Special Counsel Jack Smith Stumbles as Four Judges Criticize Trump Twitter Search


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This case like many of the others fabricated against President Trump is withering on the vine. When the USSC decides in June on the J6 case, and they will find for the plaintiffs, the jack shit case is dead.
The Georgia case is on life support and soon moving to hospice.
The NY fraud case will be reversed on appeal and the lunatic dressing room broad is a laughable episode of Law & Order

These kangaroo tyrants need to be removed from their perches, by any means necessary. These are criminals working for an illegitimate, installed president, they need to be arrested, and charged with sedition.

The left is simply throwing all respect for the law and Constitution to the wind and seeing what they can get away with in order to try and lawfare Trump out of the campaign. It’s disgusting. Maybe some judges see the coming collapse and have decided they want to be on the right side of the decisions instead of just another hack DNC lackey.

I want t o see Smith fall on his Face

The only reasonable remedy for this travesty of justice is to;

1) Sequester all of the information from the Twitter Subpoena, as well as any other investigatory materials gotten thru illegal means and remove that from evidence.

2) Remove Jack Smith and all involved investigatory prosecutors from the case.

3) Move jurisdiction for trying any charges out of DC.

4) Require the Government to go back to square one and rebuild their case from scratch without the benefit of tainted evidence.

5) Afford President Trump the opportunity to sue the Federal Government for damages, should he choose.

This is a textbook case of the well-established “Fruit of the poisonous tree” legal doctrine. Any information gained from this illegal search and any information later developed because of information bearing on the original illegal search is tainted and must not be used.
Since it is now impossible to segregate out what Jack Smith’s team gained later on because of this illegal search the entire case should be thrown out and every individual who has had contact with jack shit or any member of his team should be disqualified from any participation formal or informal in any Trump prosecution.

What does Jack gain from a Twitter search of Trump’s feed?
The names of each and every responder, upvoter and retweeter of Trump’s tweets.
Why does Jack want all of those people’s real names?
So he can run (probably) illegal background checks on all of them.
So he can further chill free speech in America,
So he can slander Trump via guilt-by-association if any of his followers have committed ANY crimes, before, during or after they read a Trump tweet.
Jack wants to claim Trump was yelling “FIRE!” in a crowded theater, so to speak.
Trump keeps telling us: They’re not just coming after me, they are coming after YOU!

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Just like Mueller’s investigation or the clamor for Trump’s tax returns; he desperately grasping at straws hoping to find SOMTHING that will salvage this failed expedition.