Spy Agencies Find: Putin’s Not the Bad Guy This Time (Maybe)


by Jeff Childers

Mystery solved! The Wall Street Journal ran an exclusive story yesterday headlined, “Putin Didn’t Directly Order Alexei Navalny’s February Death, U.S. Spy Agencies Find.” Uh oh.

Whoopsies! To tee up this story about how badly the government and corporate media lies, disinforms, and misinforms us, behold February’s headline from ABC News:

image 9.png

With that in mind, here’s how the Journal’s article yesterday began:

Alexei Navalny’s February death in an Arctic penal colony prompted a new wave of sanctions targeting Russia’s economy, upended delicate negotiations to exchange prisoners between Russia and the West, and left Russia’s limited opposition in disarray.

U.S. intelligence agencies have determined that Putin likely didn’t order Navalny to be killed at the notoriously brutal prison camp in February, people familiar with the matter said, a finding that deepens the mystery about the circumstances of his death.

“Make no mistake. Putin is responsible for Navalny’s death,” Biden said after the world learned of the death.

But the U.S. now believes the timing of his demise wasn’t intended by Putin. 

Well. Now they tell us. Alert readers will recall that back when this story first broke, I challenged Biden’s diagnosis, instead suggesting Navalny’s death sounded more like a jab injury. On February 16th, the Russians reported that Navalny fell unconscious after a walk at the penal colony where he was serving time. Medics tried to revive him, but that failed, and Navalny died.

It sounded all too familiar to me.

But about ten thousand articles then appeared in duplicitous corporate media directly and now, falsely, accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin of ordering a hit on Navalny. Of course Putin did it. It was obvious.

But now, not so much. Lawsuits may follow. Should Joe Biden have immunity from a defamation lawsuit by Putin? What about all the news agencies?

The new intelligence assessment leaves open the possibility that Putin might have still been involved somehow. You never know. But Biden’s statements and the original media reports all lacked that nuance.

Were the media’s unqualified assassination claims misinformation? What do you think?

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Putin was riding Motorcycles and Horses while the Obamas were riding stupid Bicycles and weating those Pee-Pot Helmets

Maybe they should ask Hamas? They seem to like their “facts and figures”.