Sotomayor does not belong on the Supreme Court


Sotomayor renders opinions on fantasies and not facts

CLAIM: U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor: “We have over 100,000 children, which we’ve never had before, in serious condition, many on ventilators,” from coronavirus. VERDICT: FALSE. There are about 4,000 children in hospital from coronavirus.

Justice Sotomayor made several factually false statements during oral arguments Friday at the Supreme Court, as the justices considered challenges to President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates, including a mandate on large private employers. One of the more bizarre statements Sotomayor made was the claim that there are 100,000 children currently hospitalized in the United States due to coronavirus, with “many” using ventilators to breathe.

While there are a record number of children in hospital due to the ongoing coronavirus surge, the number is far smaller than what Sotomayor suggested — just over 4,000, as of Wednesday.


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She is a typical leftist. If the facts don’t support their feelings, simply lie and make it up. Besides, it’s not her job to decide whether or not she thinks vaccine mandates are good policy, she gets paid to decide on the constitutionality of it. And it’s not constitutional. Unfortunately, with only two or at the most three real constitutional conservatives on the Court, this crap may be upheld just like Obamacare.

FUS or Fat Ugly and Stupid. she was and is a piss poor example of a demorat justice. her hearing was a joke and the pressed climaxed over her appointment. almost as bad a the brain dead roberts.

Anyone who dont support the U.S. Constitution and favors UN Treaties and rule should be removed from the Court

Seems she cant be bothered to look anywhere but CNN or MSNBC for misinformation. Unfortunately she has no idea why she is where she is nor her job

This is why we shouldn’t have radical, reactionary, ideological judges on the Supreme Court. They should all be Constitutionalists, which is what they are there for; to make sure laws do not violate our Constitution. It just so happens that only conservatives are Constitutionalist, at least among any judge a Democrat would deem worthy of nominating.

Sotomayor believes her job on the Supreme Court is to make sure a radical liberal gets implemented, not making sure actions taken by the government are Constitutional. Perhaps Supreme Court Justices should be under oath when they are speaking.

Here is the science of immunity, plane and simple :Adaptive immunity results from an initial infection and the body’s effort to fight that infection. Certain immune cells are capable of recognizing the chemical sequence of the pathogen, and then develop a “memory” for that sequence. The B cells that produce antibodies have this capability and another class of cells called T cells does as well. Typically after an acute infection, some level of circulating antibodies to the pathogen also exists. On attempted reinfection, those circulating antibodies and memory cells aid in a quick response to repel the invader. Some of these antibodies and cells may exist in the upper respiratory tract. This is a highly simplified depiction of the immune system–it is amazingly complex and has many components that are marshalled to defeat infection. Vaccination is merely an attempt to prompt the body to develop the same “memory” for a pathogen, without having to go through the risk of an actual infection. 

What a complete embarrassmet to the court. Breyer is a close second elevating the population of the US to 750 million.

I wonder if that gender anaylsis that said both Big Mike and Serena were men would alos identify kagan as a man…

Its just we all caught it twice and only those fully up to date with the clotshot are still showing positive. They could have been talking with the scarf lady with her granular data charts that were never shown on camera while she was explaining them, but they knew where she bought he clothing accessories, very pricey scarves. Like the sand through the hourglass so were the cases of our plandemic. Those 2 need to fire their clerks for not bringing them accurate information that would have nothing to do with the constitution but to spout it anyway.

Remember how leftards went out of their way to ridicule any non-leftard for any slip of the tongue or simple error – solely to portray the person as being too stupid to hold their political position? You know…Quayle, Bush II, and Palin, just to name a few.

Yet the sheer magnitude of total ignorance and buffoonery spewed from Biden, Harris, Waters, and the host of leftard asshats would, if converted to pennies, wipe out the US national debt in less than a year.