Suspect in Texas High School Mass Shooting Released From Jail One Day After Students and Teacher Shot



Alleged Texas high school mass shooter Timothy Simpkins has walked out of jail after having his meager $75,000 bond posted.

Simpkins is accused of shooting at least three people last Wednesday after a fight. He allegedly used a .45-caliber handgun, a weapon he supposedly did not legally own. He is being charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a gun.
He is accused of shooting the kid he fought with, as well as a teacher and another student. Another person was somehow injured in the fracas. Everyone is expected to survive.


It should be remembered that Kyle Rittenhouse spent several months in jail and was released on $2 million bail after allegedly shooting three people in self-defense with a gun he was legally allowed to carry.
Some of the January 6 prisoners have been languishing in solitary confinement, some for almost eight months, with no bond or bail offered by judges. Some have been charged with violent crimes. None of them shot anyone.
FACT-O-RAMA! The difference between bond and bail: People arrested and granted bond only need 10% of the bond amount, which is paid to a bond company that supplies the rest of the money. Bail needs to be paid in full. The 10% of the bond is non-returnable. Bail money can be returned if the suspect shows up for trial.

Here is a video of Timothy Simpkins in the fight that preceded the shooting:
Simpkins’ family has a lot of excuses as to why their son shot at least three people. It seems he was bullied for having nice things that other students didn’t have (like a gun?).

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Unless he is tried as an adult, won’t he just go to jail until he is 18 if convicted? This is why violence continues; depending on the optics, the left excuses violence, which makes it a viable alternative to minor conflicts. If this little pussy can’t take an ass whoopin’, how’s he going to survive in prison?

Sorry the kid was bullied or beat up, but that doesn’t excuse shooting people. Well, unless you are a liberal and the shooter is black.