Taking Action on J6 Video Footage


By Tim Rivers

It’s been over 34 months since the events of the 2020 election and January 6th, 2021, sparked a growing fissure in public trust. Those two historic occurrences began public and private debates over facts that still rage unresolved today. Do we the public know enough truth to make informed decisions about either of those events? Have we seen and heard all the actual facts? Is the insurrection narrative that the mainstream media and the Biden administration have been declaring so vehemently a true and accurate representation of what happened?

The J6 defendants, families, attorneys, investigators and now a growing segment of the American public, have been demanding the release of the tens of thousands of hours of Capitol security videos and body cams of that day to settle the debate and prove the facts of what happened in and around the capitol on Jan. 6th. But they got only crickets in response from Congress and Nancy Pelosi.

The now former speaker of the house, Kevin McCarthy, promised to release all the videos after being forced to put it in writing in order to win that seat of power. But in the end, and despite having ample time to honor his promise, he failed to deliver. To appease the outcries, he released a few tantalizing and carefully selected minutes to the press, while obstructing any meaningful investigations into the bulk of the data using the smoke screen of national security.

The new owner of that House of Representatives throne, Speaker Mike Johnson, began to roll out hundreds of hours of internal CCTV cameras on the House website Friday Nov. 17th. Though many are cheering and celebrating these initial releases, there remains a great public misunderstanding of what the release of these videos actually means when it comes to discovering the truth. Friday’s release saw just a few hundred hours of corridor and portal cams. Releasing this immense cache in dribbles is just another slow walking of the truth, when in reality it would be just as easy to release them all at once.

Beyond the issues of releasing the material quickly comes the question:  What now?

How do you investigate the over 40,000 hours of video effectively? Is that all the evidence? What about the MPD body cam footage, not included in Johnson’s announcement?

Gary McBride of M5NewsGate.com, a J6 video investigator, pointed out that just processing one 60-minute segment, one single hour of full speed video, can take tens of hours. Gary has experience in that, having created the video series that exposed the actual facts in Kyle Fitzsimon’s case — disproving the DoJ’s charge of assault. He was still found guilty. M5News has released scores of examined and curated CCTV Videos and publishes them on Rumble for the public to watch. When asked how he felt about the release of the videos, he had a warning about the immense task it represented.

“What people don’t understand is this: watch these videos 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 52 weeks, now you’ve only watched 2080 hours — without investigating, meaning not slowed down, zoomed in, correlated, etc.”

His explanation puts a new face on the difficulty defendants and attorneys still face in locating the particular video that might clear them and refute the DoJ’s criminal accusations against them.

To see the details needed to clearly identify and document individual actions that verify or reject the DoJ’s numerous claims of violence by defendants, would take decades with teams of investigators working around the clock. It’s expensive work with highly skilled video experts and criminologists and lots of equipment. While the DoJ has millions funded to cover it all up, the J6 Investigators often have to pay their own expenses to achieve any measure of success. Activist David Sumrall says, “The J6 Hostages have been denied access to any evidence that could free them while the DOJ continues its harangue and persecution of J6 families. It’s time to RELEASE THE HOSTAGES and let the TRUTH be seen by the public.”

Meanwhile, the political hostages of January 6th languish in prisons and jails across America waiting for truth to set them free. They cry out in their letters from prison for America to demand justice for them. Their pleas and suffering are chronicled for America in the American Gulag Chronicles series.

Had the DoJ and Nancy Pelosi released these videos in 2021 as demanded, we might have avoided destroying America’s faith in its federal justice and law enforcement agencies. We might have been spared the spectacle of our own government executing an imitation of Stasi Police State tactics as they violently rounded up ordinary citizens who were peaceful that day. We could have avoided the loss of trust in the Houses of Congress and the Judiciary of the D.C. District.

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Sounds like a job for crowd sourcing, security tape of empty hallways can be eliminated quickly.
Identify those that showed up with climbing gear and were cheered on by the Antifa guy that recorded himself breaking a window, then was rewarded with a 70 K payday from MSM 1 night in jail..

Had the DoJ and Nancy Pelosi released these videos in 2021 as demanded, we might have avoided destroying America’s faith in its federal justice and law enforcement agencies.

This fascist regime has destroyed that faith in numerous ways, not just the January 6th persecutions. But, many people innocent of serious crimes would have been spared harsh prison sentences and much anxiety.

This seems like a job for AI. Tag and track each individual. Maybe, identify them from a database of DMV license and ID images.

Once there is enough to indict those involved, they should be charged to keep the statute of limitations from playing a role. Further charges can be added as they arise. Also, intellectual and key authors in government should lose any qualified immunity from tort lawsuits.

But… but… but TRUMP incited the violence!