegals. One-third of the world’s population is infected with tuberculosis. Thousands of people are entering the country illegally every day. You do the math.

Every portion of the country is impacted. Perhaps most worrisome is the situation in New York City. Data shows in excess of 500 new tuberculosis cases in New York City in 2023. That’s the highest number of new cases in a decade. It is also a 20% increase over last year.

Keep in mind when looking at those numbers that no one is requiring illegals arriving in the city to be screened. No one has any idea how many more cases remain unidentified. Those figures on new cases represent those that more or less accidentally have come to the attention of authorities.

“This is definitely a more dramatic resurgence than we would have probably expected – with internal figures suggesting the city is on the pace to exceed last year’s 536 newly diagnosed TB patients or at a rate of 6.1 cases per 100,000 people,” said Elizabeth Lovinger, a health policy director at Treatment Action Group, a public health advocacy group that focuses on TB. She added, “When there are particularly high spikes in TB and other infectious diseases in New York City, that tends to be kind of a bellwether for the rest of the country.”

Tuberculosis is caused by a bacteria. When an infected person coughs or sneezes the bacteria is expelled in droplets of moisture which can float around in the air for hours. When breathed in by another person that individual can contract the disease. Form that image in your mind and then imagine the interior of a New York subway car in rush hour. The disease can spread like wildfire in that kind of environment.

Tuberculosis attacks your lungs. Symptoms include a bad cough that lasts 3 weeks or longer, pain in the chest, coughing up blood or sputum (phlegm from deep inside the lungs), fatigue, weight loss, loss of appetite, and death.

New York City has dismantled much of its infrastructure focused on tuberculosis in recent years. The wait to be seen at a city tuberculosis clinic is now two to three days at a minimum. That’s for those judged actively infectious. In the meantime, those individuals are still wandering around coughing, sneezing, and spreading the disease.

It may be hard for most Americans to grasp the danger posed by the surge in tuberculosis infections. Prior to the advent of antibiotics in Europe, 25% of all deaths were from tuberculosis. Even now with antibiotics the number of deaths from tuberculosis is staggering. In 2020 1.5 million people worldwide died from tuberculosis.

The Biden administration shows no signs of caring or taking any action to head off the coming disaster. On the contrary, it seems dedicated to policies designed to guarantee the spread of the disease.

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The homeless and the illegals are not encamped in an isolated way, so as to protect the general public.
They are out on the streets and lining the passages to airplanes at airports, so the public must run the gauntlet thru them to get where they are going.
TB and measles are both making huge comebacks as a result.
Now, was this the feature or the bug?
WEF wants earth depopulated by 7 or 8 BILLION.
So, you have to wonder.

Well, they DO need an epidemic of some sort. Elections coming up, you know.

Again, the leftist ideal living situation is millions of people tightly packing into cities where everything they think you need and are, by the government’s judgement, entitled to. However, when you inject infectious diseases into the formula (as if rampant crime isn’t bad enough), you can create quite the death trap when you lure and allow in millions of illegal immigrants from all over the world without vetting or examining them.

This is the leftist vision for those of us that aren’t in the ruling elite living in gated communities.