Sunday’s Energy Absurdity: New Zealand Runs Smack Into Blackout Reality, Resumes Drilling for Oil


by David Blackmon

It turns out that the superstitious zeal to cut plant food out of the atmosphere drops considerably among the climate cultists in New Zealand when they’re faced with the prospect of freezing in the dark. Who knew?

The Telegraph reports that New Zealand’s authoritarian leftist government is about to approve a lifting of the ban for drilling for oil and gas after the country’s power grid, overloaded with weather-dependent generation like wind and solar, has proved unable to handle the winter load.

Here’s an excerpt from that story:

The country’s coalition government is preparing to invite energy companies to resume exploration in the three major offshore fields that supply most of its gas.

It comes after National Grid operator Transpower was last month forced to warn families to limit their electricity usage to avoid a shutdown during a cold snap.

The decision to reverse the ban, made by resources minister Shane Jones, will be a setback for green activists and likely to be regarded as a blow for Labour after Ed Miliband has repeatedly pledged to halt new drilling for oil and gas in UK waters.

New Zealand was on Saturday night expected to revoke a ban on drilling for oil and gas amid fears of blackouts, as Labour plans to impose a similar crackdown on the North Sea.

However, New Zealand’s change of course has been cheered by industry leaders. John Carnegie, chief executive of trade body Energy Resources Aotearoa, said: “We welcome a return to sensible, pragmatic policy settings that fairly manage the upstream oil and gas sector to the benefit of all New Zealanders.

“New Zealand faces an energy shortage which threatens our electricity system and the competitiveness of our exporters.

“We now urgently need to attract further investment in exploration and production to keep the lights on, our houses warm and business humming.”


For those unfamiliar, the ban was introduced by the brutish Klaus Schwab acolyte Jacinda Ardern, who as the country’s Prime Minister treated New Zealanders to an array of the most repressive COVID measures on earth, including sending those who refused to take the vax to what were basically concentration camps.

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The Kiwis see the reality that Wind and Solar are not as efficient as they wanted and sill return to Drilling and the Keep it in the Ground Useful Idiots can Go Pound Sand

I would like for someone to provide the rational justification for the left eliminating affordable energy when they have no practical replacement?

They have never been rational or sane for that matter.
The only thing that drives progress is the consumer. We dont want potential fire bombs sitting in the attached garage. A third world grid cant support an electric world. Windmills and solar panels are ugly and expensive to maintain.